WATCH: Not just Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas too is a Ranveer Singh aka Simmba fan

Currently, Priyanka Chopra and hubby Nick Jonas are vacationing in Miami with the Jonas brothers, and in this video, we see Nick Jonas enjoying Ranveer Singh’s song from Simmba, watch now!
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are vacationing in MiamiPriyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are vacationing in Miami
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Well, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have all the reasons to celebrate because Jonas brothers’ reunion track Sucker, which brought the Jonas brothers - Nick, Kevin and Joe - back after almost six years, has been trending all the charts and to celebrate, Nick Jonas-Priyanka Chopra, Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner and Kevin Jonas among others jetted off to Miami for a fancy vacay. From their loved-up selfies to photos with the squad, Priyanka Chopra’s social media is all about her Miami vacay and we totally love her pictures.

In one of the videos shared by Nick Jonas, we have Priyanka Chopra dancing to Sucker atop a yacht, while Nick Jonas is recording the song but what caught our unqualified attention was the fact that as soon as Sucker ended, the next song on the playlist that played was Ranveer Singh-Sara Ali Khan’s song Mera Wala Dance from Simmba. Well, well, all we can say is that just like all of us, even the Jonas khandan loves Bollywood music because just when the video is about to end, Simmba’s song plays and we are sure that Nick Jonas & brothers must have surely danced to it. Before hitting the yacht, the Mary Kom actress spent some quality time with her cousins and nephew in Miami.

On the work front, Priyanka will next be seen in Shonali Bose's The Sky Is Pink alongside Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim. Padmaavat director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, in an interview, had confirmed that he might direct a film titled Gangubai with Priyanka. Talking about Nick Jonas, the America singer has also started filming the sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

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So desperate to make her no-clue husband relevant in India and it is a struggle for her to stay relevant in both sides of the world.

Woman having a blast with a bunch of kids !

Dear Priyanka. Get Gauri out of your desperate attacks on SRK here. You have enough own dirt on your doorstep!

Hahaha, Priyanka can not stop to talk about SRK here. Must have hurt her a lot that he kicked her out of Bollywood. Darling, get your last drink and go sleep. Pathetic!

It honestly seems like the same person is commenting about SRK. Some people just need to get a life. Glad PC is having a great time with her family.

You mean her "fake" family? Nothing to be proud about.

Good for Priyanka, love, laughter and adventures; she deserves every bit of it!


When the affair was exposed in BWood, affair continued when she moved to America. How come there were no candid pics of Priyanka and SRK while having the affair in America?

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Her pictures in green/dark swimsuit totally opened my eyes. Not just her this applies to DP and others as well. Extremely plain, below average looking without special effects, filters, clever editing etc. every comment on her pictures is how ‘homely’ and average she is which people admitted is not a bad thing. I am sure she did not want people to think ‘she is plain and below average and homely’ but wanted people to think how hot she is. But did not work out that way. Same goes to all of them. Without the bells and whistles, DP is shaped like a long stick. Its time we stop feeling bad about ourselves as if these people and the way they are portrayed is really how they look. PV please post

So you have to body shame them to feel good about yourself ? It is your fault if you thought they are nymphs or goddesses. They are not and no one is. As long as you are comparing yourself to others you will be never good enough for you. It is not their problem.

On such topics Priyanka pays a lot for the fake votes, lol. What a pathetic woman.

If she brining up his jacket proves she was his mistress then guess what?? He did cheat on Gauri.. Tadaa!! U know affair, relation involves two people.. Say something about SRK too na?? Since she proved that it was his clear he was involved with her despite being married? He is dumb to not understand her soo called "seduction"?? Nd what are you guys saying about being drunk, act like age?? Well what do u want her to do? Sit at home, no, more like be in a kitchen making rotis?? Well that old SRK get totally drunk and dances all the way along but no one comments ? He acts with actress who are way younger than him? Then? A man can marry a girl 10-15-20 yrs younger no one comments? Saif-kareena? No much controversy about age? Ranbir n alia.. They only say he is a playboy but no one comments on the age factor? U know if u guys dont open up ur mind the country wont progress!! I am not saying ki drinking,affairs,cheating n all are awesome.. But they both were involved in that affair.. Bash them equally..y leaving out SRk? Or better mind ur own business when u dont have nothing good to say about.. Dont bring up "Freedom of Speech" cause it has become more "Freedom of expressing hatred" which is damaing to a developong country. Nd I guess u guys are Jealous she is enjoying n u r not?

