WATCH: Nysa Devgan flaunts her dance moves in this super fun video as she twerks with her friends

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WATCH: Nysa Devgan flaunts her dance moves in this super fun video as she twerks with her friends.

Bollywood's star kids enjoy a following like no other even if they are not on social media. Their fans and fan clubs are enough to drum up their presence and share photos as well as videos of them with their family and friends. One such star kid is Ajay Devgn and Kajol's daughter Nysa Devgan. Even though Nysa is pursuing college in Singapore, her fans keep an eye out for her and often share pictures and videos from her time with friends on social media. 

We recently came across one such video in which the star kid can be seen flaunting her dance moves. A TikTok video shared possibly by one of her classmates, shows Nysa in a crop top and denims standing next to two of her friends. The trio position themselves in front of the camera as the music can be heard playing in the background. 

As soon as the beat drops, Nysa and her two friends can be seen dishing out coordinated steps to a remix of Skylar Grey's Stand By Me. The video was shared by one of Nysa's top Instagram fan clubs and naturally delighted fans. Nysa sort of nailed the routine in the brief video and definitely seemed to be the best among the three. 

Check out Nysa Devgan's dance video below: 



oh @nysadevgan girl hmu and I’ll teach u how to twerk...for free! • #nysadevgan

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Nysa is currently studying at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore and while she was in India during the lockdown, she returned to college a few months ago. Given the pandemic situation, Kajol accompanied Nysa and has since been in Singapore with her daughter. 

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Anonymous : None of us have the right to criticize anyone, celebrity or not unless you are walking in their shoes and you are perfect. If you don't have something good to say SHUT UP.
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Anonymous : love! live and let live!
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Anonymous : How did kajol daughter end up like this?
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