Vivek Oberoi on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan meme controversy: Tell me what wrong have I done, I will apologize

After sharing a meme that has Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and himself, the actor got slammed left, right and center. However, looks like he does not think he has done anything wrong, and here is what he had to say about it.
Vivek Oberoi on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan meme controversy: Tell me what wrong have I done, I will apologize Vivek Oberoi on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan meme controversy: Tell me what wrong have I done, I will apologize
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Vivek Oberoi seems to have become the news of the day and also the man of the hour, for not so good reasons, as one might call it. Earlier in the day, the actor shared a rather distasteful meme which had pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and daughter, and himself. However, it sure did not go down well with the netizens, and also many others as to how it drew a comparison of exit polls with her relationships.

And now, after the actor has been slammed and trolled for sharing the meme, people have been demanding an apology. Talking to ANI, the actor quipped, “People are saying apologise. I have no problem in apologising, but tell me what wrong have I done. If I have done something wrong, I will apologise. I don’t think I have done anything wrong. What’s wrong in it? Somebody tweeted a meme and I laughed at it.”

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While the National Commission for Women has, in fact, also issued a notice to the actor demanding an explanation, The Maharashtra State Women’s Commission will send in a notice too.

Sonam K Ahuja was amongst the first to slam the actor for his remark, and many others from the film fraternity also questioned him for having done what he did. However, looks like there is no apology coming from the actor, and in fact, when asked about Sonam’s comment, he made yet another remark about how she should stop overacting in her films instead.


The meme clearly is aimed at slut shaming Ash. He liked it coz it made him look like a victim. Would he like a meme of his wife with her exes, him and his kids? He did this on purpose as he was not getting any footage and now, they are clicking him everywhere. Loser!

This is how indian man are, like a girl!
The whole world see it like this!

So it was ok when he called a press conference to support his gf who first encouraged him to do so and then suddenly he is blamed and ignored pathetically. He supported a woman going through difficult times. People conveniently blaming him and calling him immatured. At least appreciate that he had guts to talk about the other person for what he did unlike the entire Bollywood who don't even dare to take his name. This Sonam,the less said is better. No talent yet talks on unnecessary things.

Just got to know that he has daughter too and he shared aradhya’s Pic in that meme on social media. Just imagine Aradhya goes to a school in Mumbai and she has friends there. How toxic this Vivek Oberoi is. Last election he campaigned for his inlaw’s party and this election he is a BJP Guy, next election there is a chance he’ll Bat for another party. He can’t be trusted. He is a totally messed up man.

Hey Vivek, why don't we tell you what's wrong about your career and you can apologize for the movies you made.

He does poo with his mouth every time . All the fandoms are bashing him for a reason.

He used a female his X fiance when he got chance he lapsed at Aishwarya mam now this jerk is married yet holds grudge he was the one who did press conference I was very young at that time but could make out that it was for sympathy and publicity ..this guy is disgrace

Aishwarya mam? A woman who changes boyfriends like underwear...even prostitutes are better

Womens commission should handle horrible things happening to women rather focusing on Aish bcoz of Bachchan power.
This guy was in shock for long, its ok for him to speak up especially when bachchan did malign him and Ash totally treated him like trash.
Vivek, just show the clip of Jaya taking ur name in CWK episode and say its in retaliation to that, problem solved!!!!!

Agree! Of all the horrible things and issues women are going through , this so called women commission chose to spring upon such trivial things. This is just a meme and that too have been created by someone else. It's no big deal. Where are these people when it comes to all the important issues?

He is answerable to his wife and daughter too. He should be kicked out by his wife from home. His dad is such a nice gentleman and he has not inherited any good traits from his dad. He is a moron.

Desperate stunt for his modi biopic

He is an attention seeker.

He doesscrewed,Grand masti kind of movies

He has his freedom of speech so its okay
And show respect towards whom
That lady???? Lol
There are numerous other woman in india who face severe problems
Look into that instead of just giving respect to celebrities
She has her pr
Let her handle this instead of just dancing at cannes at this age in garbage clothes
Pv plz post

This Vivek Oberoi does not have brain, sense,conscience. I have a feeling he is lunatic.

Not a uproar when Mr Modi was called names and memes made in the name of political propaganda? Who is aishwarya? Bigger than modi? There was a time that actors were not respected. Now they are put on pedestal. Her Mother in law Jaya bachchan also called Mr Modi Chor. what about her insults and fake accusations on PM? No uproar there? Bachchans have no respect. They steal and cheat and people still idolize them. Its bad times.

So posting different stages of your ex’s love life is not provocative? I used to actually like this guy but not anymore. He’s plain stupid. And say whatever you want about Salman, the man never speaks about any of the women she’s been with. Inspite of all the insults that Ash threw at him, he’s come out stronger than ever.

Only Vivek is responsible for his choices. Then & now. Vivek's actions carry consequences. Then & now. Unfortunately, his family & business partners may also suffer because of his actions. ...But they will probably have to write him a list with all the reasons why. ...I suggest they use crayons.

Another man riding on the coat tails of a woman’s popularity. Vivek is despicable, he knows his modi film will bomb as it should.

He is so ugly

It's an Instigation.. Salman, do not react, stay absolutely silent on it, as three families are involved and plainly ignore and brush this photo under the carpet and forget about it.

