Vishal Bhardwaj to direct prequel to Zero Dark Thirty; will show Osama Bin Laden's journey from Tora Bora to Abbottabad

Vishal Bhardwaj to direct a prequel to American political thriller, Zero Dark Thirty.
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Vishal Bhardwaj, whose last directorial was Rangoon, will now focus on directing a prequel to critically acclaimed movie Zero Dark Thirty which is an American political action-thriller that showed the decade-long international manhunt for AL Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 attack rocked the United States.

When asked what would be different about the story given that there have been a number of movies made on the same subject, Vishal told a leading daily, "While the journey of the CIA from Tora Bora to Abbottabad - as narrated in Zero Dark Thirty - was absolutely fascinating, this film will show you the other side of that fascinating story - all this while they were hunting him, how was the antagonist able to keep them at bay." As the Junglee Pictures team elaborates, there is so much the world is not fully familiar with. We have understood this story from the Western point - but we perhaps don't understand it from the Asian point. And they are "not fictionalizing the story, only dramatizing it".

He further explained as to what would essentially be the plotline of the story. "The story is - What was Osama doing in all the time between Tora Bora and the day the choppers landed in Abbottabad? How did he spend those years? How did he configure a dish antenna to stay clued in to TV on 9/11? How they move from Karachi to Swat Valley to Abbottabad? How did the house at Abbottabad get built? How did his wives get to him? How did he record and send out his messages for so long without being intercepted? This ten-year journey is so gripping, so interesting, there is so much we don't really know or at least talk about," he said.

He further added, "Did you know Parvez Musharraf, on several occasions when he was in Abbottabad, used to go jogging on a route that passed right in front of the house where Bin Laden was? Did you know that the attack on the Indian Parliament was timed in order to give Osama breathing space and enabled his escape from Tora Bora? How can you stay a fugitive with all the Western world out to get you, with all the technology, all the satellites - how do you dodge it all? With the ISI as partners in hunting him, at least officially, while one part of the ISI knew all along - this story is fascinating. There is so much to be told."

When asked who would be the protagonist of the story, the ace filmmaker said "We are looking at this film from the perspective of the man who is chosen to guard and host the most important guest of Al-Qaeda in this house - Ibrahim. He kept guarding and protecting Osama for years. You need a protagonist to tell this story, and Osama Bin Laden cannot be this person. Ibrahim is a very relatable character - the rest are all so larger-than-life. The story starts from the point where this man is in awe of the guest, to the point where he feels compelled to give him an eviction notice.

For ten years, Ibrahim's wife didn't know that the person living upstairs in their house was Osama Bin Laden!"

Well, this sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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So this is going to be a Bollywood movie ? An unofficial prequel to Zero Dark Thirty? It sounds interesting, hope Vishal can make a realistic and gritty film. Kabir Khan ruined 'Phantom' which had great potential. And Pakistan's ISI is so deeply involved in terror activities, it's amazing to see how much in denial Pakistanis are, even their news shows on youtube, the whole world is saying the same thing and they are still not accepting the reality.

ROFL.... another bad history mess..Indians or any South Asian country don't have guts or freedom of speech available to project real facts. Our freedom of speech comes with restrictions. LOL Indians can't even accept the fact that Pakistan was created by America and Britian to have a base against the red army and that America has been funding and supporting Pakistan since 1947. Indians love to associate Pakistan with China... LOL. Zero Dark was also just a narrative on how do they caught OBL. How did OBL get there and where the term Taliban, Al-Qaida, were created.....Ssshhhh.....

Oh please NO. Indians have no clue about Pakistanis or Pakistan. They see Pakistan as some extension of UP, Lucknow, Hyderabad etc. Please take a trip to Pakistan , look at people, culture, dress code, food, language and then try to make it. I wonder which Indian actors will play tall broad, blue/green eyed...people of KPK province (Abbottabad).

If you are a Pakistani, UN designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed starting a political party should be your biggest concern. Not which Indian actor is going to play some terrorist asshole from KPK province.

IKR. And such beautiful blue-green eyes Hafiz Saeed has! \s

Quite clearly, you have no idea about India or Indians. The Indian genetic pool is one of the most diverse in the world. There are literally MILLIONS of Indians who are tall, "broad" (whatever that means) and blue/green eyed. And I don't think anyone should be forced to make a trip to Pakistan at the literal risk of their lives to shoot movies (and that's why most movies, including Hollywood movies, don't actually shoot on location in Pakistan). You don't have to watch Indian movies if you find them so offensive.

I was referring to which Bollywood actor will play the characters...I'm sure your millions of tall broad are not actors. As expected you don't know anything about Pakistan. Zero Dark Thirty was shot in Pakistan. Abbottabad is ISI and CIA territory.....and No terrorist can locate it on their maps...wink wink.....its so peaceful area... Now read in between lines. LOL. I will take offense if Bollywood claims to be making a geography/history related material about my country but will end up showing green flags near Haji Ali Mazars, Skull caps, Pajamas, sherwani wearing AND Urdu speaking people.

Lol. That'll be a story full of made up anecdotes

Um, do they have any sort of permission?

Good subject Vishal..but please switch on the lights while filming

Sounds cool! KK Menon would be a good choice? And Irffan of course. Hope Vishal doesn't cast some "stars" to get more eyeballs and thus ruin the film.

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