Vivek Oberoi shares a meme made on him, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan; Check it out

Vivek Oberoi took to his Twitter page to share a meme on him, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan. He even reacted to it. Take a look.
salman khan,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Vivek Oberoi Vivek Oberoi shares a meme made on him, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan; Check it out
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Everyone knows the infamous fight between Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi because of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. In 2003, Vivek Oberoi had called a press conference in Mumbai where she said that Salman Khan had called him in the mid-night at least 41 times. Vivek said that Salman accused him of having physical relationship with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Diya Mirza, Rani Mukerji and Somy Ali.

The Saathiya actor also mentioned that Khan had threatened to kill him. During that time, no one from the film industry came out in support of Vivek Oberoi. Because of his press conference and no support from the film industry, Vivek Oberoi's career came crashing down as he was almost boycotted by many filmmakers.

The actor had several times apologised to Salman Khan but Salman still hasn't forgiven him. People also haven't forgotten the incident and often make jokes and memes on them. Today, the actor shared a meme on his Twitter page which makes fun of him, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Salman Khan. He captioned it, "Haha! creative! No politics here....just life Credits : @pavansingh1985."

Check out the tweet:

On the work front, Vivek Oberoi will be next seen in PM Narendra Modi film in which he plays the titular role.


The meme is missing Rajeev Mulchandani, Subhash Ghai, Akshay Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, and Ranbir Kapoor. These men, including Salman, Vivek, and Abhishek are known to public. There might be many who are not known. What a Dignified woman Ash Trash is!

It was said back then that Salman has stopped their movies and career but when you evaluate their statement now, dating backwards, you wonder how come then they have done so many movies, endorsements, performances, in huge numbers since then....there was not a single year where their movie was not out...wheres the truth?

He has a wife and daughter. His parents failed to raise him properly.

Suddenly aish fans praising salman for ignoring vivek.arent they the ones who called salman woman beater abuser and so on? Shame on her and her stupid fans.

Salman will forever be called woman beater and abuser, because that's what he is. Shame on you for supporting a convict.

Suddenly this troll is supporting a woman beater and abuser. Shame on u&ur stupid upbringing.

No, we Ash fans are neither praising Salman, nor Vivek... We still have the same opinion about both of them.. Shame on u for dragging us into the conversation.

Ye Banda bhikhari jaisa dikhta hai.

I want to see Jaya's reaction. She doesn't let press call aish by her nickname and here this guy is talking about her bahu's exes.

Salman was right in ignoring vivek Oberoi ever again, because he knew ages ago, which no one of us could see or understand back then in wildest dream, that whenever chance would come up, Salman would be targeted and made fun of again, whenever the opportunity is found, aimed at him. Some people can never become your friend- kindness or no kindness. That's why Salman khan's fan, trusted Salman and stood with him and didn't believe what was being spoken anti him. Proof is this.

Love Salman

Salman PR acting innocent. LOL

He is a rascal

I always had sympathy for him. Not anymore.

I think Vivek is wrong in this since all people involved have clearly moved on. so why dig up all these things up now?Not a smart move at all. It just shows how stupid this guy is. Even if you are a good actor you just don’t have any manners!
How would you feel if someone dug up stuff about your wife and her ex shared it as a joke ? It’s just all in bad taste...

VO the attention seeker

He is dragging himself into hot soup again and this time he does not even have film offers. Salman and Aishwarya both are not going to take any action ,they’ll just ignore him. Vivek is still immature. That meme has a kid in it. He just needed to think about that. He is never get to see achche din again.

Aish made his life a joke in public, jaya bachan pass a rude comment against him and this guy can't even post a meme! Seriously? He did not make it, so stop saying he dragged aradhya.

He made his own life a joke in public. He didn't make the meme, but he shared it, knowing very well that his ex's daughter was in the meme.

When Vivek career got killed because of Aishwarya no women groups came ,,,, but if he makes fun of a women who spoiled his life. all the hypocrite woman fight for no reason

He killed his own career and spoiled his own life... Stop blaming women for men's stupidity...

Plastic and her fans are playing the woman card as usual. Plastic manipulated Vivek and pretended to be in love with him just because she wanted to use him to humiliate Salman in public. After using and abusing Vivek, she dropped him like a hot potato and shamelessly moved onto Abhishek. No one is blaming women. But it's obvious that Fakewarya used Vivek, made him a joke in public, and spoiled his life. What an undignified vile woman she is

lmao vivek, you and your big mouth ruined your own career and you would have done it again this time except you no longer have a career to begin with.

Arrogance ruined you before and arrogance will ruin you again

what an idoit vivek is why bring this again. this is why Salman is far better human being than this attention seeking vivek. Ash always attacked Salman is this that blah blah that Salman has ruined vikek's career but vivek is all himself responsible for this.

