Week’s Newsmakers: Complaint against Karan Johar's viral party video, Kangana Ranaut & Urmila Matondkar row

Updated on Sep 20, 2020 07:21 PM IST  |  1.1M
Newsmakers of the week
Week’s Newsmakers: Complaint against Karan Johar's viral party video, Kangana Ranaut & Urmila Matondkar row

Another week has come to an end in Bollywood and several sensational things came to light this week. While the CBI, ED, and NCB have been probing Sushant Singh Rajput's case and Rhea Chakraborty in jail, the fans have been demanding justice for the late actor. Further, in an interview this week, Urmila Matondkar spoke against Kangana Ranaut and her claims of exposing the drug nexus in Bollywood. She questioned the Queen actress over her allegations and said does she even know that Himachal is the origin of drugs. 

Responding to this, Kangana also replied to Urmila and ended up calling her a 'soft porn star' in an interview. Several celebs backed Urmila along with netizens who were not happy with this comment made by Kangana. Also, this week, Jaya Bachchan hit out at Ravi Kishan's drug comment in the Rajya Sabha and demanded protection for Bollywood in her speech. Rakul Preet Singh's name also came out post Rhea's arrest by NCB and she filed a plea in High Court against the media trial.  Not just this, a development took place in Sushant's case where the AIIMS report regarding the actor's autopsy is expected to come out next week and be 'conclusive.'

While fans are waiting to see what the AIIMS experts have to say about Sushant's death, the CBI team members probing the case also went to Delhi to meet with experts regarding the same. Further, an NCB complaint has been filed against Karan Johar and other actors over the viral video that came out last year of their party by Shiromani Akali Dal leader Manjinder Sirsa. He alleged that it was a drug party and that the video should be investigated. So, with al those updates, we begin the newsmakers of the week. 

NCB complaint against Karan Johar’s viral party video:


Karan Johar's party video featuring stars like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Shahid Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor and others came under the scanner of the Narcotics Control Bureau after Manjinder Singh Sirsa filed an official complaint against it. In his complaint, he alleged that drugs were a part of the gathering and he wants investigation of the same. Further, he took to his Twitter account and shared images of the complaint he filed against Karan Johar and others. He mocked the filmmaker in another tweet and said that Karan will soon have coffee with NCB. The video reportedly has been sent to a forensic lab for investigation.  No criminal case has been filed against anyone yet. The Times Now report claimed that if something is found genuinely in the video, the NCB may take up the case. Last year, when the video went viral, Manjinder Singh Sirsa had reportedly filed a complaint with the Mumbai Police as well.

Rakul Preet Singh approaches Delhi High Court against media trial


Rakul Preet Singh, whose name surfaced in the media after Rhea Chakraborty's arrest in drug connection with Sushant Singh Rajput Case, filed a plea in Delhi High Court against media trial. Rakul and Sara Ali Khan's name came through reports where it was apparently revealed that Rhea had told NCB that they too used to do drugs with her and SSR. Post this, she filed a plea in court and demanded a stop of media trial. The Delhi High Court issued notices to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, News Broadcasters Association (NBA) and the Press Council of India to seek their opinion. The Delhi HC also hoped that "media houses would show restraint and abide by the Programme Code and other guidelines, both statutory and self-regulatory while making any report." The next hearing is on October 15.

Jaya Bachchan speech in Rajya Sabha


This week, senior star Jaya Bachchan also hit out at Ravi Kishan's 'drug addiction' remark in the Rajya Sabha and claimed that people who have got name and fame in the industry are defaming and tarnishing the image now. The Senior star and leader spoke in parliament and said, "Just because there are some people, you can't tarnish the image of the entire industry. I am ashamed that yesterday one of our members in Lok Sabha, who is from the film industry, spoke against it. It is a shame." She made a remark about 'thaali' and said, "Jis thaali me khaate hain usi me chched karte hain." She even demanded protection for Bollywood. She further said, "People in the entertainment industry are being flogged by social media. People who made their names in the industry have called it a gutter. I completely disagree. I hope that government tells such people not to use this kind of language." Many celebs like Taapsee Pannu, Sonam Kapoor and others backed Jaya Bachchan and her speech in the parliament. However, Kangana Ranaut questioned her on Twitter. Post her speech, it was reported that security at her bungalow was beefed up. 

Kangana Ranaut and Urmila Matondkar row:


Kangana Ranaut had been in the news for her remarks about Mumbai and the Police. Amid this, in an interview this week, Urmila hit out at her and questioned her on exposing the alleged drug nexus in Bollywood. She urged Kangana to start the process of fighting drug menace from Himachal that is her home state. She claimed that Himachal is the origin of drugs. She further slammed her for remarks on Mumbai and claimed, "Some people want to crib all the time and play the victim card and if all that fails, they play the woman card." 

Hitting back at Urmila, Kangana slammed her in an interview and called her 'soft porn star.' She said that the actress was not known for her acting back in the days. She said that Urmila mocked her struggles in an interview with her expressions. She said, "She isn’t known for acting for sure and is known for doing soft porn. If she can get a ticket, why won’t I get a ticket." Reacting to this comment, Urmila tweeted and thanked the people of the country for backing her after Kangana's comment.

AIIMS report of Sushant Singh Rajput expected next week


Sushant Singh Rajput's case investigation is currently going on and all eyes are now on the AIIMS report that is expected next week. Reportedly, the Medical Board will be submitting their opinion on the forensic reports next week. The opinion on the final forensic report will reportedly be submitted to be team investigating the case. It is expected to be conclusive, putting an end to all the doubts. Prof Dr Sudhir Gupta, who is the Head of Forensic Department, AIIMS & Chairman of Medical Board said that he hopes that report will be conclusive. He said, "I hope it will be conclusive without any doubts. Reports can't be shared since the matter is subjudice." It was further reported to IANS that forensic experts did find some discrepancies in the crime scene description and inquest report filed by the Mumbai police in the late actor's case. Further, certain reports claimed that members of the CBI team were in the capital city to meet the AIIMS panel who were to release the report related to Sushant's case. 

Anurag Kashyap questions Kangana Ranaut on her claims of being forced drug:


In a recent interview, Kangana had claimed that she was forcibly given drugs when she joined Bollywood. However, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap spoke up in an interview and questioned her about her claims. He said that people make their own choices and when they are down, they may make certain choices. He claimed that he knows many people who have experimented when they have been down in life. He stated Kangana's example and said that he has seen the actress at a low phase when her films were not working and people didn't treat her well. He claimed that during the film shooting of Queen, she sometimes would have champagne and no one judged her. However, the filmmaker affirmed that in the end, people make their own choices. 

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Anonymous : Kangana is like a Bull in a China shop. The worst thing God can do to someone is make them jealous person. Kangana is dangerously jealous of privileged people. Be it Actors or Politicians. Despite reaching the pinnacle of success in her chosen field she is not content or a happy person. She is determined to use her fame and money to destroy the people she envied and those who protect them.
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Anonymous : We all have many choices. Some obviously have made bad choices and suffered the consequences. We are talking here about adults. So, stop blaming the world and its brother for your mistakes. Own up to it. If SSR was alive and as saintly as they make him out to be he would have owned up to his mistakes. Judging from watching him at interviews he comes across simple fellow, very measured when responding and restless body language. Sign of insecurity and lack of confidence.
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