Salman has never commented on any woman in his life and doesn’t care about this flop Vivek. Salman’s busy promoting Bharat with his loyalist Katrina. And I’m pretty sure that the fight between Salman and SRK at Katrina’s Bday in 2008 was due to Vivek’s topic coming up. Katrina and Salman broke up after that as probably Katrina didn’t understand Salman that time regarding Vivek but she gets it now.

Stirring provocations for reactions and counter answers.Their past and they broke up, now Both have got such happy married family with lovely partners, well settled, flourishing life, career, and nice kids, even then? God's given all. Why to drag this picture that impacts three families. And Salman,for you- stay away, stay rock solid-emotion free, focus on the release of your movie and do not ever reply or answer to this,or get into this loop of controversy.

U mark my words. Salman won't say a word on it. You know why. Cause he knows vivek is doing this to promote his film. Taking Salman name will cause free promotion. Cause people now are more interested in watching bharat than modi biopic.

Until now he was overpowered by the biggies of Bollywood , something tells me he holds the trump card now .... he may be supported by the most powerful man of India ..... The PM . I think the movie is politically funded propaganda . Irrespective he was a good actor ( Neto product ), his career was cut short clear case of work place harassment .

He was at one point a good actor..... got crushed by the biggies of Bollywood one side the khans on the other side the bachchans...... the lady just walked past . It’s sorta kinda big fish eat small fish .its unfair .

why truth is not digetnsted. There is nothing offensive about vivek's post. The leftist are behaving like taliban infact. bachchan ego in overdrive.

This just shows that Vivek is ready for vengeance!! He does not care for the Sonams, Bachchans, or Khans! Salman is a criminal...Bachchans are fading....let's see where this goes!

Libel and defamation is indian way of life. Vivek doesn't care cuz he has nothing to lose. A loser Vivek.

It's crazy that he doesn't realize he's done anything wrong. Forget conservative India or celebrity scandals, in any scenario, talking about your exes over a public forum is really taboo. Especially when everyone is married, with children even. That's why say people are harsher on Deepika for talking about Ranbir than single Katrina. Horrified for his wife.

Surely Vivek had enough of a brain to realise it was in bad taste. Oh wait it’s too much to expect that a moron like him to have a brain!

What do you expect from the guy who did sexist movies like Grand Masti

He has done this purposely.. crying all around the world about how his career ended on farah’s Show and everywhere.. Y dis grading ur past . Move on in ur life idiot

Na bhai tu rehnay day. Na ker apologise. Cuz we dont want to see your ugly face anymore. Lets not pay any heed to this man. This is exactly what he wants. Looooossserrrrrrrr

Tu mar ja

If women spoils vivek career noone speaks up, imagine what he went through. But now if he speaks up people have problems... nowadays anything wrong for men noone cares

There was no need to retweet a not very flattering post on an ex who has moved has he . As for Sonam ,he is not wrong about her .

Ugh some people will do anything to stay relevant. He has to resort to such measures cuz clearly his career in Bollywood isn’t helping. What happened to him was wrong and Ash isn’t an angel either but this is a low blow towards someone else’s wife and mother. Shame on him.

You exist Vivek. Thats wrong enuf for this world..apologize for that

Tu bhot bada chalta firta embarrassment h bhai. Tujhe toh exist karne ke liye bhi apologize karna chahiye unkle

Give him a break. He did not create the meme. He just made a funny comment on a meme someone else created. Both the pictures with Salman and Vivek are not doctored. If anyone has problems it should be with the one who created the meme.

lol Aish talked so highly of vivek in Koffee with Karan at that time and was so rude not to Salman's name. Salman is far better person any day than this brainless vivek.

He is wrong. But it reminds me of Jaya Bachchan when she named Vivek Oberoi in Koffee with Karan when he asked a general question about which actor is desperate to make it big. This was when Aishwarya was going to get married to Abhishek. That was very low too. So sometimes what goes around comes around. Back to you Mrs Bachchan.

And what wrong did Salman do for you to call a press conference and insult him and his family. Vivek is totally brainless.

Salman must be laughing at this joker

Well that sure backfired

What a moron


Well, you have forgotten about the existence of your brain and mannerisms,that is the wrong you have done !!

Well this guy is till date bearing the consequences of the fact that he gave a press conference to stand up for the woman he loved. His career got ruined in the midst and the woman in turn turned out to be using him!The woman dumped him and moved on happily while his name got camouflaged with the big names.
Just because she is a woman does not make her right. What is wrong is wrong!!!
Come on he doesn't deserve this, does he?

His career got ruined cuz he ain't got it. he did 20 movies and 18 of them tanked. His tweet shows disrepect to his own wife.

Yes that is understood but he himself is married now with children and so is Ash. Salman has no children and probably doesn’t care a damn either. How would Vivek’s wife be feeling that he is posting such things about his ex?

He is still not over it 20 years later! What a twit. #embarrasment to his wife and kids!

He is still not over it 20 years later! What a twit. #embarrasment to his wife and kids!

whatta cry baby rondu...typical indian male...can dump his fiancé gurpreet but cannot ever get over being dumped

Well nothing wrong in the pictures . They were there and they were not doctored. But you are a loser and a creep to insult a woman like that and posting a picture of a minor girl in not a flattering post.

Sorry I did not realize he did not make the meme with the little girl . He just commented on a meme someone else created. From Vivek's standpoint he did nothing wrong.

Vivek needs to be outcast again.. idiot.

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