Vivek Anand Oberoi has once again got slammed by netizens

Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi, who often gets into trouble for his posts on social media, has once again got slammed by netizens.
Vivek Anand Oberoi has once again got slammed by netizensVivek Anand Oberoi has once again got slammed by netizens
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Vivek on Friday took to Twitter and posted a GIF for India cricket team's fans. 


In the GIF, an Indian fan is seen walking down the street thinking a lady walking towards him is about to hug him. Instead, the lady goes on to hug another man walking behind him.


"This is what happened to Indian fans in the World Cup semi finals! World Cup semi final. India Vs New Zealand," Vivek tweeted his GIF, in context to India's defeat in the World Cup 2019 semifinal match against New Zealand.


However, Vivek's tweet did not go down well with a section of social media users.


One user wrote: "Mr. Oberoi, be mature otherwise people will always take you lightly."


Another netizen requested him to show respect to Team India: "At least they fought for nation and reached the semi finals not like you who's just getting knocked out with every flop movie. Show some respect to team india."


Yet another Twitter user wrote: "And the same thing happened to you while chasing your career aspirations. Let me know if any of ur films crossed Rs 50 crore profit mark. I would love to watch."





I’m a Pakistani and I support the strong team. Pakistan seems to be losing it day by day...
I’m surprised an Indian does not support such a strong team, commendable players. Shame on Vivek.

The team fought till last proud of kohli and team
Lossers let them bark
Loading and winning is part and parcel of game going till semis is also achievement
What is oberois achievement product of nepotism yet a failure

Anyways Vivek is Good for nothing, he can only work in Masti movies series, that's it
Nepotism doesn't work always. No respect for such a great Indian team

Well the team deserved that now

He is aging like Jaya Bachchan. They both are losing it.

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