Vivek Oberoi on Sonam Kapoor's reaction to his controversial meme: 'stop overacting in films'

Vivek Oberoi recently shared a meme on his social media handle which was related to Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This meme was not taken well by the fans as well as Bollywood celebs such as Sonam Kapoor. Vivek recently responded to Sonam's reaction to his meme.
Vivek Oberoi on Sonam Kapoor's reaction to his controversial meme: 'stop overacting in films' Vivek Oberoi on Sonam Kapoor's reaction to his controversial meme: 'stop overacting in films'
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Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has been currently in the news for all the wrong reasons. The actor has recently shared a meme on his social media handle which was related to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her past relationships and marriage. Vivek actually made a comparison of Aishwarya's relationships with the recent Lok Sabha Elections. This particular meme did not go well with the netizens who called it distasteful as well as disrespectful. The meme consisted of three pictures with different captions. 

The first picture which included Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan has been captioned as 'opinion poll.' The second picture features Vivek himself along with Aishwarya which he called the 'exit poll.' The final picture consists of Aishwarya again along with her husband Abhshek Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya along with the caption of 'result.'

Check out the meme shared by Vivek Overoi below:

Numerous fans as well as celebs from the Bollywood film industry have slammed the actor for his derogatory meme. Among them was actress Sonam Kapoor who went on to call the meme as disgusting and classless.'

Check out Sonam's reaction to the meme below:

Vivek has now spoken up of Sonam's reaction to his controversial meme. The actor in a recent interview has asked Sonam to stop overacting in films. He further asked her to react less on social media. Vivek further stated in the interview that he has been working on women empowerment for 10 years and that he hasn't hurt anyone's sentiments. 

Check out Vivek's statements in his latest interview below:

 Vivek Oberoi speaks on Sonam Kapoor's reaction to his tweet (on exit polls), "...Aap apni filmon mein thoda kam overact karein aur social media pe thoda kam overreact karein. I've been working in women empowerment for 10 yrs now. I don't think this is hurting anyone's sentiments"


Sonam is a wannabe master of all who picks and chooses her targets.. Grow up or move to the neighboring country.

I have not seen much of these actresses be it Aishwarya, sonam, Deepika, katrina who claim to be famous and internationally recognized for whatever products they endorse, talking or doing something about women empowerment , issues. But look at the way they have been backed up by their fans. It's ok to have your favorite actors or actresses, but do not make them so powerful that they reach a position where they can do anything and get away with it. Appreciate when they do good work but it doesn't mean that you support them for whatever they do. Call spade a spade. After they are there to make money for themselves and not for the fans.

Ash destroyed Salman, Vivek, her first model boy friend raichand, subash ghai, Amitabh, Abhishek .. noone comments but if a man shares a joke it becomes a big deal. Not a safe place for men....

she has no problem with Salman's rape comment, she believes that Rajkumar Hirani can't do any wrong to the woman who accused him but she has problem with a silly meme?

Vivek has had so many ex's someone should have made a meme out of that but it is a disservice to girls like Rani and Gurpreet.

Vivek is an entitled, arrogant star kid who has nepotism to thank for getting films.

Vivek dumped his fiancée Gurpreet Gill way after Ash refused to be more than friends when it suited him but likes to play the conntinous victim. He has released 50 movies that have flopped it is the public that cant digest your acting or arrogance.

That’s why women empowerment in india is not making any progress!

Sonam only barks online like a dog. But nothing in real life, nothing for society or community development despite so many resources at hand. Only builds houses in London to get richer. Shallow life

No, no Vivek you're wrong. Sonam Didi doesn't overact. She underacts!

He himself dumped his fiancee after he met Ash and doing so much overacting since then.

Shut up Sona. No one gives a damn.

I don’t really see the disrespect here. It’s all in humor. I think it’s bit of an over- reaction .

Isn't he the one who did sexist movies like Grand Masti

"Open mouth, insert foot" - Must be a new marketing strategy. Vivek reaches back to a period when he was almost relevant, just in time to collide with his father-produced Modi film. ...Brilliant! LMAO!!

He has done this to keep himself busy posting..reading comments..replying....are you on drugs Vivek??

Doing work towards womens empowerment does not mean everything you do is right. Retweeting that photo was classless. The woman is question has moved on and has a husband and child now. Respect that!

