Watch: Dear Zindagi actor Ali Zafar breaks down on television as he talks about #MeToo allegations against him

Dear Zindagi actor Ali Zafar was accused of sexual harassment and in an interview, Ali has a breakdown on national television. Watch now!
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Whenever we talk about Pakistani singer-and-actor Ali Zafar, we are instantly reminded of his films such as London Paris New York and Dear Zindagi, but a few months back, Ali Zafar found himself mired in a lot of controversies as he was accused of sexual harassment. It all started when Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment and although Ali had denied the claims, he had also put out a post on Twitter defending himself. Post Meesha’s Me Too accusation, several other women in Pakistan had come out in the open and accused Ali of sexual misconduct.

During an interview, Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar had a breakdown on national television and in the clip from Geo News show Naya Pakistan, Ali can be seen tearing up as he says that he has been a silent sufferer for too long now. In the video, Ali is seen saying, “All of us have been quietly suffering for so long. Not just me, but my family - my kids and my wife too. I haven’t said a single word in the last one year as I had decided to take action legally through court’s procedures. But they have been making fake accounts and tagging everyone who tries to hire me in tweets against me in order to ruin my career.”

Besides Meesha, journalist Maham Javaid had said that Ali had tried to force himself upon her cousin several years ago and make-up artist Leena Ghani had also claimed that while clicking a selfie with Ali, she had felt his hand going up her waist. A few weeks back, Ali Zafar had shared an old video on his social media accounts which had a video of Meesha and him jamming and Ali had written that this was the same jam session, wherein Meesha has claimed to have been subjected to sexual harassment.


I find this guy ugly and girly... Pak has so many hot men. This guy looks too cheesy. Nothing manly about him.

Things people do for social perception management...crocodile tears...fake interviews...fake court cases...Karma is watching Mr Fazal...wait for it

C'mon every girl I've dated or met has dated an ugly guy or is with an ugly guy. When you can let some ugly creep shove his tongue down your throat then what's wrong in a semi good looking guy feeling you up a bit?

That far,jobless oldie fawad supported him against all the allegations...birds of a feather flock together...
No matter how kjo trying to clean fawad's image...everyone aware of his reputation...
PV Post...Don't Be Biased...

Unbelievable! What a DRAMEBAAZ! Disgusting Ali Zafar!

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