WATCH: Ranveer Singh 'feels like Shah Rukh Khan' as he jams to a rap song while beating Mumbai traffic

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WATCH: Ranveer Singh 'feels like Shah Rukh Khan' as he jams to a rap song while beating Mumbai traffic.

Ranveer Singh loves his rap and there are no two ways about it. That is why it came as no surprise when the actor chose to rap the songs in his last film Gully Boy. Despite fast paced beats and quirky lyrics, Ranveer aced it and did it in style. The actor often takes to Instagram to share pictures and videos while playing his favourite rap artist's music in the background. And recently the actor did just that. 

Thanks to Ranveer's die-hard fans, we stumbled upon a video of the actor beating Mumbai traffic while grooving to some tunes. In the video, we get to see Ranveer in his Gucci outfit with this face covered in glasses and a bandana placed over his mouth. Given Ranveer's ever enthusiastic energy, the actor can be heard singing the lyrics which relate to Shah Rukh Khan

Yes, you heard that right. Ranveer can be seen listening to rap artist Tesher's song titled Young Shah Rukh which has been a hit on social media. Ranveer can be heard singing, "I could never do no wrong/Run it up from Bombay to Milan/See me when you turn your TV on/Yeah I feel like Shahrukh Khan." The rap song also has a bit of the famous Bole Chudiya track and Ranveer sang those lyrics     towards the end of the video. 

Check out this super fun video of Ranveer Singh rapping: 

Ranveer was recently snapped in South Bombay as he spent some time with wife Deepika Padukone amid her hectic shoot schedules. 

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