WATCH: Alia Bhatt's REACTION when asked about Katrina Kaif not liking her Instagram photos

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WATCH: Alia Bhatt's REACTION when asked about Katrina Kaif not liking her Instagram photos.

Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif have never hidden their friendship despite their personal relationships. While Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif parted ways, and the actor now dating Alia Bhatt, the actresses continue to be friends. However, there have been several rumours about Alia and Katrina not getting along with each other. We stumbled upon this throwback video of Alia at a promotional event and the actress was posed with a bizarre and hilarious question. 

A reporter from the media asked the actress if there was any brewing tension between the two leading ladies. In the video, Alia was trying to understand the question when the reporter can be heard saying about how Katrina did not like Alia's Instagram photos. The 'Raazi' actress was definitely surprised with the question and said, "Ohhhh." 

Alia further went on to clarify and said, "I don't check my Instagram likes.. I don't know why people are doing it. I have always been very fond of Katrina and I believe that it's two ways..that's according to us. I don't know why other people feel differently. But I will send her a message and ask her to like my pictures since that's the barometer of friendship that we must start liking everyone's pictures." 

The actress then smiled wide and added, "Maybe I just don't have very good pictures.. it's possible. But no.. no stress whatsoever." 

Take a look at Alia Bhatt's throwback video: 

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Anonymous : Nobody likes alia in the industry. Only they pretend to like, else kjo will ruun their career. It's the curse of everyone and will continue.... uglia will not have anything left
REPLY 7 7 months ago
Anonymous : Usually when we lie we try to make it more believable by adding unnecessary details , also when stressed giving out of context or random answers is a defense mechanism our brain goes to without us realizing
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : katrina seems to have moved on and is pretty secure in herself
REPLY 6 7 months ago
Anonymous : Such a long reply for a stupid question. Something seems to be up now coz of her 5 mark essay answer!
REPLY 3 7 months ago
Anonymous : Idk why the media expects them to be friends and when in fact Katrina been dating ranbir for more than 6 years who is now dating alia , just because they keep it civil doesn't mean they are fond of each other
REPLY 5 7 months ago
Anonymous : All the best aloopie ...u are young lady may god protect u ftom these cheap evil people
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : Love you Alia
REPLY 6 7 months ago
Anonymous : Alia, the snake, and the mouse. She cons her way out of people n everything. Run dear Kat, run!
REPLY 22 7 months ago
Anonymous : boyfriend snatcher
REPLY 23 7 months ago
Anonymous : Seriously can a bf or gf can be snatch??? Get life s two adults if they want to be together ro what everyone concern ..
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : Love you Alia
REPLY 8 7 months ago
Anonymous : Alia has it easy. She works hard is street smart and has some talent. More than all of that she is a huge backing of support from her family and kjo. Aishwarya was a beauty queen pageant winner on the miss world stage. Big deal if you ask me. She is beautiful no doubt and I have enjoyed her acting and dancing in some films. She was almost written off by the khans in the industry. But her career didn’t end. She went to Hollywood and Cannes. She said about alia - that not every gets so many film choices just handed to them on their lap.
REPLY 13 7 months ago
Anonymous : Nepo brat who beniffited anything she wanted, why would anyone dare not like her?
REPLY 25 7 months ago
Anonymous : She can be nepo but it take a hard work sad for uif your friend and family doesn t give u their support...
REPLY 3 7 months ago
Anonymous : Why would she like you after you befriended her and took over her boyfriend, you said in an interview while she was dating him that you wanted to marry Ranbir. If she pretends to like you despite this, it's for professional reason and to safeguard hersel to think otherwise and expect others to think otherwise is delusional.
REPLY 32 7 months ago