Perfect response

I am not siding with Mr Oberoi. But where was Sonam when Salman made a rape comment? Oh wait- she ignored it because he is Bhai. She opens her mouth only on Soft Targets.

So SOnam supposed to be commmenting 24 hrs on each and everything , otherwise she can't speak??

Ye abhi tuk salman or aish kay affair ki kha ra hai. Stupid aadmi

Don't agree on the Ash issue , Sonam IS an overacting woman .We have said just this on PV for years.


What a low life. No class. Madhuri was with Anil Kapoor n Sunjay Dutt,will anyone say such things about her? Susmita sen changes partners every few yrs. Karishma kapoor was with Jeh Wadia Abishek Bacchan married n divorced Sunjay Kapoor n now with tht Toshniwal guy. Kareen with Hritik then Shahid then Saif Does anyone say anything about them? Why target Ash? And u have guts to post about Saif n Amrita then Rosa and finally Kareena?

Why target women also have had multiple partners..why can’t he make a meme on Sanjay Dutt or Salman Khan

HOW are you different from him by naming innocent women in this, even rumors, to make Ash look good by tarnishing them. At least those were the only men these women have been with and they own their past, they do not pretend to be sanskari and fake and we all know that these were not the only 3 men Ash has been with either, did you forget their names.

Vivek is dragging his ex's past and involving his ex's daughter... The above person is not ex of the women mentioned or is not involving their children.. That's different...

How clueless can he be!! He is the one who didn't get that Aish wanted to be just friends instead he started claiming her as his gf and she rightfully ran.Still plays the jilted lover, grow-up you are a father now.

He had proper affair with Ash for 4 years. Ash waited for his success but his 9 movies tanked at the box office. She held on to him until she found Abhishek

Someone married him?

EL Creapo n cheepo. If I was his wife Id kick him.out of the house. Low class buffoon. I know AB is too much of a well bought up gentleman to retaliate, I always hated Salman for his arrogance with Vivek. I now agree 200%. Vivek deserves Salmans ire. Wld really like Abhishek to give it to Watch it..certain things are not to be made jokes of.
Salman if ure reading this and everyone knows u still care for Ash...hit Vivek where it hurts him. Classless creature

Sonam has no problem to work with people with criminal records bit had problem with memes.why was she silent during court hearing and salman insensitive rape comment? This woman had problem with a meme but not with criminals.LOL.she better go to acting classes rather than commenting to get free publicity.

Grand Masti.. nothing else

Iski kaal jaake dekho koi jo overacting ki h lodu ne. I literally wanted to go into the screen and punch the life out of him, that's how irritating he was in kaal. Jhatu chutiya

Ad hominem. How Sonam's overacting is related to this issue? Stupid attention seeker. He get what he wanted, free publicity and he released a new poster of his film immediately. But this cheapness won't save his useless film of being a flop.

Very well said Vivek about Sonam. Vivek runs lot of charities for women support.

Give him a break. He did not create the meme. He just made a funny comment on a meme someone else created. Both the pictures with Salman and Vivek are not doctored. If anyone has problems it should be with the one who created the meme.

Sonam is all words and nothing else. He is right. What has she done except for lecture on social media?! It’s his handle and he can publish whatever he wants. Sonam’s stupidity is not unknown to public. Only nidhi razdan tops her

Hahaaaa! Well said. Somebody has the guts to tell the truth about talentless Sonam. Both, Vivek and Sonam had it coming.

Omg! Boycott this pig
Hope Sonam brings him down

shut up Vivek

He is right here

This guy is soo mean!! He deserve all the back lashing. I always though Salman is unfair to him but now I feel thus guy is creep

Just fun game people glad he is making fun at himself.

enjoy it while it lasts vivek. this is the maximum publicity you have received in years and this is how u gain it. sonam is right to shut u down

he is SOOOOO gross and disgusting. not a fan of sonam but what a sexist remark to make. have been "working in women empowerment" means what??

Working on women empowerment doesn’t make u an expert on women issues. But Vivek it’s disrespectful to Aish who holds this past with issues, who knows but u or any person doesn’t any right to make fun of relationships bc she invested time and he heart into them not to just be reduced to some memes. Btw I don’t like Aish as a person but this is wrong on so many levels.

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