Seriously.. This really shows the our fucked up Indian mentality..!! Like SRK is really not blamed?? Y? What is he?? A man?? If he was a man he would never get caught in an affair..! M not saying priyanka did ri8.. But y is none of u pointing at SRK?? Only because she is a woman?? U guys make sure India gets a bad name..! How can u even support such kind of a guy?? Even indian serials shows the same.. But ofcourse people would like a idiot guy.. She atleast did something in her life.. U guys just make sure that I have nothing to do in your life apart from spreading hatred n giving India a bad name. If she went behind a married man then he too went nd had an affair having a wife n two children n thinking a third child would cover up his mistakes?.. Guess y india is still "developing" country? Crazy u guys are.. Think u r soo good? Look at ur comments! I really wanted Gauri to show some courage nd leave him.. But guess she doesnt have self respect..

Indians hate on PC because SRK is seen as this wonderful gentlemen that respects his wife when in reality he cheats and cheated on her for years. PC got the homewrecker label but she cashed in on her affair with real estate, cars and recommendations from SRK.

having 36 or 38 does not make you old, also she has no children so she still preserves her youth inside her. besides everyone feels his youth as he wants. if you feel old at 36 is your problem

for me the best years are the 30s, because you are not so young as to have inhibitions and you are already mature and responsible to have fun freely. true youth is in the 30's

God PeeCee, stop to talk abt SRK here always. It's embarrassing!

Holidaying, partying, drinking. Low jet set behavior.

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She’s living her best life with her hot husband . Thank God she dumped her old boyfriend .

Exactly! People refused to accept that she moved on and got married. Why is no one picking on SRK? Why are people so busy getting upset over Priyanka for having an affair and No one says crap about SRK-Gauri staying married and having another kid after his infidelity.

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The kind of comments we read here says a lot about Indian mentality. It's post after post shaming Priyanka Chopra for having an affair and nothing about SRK. SRK was married to Gauri for a good 15 years with two kids before he indulged in a 4 year long affair. Gauri still remains married to a man who broke all promises, she has no self-respect. She ended up saving her "marriage" by having a 3rd kid in her mid 40 thru surrogacy. This is the reason men continue to cheat...we have very forgiving traditional wives waiting back home *rolleyes*

Oha, Priyanka must insult Gauri again to get rid of her frustation. Be careful darling, you will also suffer the same fate.

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Unbelievable..!! U guys have soo much hate for someone u dont even know..! Nd calling her mistress?? Wow..!! What about those "married bollywood actor" who wanted a mistress?? why did he got involved if was soo righteous?? Forgot he was married, had a wife nd had 3 kids?? Idiots to blame everything on her.. They both are responsible..

Act your age Madame

Yes, wish them the best. Where do all of these mean people on PV come from? Oh that's right, they have nothing better to do with their lives!

It's not her playlist, he was listening to Shania Twain too and she is his favorite. It's his and PC said he listens to Bollywood music.

Lol i knew this would be milked by dp’s pr team. It’s actually priyanka’s phone n playlist and if you watch the complete video Nick gives blank expression when the song starts

PC needs to grow up


Must suck for Priyanka's husband to realize his wife is not who she portrayed herself to be. Her NY condo was bought by her married lover. Her Rolls Royce too. But in the end like all professional mistresses she got kicked to the curb and SRK remained married.

Why aren't you shaming SRK in this process too? A married man with two kids went out of his way to carry on this affair. He remains married to Gauri despite having an affair for a good 4 years, what a sick family life they must have.


Nick Jonas could have married anyone he wanted. Why marry someone like Priyanka? She was a professional mistress for married Bwood actors. Yuck.

Why does Gauri remain married to SRK when he cheated on her for 4 years? Does she have no respect? What did she do..? She got a surrogate and had another child to save their marriage.

Grow up loser hater shame on u n ur thoughts while they rock

Priyanka married a handsome, talented guy who manages to have to careers, fame in singing career and acting in movies and animation films. When you look at it, he has a more successful career than Priyanka even at movies which is Priyanka's main vocation.

That is Nick's playlist. It is great he has Bwood music on it too.

Nick is the best!

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