Feel sorry for Ash.. she has to deal with this mistake , low life. at least Vivek shd respect his wife .

His dad talks to brahmakumaris and no virtue has passed on to son

I just can’t digest he dragged aishwarya’s Kid into it

Everyone is finally realizing Salman was always right about vivek and aish

Salman PR acting innocent. LOL!

Lol. Salman is no saint, he is responsible for all this mess between three of them.

How exactly is Salman responsible for this?! Did he tell vivek to do that stupid press conference and lie about him?! Did he tell aishwarya to not support vivek when it backfired?! Did he tell vivek to dump his fiance and scream from rooftops about his relationship with aish?! Did he tell aish to deny their relationship and then dump him for someone else?! As hard as it is to believe, but not EVERYTHING is Salman's fault. If that press conference was right then vivek should NOT have regreted and if aish really cared about vivek then she shouldn't have left him like that just because their plan backfired and his career went down.

EVERYTHING is Salman's fault because he behaved like a crazy aashik, threatening her and everyone who worked with her... If he hadn't drunk and called Vivek, that press conference wouldn't have happened... Also, it wasn't "their" plan, Vivek did it on his own... Ash left him much before his career went down and after the conference, because of his immaturity...

No not EVERYTHING is Salman's fault.. if he threatened her and everyone who worked with her then how the hell did she still work in films?! Did she work in them by herself?! Didn't she work with Ajay, Sanjay, Akshay, Hrithik, Abhiahek and Sunil etc who were all Salman's friends?! Even Aamir (who was on a break for 4 years back then) offered her a role in his comeback film but she only lost it because she demanded more money (NOT Salman's fault).. that press conference wasn't his fault if u think vivek did it on his own.. vivek himself said that she pushed him to do the press conference and then washed off her hands when it backfired.. but even if she didn't she still should have supported him since he did it for her unless he LIED about the whole thing.. she did NOT leave him MUCH before his career went down, on KWK (which was in 2004, a year and half after the press conference) they were still together, she broke up with him in December 2005 AFTER she got Abhishek (so she cheated on vivek with Abhi and Abhi cheated on dippanita with her).. besides if u think EVERYTHING is Salman's fault because he went crazy, well vivek is going crazy now so if Abhi does something like vivek did back then (not saying he is) would she leave him like she left vivek?! I highly doubt it.

Lol...Everyone knows and even Shahrukh admitted that Ash lost many films because of Salman, including Chalte Chalte, because Salman threatened her and everyone she worked with... Salman fans have selective amnesia that they don't remember the ruckus he created on many of her film sets...
If Salman had not drunk and called Vivek so many times, he wouldn't be pushed to call a press conference... Salman thought Vivek won't retaliate, because he is a newcomer, but Salman's plan backfired...
Also, she left him much before his career went down, because of his immature behaviour...
Abhishek and Aishwarya became close on the sets of Dhoom 2 and he proposed Aishwarya during Guru, which was after both Abhishek and Aishwarya broke up with their respective partners...
And Abhi won't behave immature, just because Vivek has gone crazy and Vivek has not even got so crazy like Salman did, Vivek is married with a kid, he is not behaving like a crazy aashik, which is how Salman was behaving those days and Salman himself admitted that he misbehaved with Ash and her family.

She didn't lose MANY films because of Salman it was only 2 films Chalte Chalte and MHN, Salman did NOT threaten her or anyone she was working with or else how did she work in films?! There were MANY stars that worked with her.. Salman only went to 2 film sets Chalte Chalte and Kal Na Ho.. and could u stop with those so called drunk calls, if that was true and vivek had the right to held that press conference then why did he regret it and apologise for it?! Why did she call him immature for it?! Why didn't she stand by him?! You r contradicting yourself.. The only reason she did all that was because it backfired, had it actually worked and everyone called him a hero do u think she would've still called him immature?! Absolutely NOT.. so u think vivek was right to do that press conference and was immature for doing it at the same time?! Okey I see ur point.. she did NOT leave him MUCH before his career went down and everyone knows this, she was still with him untill 2005.. it was during the shooting for Umrao Jaan that the two started courting each other (even the director got so pissed when they used to be late on sets because they would go for long rides, it's all on the net google it).. Abhishek and Dippanita broke up in February 2006 after his brithday (he told her he wasn't celabrating his birthday becausd his dad was ill and when she went to visit his dad she was surprised to see him celabrating his birthday with the special guest aishwarya) and that's when she decided to end it (it's also on the net).. he and aishwarya started dating in December 2005 after courting each other for 3-4 months during their film shooting.. they both said that they dated for a year before he proposed.. it's funny how u (aish's fans) kept dragging Abhi and call him immature during sarabjit premier (and still do whenever there r reports about them) but now u think he's not immature (I for one never thought he is).. so if u don't think vivek is behaving that crazy then why r u trashing him left, right and center?! And since he's married with two kids, shouldn't he have not done this in the first place?!..and when did Salman admit that he misbehaved with aish?! It was one argument with her father (for which he apologized publicly and privately).. no in bollywood is a saint (including Salman) everyone has their share of flaws, mistakes and crap.. pv post my comment.

