WATCH: Sahil Khan on Manoj Patil attempted suicide case: If I’m wrong, I should be punished

Updated on Sep 17, 2021 07:18 PM IST  |  134.9K
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WATCH: Sahil Khan on Manoj Patil attempted suicide case: If I’m wrong, I should be punished (Sahil Khan Instagram)

Trigger Warning

In an unfortunate turn of events, yesterday, on September 16th, model and bodybuilder Manoj Patil attempted suicide at his Mumbai residence. Reportedly, he was immediately rushed to Cooper Hospital. After this, it was found out that Manoj had allegedly written a suicide note in which he named actor Sahil Khan and alleged harassment by him. Apparently, he had even filed a police complaint against Khan in Mumbai. Later, Sahil Khan held a press conference and opened up about the entire case. 

According to an ETimes report, speaking to the media, Sahil said that the case had nothing to do with him in the first place, and that it was between Manoj Patil and a person called Raj Faujdar. "First of all, committing suicide is a crime in India. Manoj should understand that. Raj has transaction receipts of Rs 2 lakhs with Manoj's name mentioned on it and not mine. If I come and sell drugs outside your house and if you put that up on social media, would I be able to say that you are bullying me?" ETimes quoted Sahil.  

ETimes further quoted Sahil saying, "I have spoken the truth, that which Raj Faujdar shared with me. I have just uploaded that on my social media." In an exclusive interview with the leading daily, Sahil shared that Raj had made a video alleging that Manoj took 2 lakhs from him and sold him expired steroids after which he suffered from heart and skin problems, and Sahil had just shared the video on his social media. 

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The leading daily also mentioned Sahil stating in the press conference that no one wants to talk about the real issue, but everyone is reporting that a person committed suicide because of Sahil Khan.

Take a look at a clip from the press conference: 

Furthermore, the Style actor was quoted saying that his lawyers are working on the situation at the moment and that he will file a complaint. He alleged that this is a big racket and that the FDI might also be involved in this. He said that those manufacturing fake supplements should be punished. Sahil goes on to say that if he has committed a crime, he should be punished too.

In the press conference, Sahil said that he will be cooperating with the Mumbai Police and will agree to whatever action will be taken against him if he is wrong. He went on to add, “If I am wrong, I should be punished”. He further said that if he isn’t in the wrong, and this is instead a big racket, the media should bust it, and stand with the truth. 

(If you need support or know someone who is struggling, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.)

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Anonymous : Why would anyone preparing to die, would put his name like this???! This Sahil Khan is a sleaze and should be put behind bars for abatement to suicide charges.
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