Wedding bells for Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in December 2020 post Brahmastra release?

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are back in the headlines post Brahmastra’s release date announcement. As per a recent report, Ranbir and Alia might be all set to marry each other in December 2020 post their ambitious project hits the screens.
Wedding bells for Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in December 2020 post Brahmastra release? Wedding bells for Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in December 2020 post Brahmastra release?
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Two of the biggest stars in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been the talk of the town for the longest time for two reasons. One pertains to Alia and Ranbir’s film Brahmastra and other relates to their rumoured wedding. Adding fuel to the fire, a report that is out in Open Magazine claims that Alia and Ranbir are all set to marry each other in December 2020. The duo was recently spotted attending Ranbir’s cousin Armaan Jain’s wedding with Anissa and Neetu Kapoor also joined the lovebirds. 

Now, as per a report in the Open Magazine, Alia has been reportedly looking to take up an easy breezy role in terms of work. Not just this, the report claimed that Alia’s 2020 might end on a happy note as she may walk down the aisle with beau Ranbir Kapoor post the release of Brahmastra. Reportedly, Alia and Ranbir’s families have met and have sent out invites to all close ones to block the dates for December 2020 when the two will be marrying each other. 

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In the past too, several reports have come in claiming that Ranbir and Alia are thinking about tying the knot. More recently, the two were spotted while heading to New Delhi to meet Rishi Kapoor who was hospitalised for an infection. Later, when Alia and Ranbir returned to Mumbai, they were snapped at the airport together. Amidst all the buzz, photos from Armaan and Anissa’s wedding reception of Alia and Ranbir posing with Neetu Kapoor sparked off rumours of an impending wedding. 

In the past, Alia has laughed off the rumours of marriage to Ranbir when a card had surfaced on social media. Now, as per the new report of Open Magazine, it seems wedding bells may indeed be coming for Alia and Ranbir in December 2020. On the work front, Alia and Ranbir are gearing up for the release of Ayan Mukerji’s fantasy action film Brahmastra. It also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Dimple Kapadia, Nagarjuna Akkineni and Mouni Roy. It is slated to be released on December 4, 2020. 

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Wish at least Neetu Ji, can see if Ranbir is truly happy with this relationship? Besides making herself happy!


Neetu Kapoor was looking for another neetu as her daughter in law who will tolerate all the cheating, abuses & physical violence like she did with rishi.May be sonam, deepika, priyanka, nargis, Katrina, mahira refused to be a doormat like neetu and alia jumped to marry her teenage crush.

She is no more the cute bubbly alia who was so carefree & used to fight with varun.She now gives vibes of a 30 above actress & she doesn't seems to be of same age as sara and jhanvi because of her stupid antics.Alia should have dated someone young like Varun, tiger or Kartik. Ranbir is a good actor but that's it he has nothing adorable about him.He is dark & coldhearted who knows only to use people for his personal gains.

I hope Ranbir, the stalker, is reading these comments

How did Alia forget his recent Mahira's affair? She is too dumb .Oh wait, love is blind. But alia proved that love is dumb and deaf too

alia ka bura time shuru

At 39, no much movies he's trying to marry a no.1 star aged 26 and well connected, money, and movies secured for 4-5 years....He has no other option in film industry.....He doesn't want someone like Mira Kapoor.
From Alia's point of view....All she'll get from film industry will be of same breed. Sid had exes, Aditya has, she tried on Varun. Ranbir has Kapoor tag, and her father was illegimate child, mother second wife, she's non Indian. What she's getting is family, first family, Indian husband, legitimate Indian family

I miss Ayan in the family pic. lol.

I feel Ayan had a hand in messing up Ranbir's relationships in the past. Probably, Alia doesnt threaten him with her dumb self so he must be sure that he and Ranbir can carry on their relationship.

She is not dumb. It's a trade off.

These two shady people deserve each other.

This relationship is wrong on every level. Dating your friends ex is a big no ..NEVER. I cant fathom how Kat can still be friends with her.

Alia, come on, you can do better. stop acting like a teenager who is head over heels in love.

Alia fell so short on every level after dating her friends ex. That shows her standards.