EVERYTHING is Salman's fault because he behaved like a crazy aashik, threatening her and everyone who worked with her... If he hadn't drunk and called Vivek, that press conference wouldn't have happened... Also, it wasn't "their" plan, Vivek did it on his own... Ash left him much before his career went down and after the conference, because of his immaturity...

Problem with aish was she broke up and behaved as if this never happened. U can't ruin someone's life and act indifferent . Jaya bachchan also said on coffee show that man on mission is Vivek Oberoi, isn't that punishable? Aish was flirt back then that's it

Problem is Vivek behaved immature always, he himself admitted that he threw an ice cream on a girl's face because she rejected his friend on Farookh's chat show.

Dating doesn't equal to being a flirt,duh! Also, Vivek himself ditched his then fiance Gurpreet to be with Ash... He even admitted to throwing ice cream on a girl's face because she rejected his friend on Farookh's chat show...

What does this meme even mean?

For his sake I hope his account got hacked! Or at least he's smart enough to say it got hacked to save his ass. Otherwise he's history now.

lmao he said there is nothing wrong with what he did

I am glad she dumped him. I didn't want to say but look who he has married

Ash fans used to degrade salman a lot, im happy for their idol now.well done for the user of the decade.she used you against salman and now bachans had made her life miserable.Karma!

Salman is the user of the decade. He used the system to escape from his crimes, because of which every Indian rightfully degraded him. PV, how much is Bhai PR paying to block simple replies against the convict?

Karma has given Ash a successful career and a loving family, while Bhai is still lonely with his weird KHANdaan. PV post this truth

So u bash vivek for supposedly disrespecting someone's family but here u r disrespecting someone else's family. BTW, ur idol no longer has a career to speak of and as for her family, it's not what it used to be before.

Vivek is dragging his ex's past... Salman is not our ex, he is a convict and his family is shady...

Vivek is sharing a tweet about an ex who ruin his life, what's ur problem with that?! So just because Salman's not YOUR ex it's okey to bash his family?! Bachchans r no better, they have a history of their own which far worse than the Khans.

She still has a career because she still has films and her family is still a celebrated family in the town, while Salman's family is known for infidelity and crimes.

Could u name those films?! Or r u talking about the films that she keeps bragging about for months and then at last minute she "opts out" of them?! Her family is a laughing stock now and is far from being celebrated.. it's funny u say that Salman's family is known for infidelity and crimes as if the bachchans have NEVER committed infidelity and crimes.. amitabh's affairs r legendary, while panama papers and faking being farmers stories r known to everyone.

Not just Ash fans, everyone in the country degraded Salman for the right reasons. And now Karma has kept him sad and single with nobody to love him truly.

No it's just her fans, if it's EVERYONE in the country then who makes his films big hits?! You?! And who told u he's sad?! And so what he's single?! It's definitely better to be single and happy than being married and miserable.. just because ur idol is married it doesn't mean she's not sad and lonely.. for all we know, he could get married soon or not, it's his choice.

Duh! All his films in the last decade flopped because EVERYONE in the country degraded Salman... It was only after he hired a PR agency to create his fake humanitarian image, that his films became hits... He is single, because he is a miserable misogynist. PV POST IT PLEASE

All his films in the last decade flopped?! Have u been living unded a rock?! Hate Salman all u want but don't embarrass yourself by writing such nonsense especially given the fact that Salman has been the biggest star in the past decade.. the humanitarian image isn't fake and isn't created by some pr, many people have talked about his helping nature since the 90s.. he's single because he hasn't found his right partner yet and besides being single and happy is definitely better than being married and miserable..

Duh! All his films in the last decade flopped because EVERYONE in the country degraded Salman... It was only after he hired a PR agency to create his fake humanitarian image, that his films became hits... He is single, because he is a miserable misogynist.

Vivek has no Vivek. Very insensitive person. He dragged her child Aradhya into it. She is happily married for more than 12 years and a mother. If someone does same thing to his daughter and wife then what will he do?

It only shows she was right in her decision

Thank god she dumped both of them & married Abhishek was destiny after all..

Lol looking at Abhi now clearly HE didn't make the right choice.. it might have benefit her but certainly not him.

