Vishal Bhardwaj on Rangoon's failure: The actors that were in the film didn’t gel well with each other

During an interaction with Huffington Post, director Vishal Bhardwaj spoke at length about the failure of his directorial Rangoon which starred Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles.
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In the start of 2017, ace filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj gave us a movie which had three talented actors of Bollywood playing the lead roles but failed to impress at the box-office. Yes, we are talking about Rangoon which starred Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles. People loved the incredible performances delivered by these actors and wished the movie could have done justice to it as well.

During an interaction with Huffington Post, Vishal named Rangoon when asked about the movie which was closed to his heart but didn't get a good response. He stated, "There I was trying to do something else, I was trying to match the aesthetics of a musical with a real world. Then the VFX. It was out of my hand for that film. We as an industry cannot make a film as ambitious in scale as a Rangoon. The actors that were in the film (Saif, Shahid and Kangana) they didn’t gel well with each other. It all got quite badly messed up in the end."

Talking about the actors not gelling well on the sets affecting the final output, Vishal said, "It must have. I don’t have a perspective on that. I haven’t watched Rangoon since it released. Recently, I was in Chicago where they were playing Haider and this was the rare time when I had an opinion about my work—I felt that Haider was an accomplishment. Then I’d say it’s Maqbool and then Omkara."

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Even Vidya , PC, Ranveer, Kangana has nothing positive to say about Shahid. He and Mira and becoming the most disliked husband and wife of bollywood

shahid has acted with vishal in 3 movies, one was commercial success, other was critically acclaimed, only this was a dud. so shahid cant be blamed for this movie or even unfriendliness.

Despite all the problems between the actors behind the scenes, they all acted well. In fact the acting was the saving grace of that movie. VB is a great director but he is clueless with respect to the pulse of the audience. He should take the blame for the failure instead of putting it on the actors. I thought Shahid and Kangana had very good chemistry even though they looked like they couldn't stand each other during promotions.

Kangana is not the easiest person to get along with so let's not put the entire blame on Shahid.

Shahid also played dirty PR with RS , that’s why Ranveer is pissed with him.

This is timed with Manikarnika's trailer release. This is harassment. Shahid is no where today after ranveer's and PC's marriage. Nice try to get in the news. Distasteful tactics.

TO be fair, even though Shahid and Kangang did not get along, they were phenomenal together and Saif was decent too. The problem was the cliched and half-baked script and uninspired direction. So, Mr. Bharadwaj, you and your writers will have to shoulder the blame for this one, I am afraid.

Everyone knows Shahid can’t handle strong women!! He is the male version of Sonam Kapoor in terms of being entitled!!!

Shahid comes off very bratish, rude, condescending and I use to like him. Also the way he speaks to Mira, like he knows everything better. He also gives her looks when she says something he doesnt like.

Shahid and Kangana were savage af with each other during promotions. I remember being shocked at the outward hostility. He strikes me as an entitled brat and she’s not one to be talked down to. He likes quiet actresses who shut up and do as they’re told.

Watch half a minute of shahid-kangana's interviews and it's obvious they hate eachother's guts. the condescension and disdain on shahid's face at everyyyything kangana said, and kangana just ignoring his standoffishness was really something.

True. Hats off to her for maintaining decorum and dignity on air. He was really going after her at every chance he got.

Shahid was the best part of the movie, he looked great and acting was classic, too bad it got wasted because of KR bad acting. She was horrible in that movie, to date KR did best work in Gangster.

I loved the movie. Shahid & K, had great chemistry, it's sad to hear them not geeting along, their interviews were so CRINGE!!

You can mean what you want. But it was a horrible movie experience not because of acting which is sad.

It was a bad bad movie! I got up to go twice, to to long for no good reason. Acting was fine.

Vishal sir Rangoon was a bad movie starting with the story and script, so no need to blame the actors, as a good director you might want to direct movies with real life realistic stories other than Shakespeare inspaied ones, bring stories that the audience want to hear

Blaming the actors is very low. He is the film maker, it was his responsibility to create a harmonious set and work out problems between the cast.

Vishal makes good interpretations of Shakespeare where u already have the story whereas Rangoon had it's own flaws . Saif & Shahid both had already worked with Vishal in the past but there was the awkwardness of the past behind them .At least Saif is mature enough to hide his personal feelings whereas the other 2 were sniping like cats and dogs . Shahid & Kangana both behaved like spoiled children ,each thrusting their own opinions & trying to go one better than the other. Both have their own issues and have shown many times that they are not team players.

That's why no one hires Shahid. So much ego.

He is obviously talking about Kangana and Saif not getting along too well with Shahid. Kangana doesn't get along with anyone and Saif has that weird history with Shahid regardless of how much they try to "act" like everything is fine. Shahid went on to work with Vishal Bhardwaj again so he likes him!

You could tell from the interviews with Shahid and Kangana that he didn't respect her at all. Not listening to what she had to say, only talking about Haider.

Shahid is the unfriendly one. He doesn’t have any friends in the industry

Meaning shahid and kangana

I thought Shahid and Kangana had scorching hot chemistry. Liked the movie as well.

I loved Rangoon. In fact i remember thinking how good actors kangy and shahid are since their passion looked so real even though we knew they disliked each other intensly

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