Alia, open your eyes and run. Him and his family are toxic. How on earth girls dont realize seeing his past? Well, I guess we have seen how dumb Alia is in her interviews to prove it. Sad

The relationship with ranbir was the biggest tragedy of deepika's life as she suffered depression, it was the biggest tragedy of katrina's life as she suffered permanent damage in her career, it was the biggest mistake of mahira's life as she lost all respect in her country and same will be the case for alia.Till now this girl is happy go lucky who don't even the meaning of struggle but after marriage alia will get to know it.


I used to like alia bhatt so much because of her amazing film choices but offlate I have lost all the admiration for her.The way she beokeup with sid to date her friend's ex bf is not at all acceptable.It speaks volume about her real life personality how she doesn't care about people's feeling surrounding her.Sid is quite about alia only because he is an outsider and speaking against her will end his career.But wait for the karma.I know ranbir will treat her the same way she treated Sid and make her feel worthless.

Tom and Jerry of this millenium

Maybe Neetu"ji" thought Alia is a better bait so her son could swing both ways(ayan).Thats why Kat and Deepika did not match her standards

His real love- AYAN is missing

Matches are made in heaven, but this mis match made in hell

Get Married yaar.. Bore karke rakh diya!!!

More than the groom, it will be his mom cheering there I guess. Look at the pic, Ranbir looks constipated and his mom is all giggling..

Ranbir and alia as glamorous superheroes LMAO.Ranbir is ok in depressing girlish type characters and alia is good for girl next door type.Hritik, Salman, Ajay are the actors who can be superhero and among actress it can be kangana, Deepika or Katrina.

Good news. Can't wait for baby jerry bhatt. Kapoor DNA is over.

Omg, your baby Jerry bhatt comment got me ROFL. Its hilarious.

Still dont get this couple. They seem so poorly matched and yet here they are, getting married.

I still cant understand how did Ranbir date this lil mouse after dating two top actresses, and ofcoz many more flings in between. lol

I feel bad for Ranbir in a way, what started as a PR stunt for a movie, ended up as a relationship for him to please his mom. It wont last long anyway.

I dont think they need to wait until brahmastra releases, coz its going to flop anyway. So kindly do us a favor, get married and spare us the drama.

Wow...who is excited for their wedding? NONE ..absolutely none. And Ranbir knows where this relationship will end.

Brahmastra is going to be the biggest flop of the year. Karan is trying his best but believe me, it will be an utter flop and drain all his bank accounts

Brahmastra movie has Ranbir, Alia, Amitabh, now Shahrukh Khan
Karan Johar is doing everything he can to make it a hit.

yeh kya bakwaas hai? make a good film. we neevr believd they dated . dont think audience is dumb. the audience can tell this is lies

why guys? so the film sucks...rajeev masand himself hinted the film is running out of budget as well! now he is himself promoting this fake couple . people are not so stupid! now only good content will run...not gossip . bewakoof brahmastra team

ok chalo next....Ananya and some nepo kid

what people do to be in the good books of Kjo!! career becomes bigger than life, love and self!!

Dead before arrival!! is the real tagline of Bramastra. It is going to be the Kalank of 2020.

Dharma productions upcoming flop movie that will bankrupt Karan aunty.

Two stupid made for each other

We all know that this relationship is only for this movie promotion. If they are so much in love genuinely why wait till Dec to wed? Priyanka, Deepika and Anushka got married without giving out any rumors like this. It is very evident that this marriage will not happen. Please stop promoting relationships for movie sake and make movies that are entertaining. Nobody is so dumb to watch movie because of relationships. People have become smart to watch movie which are entertaining not because 2 people are in relationship

I wish the two of them all the best wishes for the future but... i don’t know, i just don’t think Alia should trust Ranbit

not a fan but alia has more time than he does.. why is she tying herself down to this middle aged guy who wears more makeup than she does?

Alia looks like a scrawny bird. He just looks like one of those hound dogs with droopy eyes. Both try so hard!

meh....somehow there isn't any public interest in these two. Sounds very wolf wolf...

Okay seriously is there anyone out here who knows if this news is reliable? Masand doesn’t usually post fake news does he?

Dude, stop believing that fake Masand's blind items. He is no longer the same reliable source.

the film is so bad? alia and RK have been in PR relationship with all there co stars

science fantasy..why bother making another flop?

once a cheater always a cheater. i pity them.

means picture flop. repeat of JJ....PR relationship is nothing but flop picture


i will watch wedding photos not brahmastra :P

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