Abhi made the right decision, that's why he is very much happy now, while Salman and Vivek are still bitter.

Aishwarya kept telling that they are just friends and he did everything to win her heart, then Aishwarya got married to Abhishek just dating him for 6 months. Vivek has every reason to remain bitter but he dragged a 7 years old kid into this that’s really insensitive. He should delete this.

Vivek himself dropped his fiance Gurpreet to be with Ash and still behaved immature when he was around Ash.

I mean, I get the joke, but he himself shouldn't have posted it. This is exactly what people said on the page when Aishwarya was talking about a biopic. Self-made woman and most beautiful girl in the world, but the only thing people will want to see is the love story... which you can't do when people are living, Sanju cut out all the love stories because they were too "controversial".

What a loser.. feel bad for his wife and kids. Using a child's pic to make a point is the lowest of lows.

Aishwarya escaped Love jihad, hijab, burqha and loud speaker mosques

And he dragged a 7 year old child into it

Phirse pitega Re tu.

See the difference 2 days back
SalmanKhansir posted a pic and cropped out Aishwarya out of respect.
And this attention seeking VivekOberoi not only dragged Salman , Abhishek and Aishwarya but also 7 year old Aaradhya into this .

Once a loser always a loser.

Lowlife Vivek Oberoi

I know it was unnecessary and inappropritae but i don't feel sorry for this plastic soul ash.There was a time when she used to play the blame game with salman and acted as if she is a satri savitri, it's not in salman nature to give it back, he stayed silent , tolerating all negative articles planted by ash.Look at her now, her career is nowhere, face full of botox and sucking up to bhansali and salman to take her.Pv post my comment without being biased.

is this a Indian joke or something??


Kher jis fake person ke character men ye aajkal jee raha hai, itna to expected hai is looser se..

coz you are such a LOSER vivek , hence the result

Now hope people realize that Aishwarya was wise to dump him , though she never admitted dating him. What he said , "Aishwarya called him immature". Now we all know she was right. He is immature. He is the guy who First called her plastic,then people repeated. Such a Pathetic guy.

Aishwarya fans have never missed a chance to say shit about Salman they have rejoiced in anything negative when it came to Salman & his family.

But now maybe they have come to the senses that salman wasnt the bad guy here after all.

Yall are & forever will remain trash to me

Salman is actually shit.

Salman was always the bad guy.

The difference between Salman & people like Aishwarya & Vivek is that ONCE SALMAN have a breakup he NEVER resorts to throw dirt at you, he never talk ill about you he doesnt down grade you.

While Aishwarya have indeed thrown a lot of shit post the breakup & Vivek is living

This is not fun, it totally insensitive for relationship.

Ahhh now i get why vivek has no friends in the industry... it wasnt salmans doing- it was viveks personality

She is married. Has a child. He is married too. He shouldn't have posted that. No wonder he is not getting any work.

Vivek is such a low lying attention seeker omg

Now I know why SALMAN bhai has always been ignoring u even after u kept begging for his forgiveness everywhere.

No wonder why people didnt want to work with him. He is solely responsible for destroying his own carrer

Learn something from Salman. Looser vivek

This is why I love Salman

Vivek maybe is wrong but don't defend Salman he is a criminal and abuser, he abused physically Aish.

For 16 long years people have been bashing and trashing Salman non stop for supposedly ruining vivek's career and throught it all Salman kept quite (which never helped him) but now u could clearly see that it was vivek's immaturity and personality that got him where he is today (this idiot used to brag about the size of his dick on movie sets) go read the recent article about him, it clearly mentioned that it wasn't Salman but his attitude and poor film choices that killed his career SO I wouldn't be surprised if the whole abuse thing was also a LIE especially that Abhishek himself has always praised Salman, no good husband (which I believe Abhi is) would praise his wife's so-called abuser.. as for the criminal part, that was an ACCIDENT and accidents don't make people criminals. Please learn the difference between an accident and murder.

Actually u got it wrong it wasn’t Vivek poor choices that made his career go downhill that was all Aishwaryas fault. After Saathiya success Vivek had movies with Rani but refused them as Rani and Aishwarya were no longer friends due to Aishwarya getting kicked out of chalte chalte and being replaced by Rani. I don’t agree with him re-tweeting a meme that involves a child but Aishwarya isn’t no saint.

His only achievement in life is aishwarya saying yes to him for a few months. What a loser. And also, aishwarya looks all innocent but has ridden alot of bikes(boys).

The past always comes back hahaha

It's Vivek's fault that Aish was a slutt that dated half bollywood..?

Have some shame while talking about a woman , don't you have a mother ?

Everyone should understand now that it was vivek's khujli got him where he is now.its his own karma.

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