What? Alia Bhatt friendzoned Ranbir Kapoor? Says it’s a friendship not a relationship

Alia Bhatt gets candid about her equation with Ranbir Kapoor. She calls him a gem. Read to know more.
What? Alia Bhatt friendzoned Ranbir Kapoor? Says it’s a friendship not a relationship
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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor fell in love while shooting their film Brahmastra in Bulgaria. Initially, the couple never accepted that they are together. However, in June last year, Ranbir made it official that he is in love with Alia. On the other hand, Alia took her own time to publicly accept that she is dating Ranbir. Since then, RaLia has been making appearances together at several events, wedding functions and award shows.

In an interview with Filmfare, the Raazi actress spoke about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. She said that Ranbir is not difficult, he is a gem. Alia said, "It’s not a relationship. It’s a friendship. I’m saying this with all genuineness and honesty. It’s beautiful. I’m walking on stars and clouds right now. The best part is that we’re two individuals, who are living our own professional lives in its full form right now."

Alia further added that they both are continuously shooting so people won't see them together often. Calling it a true mark of comfortable relationship, she said "nazar na lage". Bhatt also revealed that there is beautiful book titled My Brilliant Friend. She added, "Ranbir’s my brilliant friend."

When asked about Ranbir's troubled past, Alia answered that it doesn't matter as it's a part of his life and who care. She stated, "Aur main thodi na kam hoon."

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's pictures from the Filmfare Awards 2019 were viral on the internet. It's quite rare that the couple indulges in PDA and hence, fans were happy to see their favourite couple's lovely moments together.

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Ranbir's biggest weapon is his girlfriends haha.. even after he cheat dumb them he still uses them.. his PR spreads lots of of bs them.. anything to stay relevant..

If you look at the Filmfare award "kiss" scene closely, RK was trying to face away from the camera trying to only tell her something. This fly grabbed the chance to kiss him, POS she is.

so rk deigned to hug it out when kat approached him and now she and her pr won't stop begging him to take her back..god! haven't you wasted enough time on a man who refused to marry you and left you instead

Losers as Neetu gave her thumbs up because she is Muslim and from filmy family do u know who is neetu dad no one is fond of it jealous mom of kat dp

Yes, that's good rk mov with kat

Yes, that's good rk mov with kat

Their kiss on the award show was just soooooo fake like omg... anyone believing this "relationship" needs to be blind or ignorant as hell

I appreciate Alia and Ranbir but not in a couple, even in a movie, he does not go together at all, Ranbir must just be with Katrina she is so beautiful, so tall and so much woman.

Ranbir is a jerk. With deepika he was young and immature and she got away w the rest of her life still left. She ended up having the best phase after the breakup career wise and personally went on to eventually find the man of her dreams who appears to treat her the way she deserves. Not to mention she is looking prettier now than ever! Katrina was eye candy to ranbir at the time they got together. She was at that point considered the hottest Indian actress and wildly successful ( way more successful than ranbir). Ranbir at that time was post his first movie which didn’t do well despite good reviews for him and semi hit w bachena aye haseena. So for him Katrina was like the ultimate prize - beauty and number 1 heroine. Also the fact that she was kind of almost forbidden fruit (the Salman factor). So when he first got her he was infatuated Bc it was like a kid getting the toy he’s wanted more than anything. Eventually the excitement wore off and he went back to his old ways. Katrina despite her beuaty and success then could not Let ranbir go despite him cheating (likely to do w her own upbringing and lack of a father figure). During that toxic relationship she started declining in career and hate to say it - looks so ranbir realized he didn’t have anything to hold to. Ultimately they both went their own ways and tho Katrina seemed very sad initially seems like she is finally back at a happy medium and also trying to work on her career. Sadly he took the best years of her life. Now Alia ...god only knows what her outcome will be but I don’t think she is deepika or Katrina. Alia is smart and been in the industry her whole life. She knows how things work, part of me thinks ranbir will not be able to do some of the crap he has before Bc she will not let that happen. It remains to be seen

He was never big on pda, I remember there was a screening for Brothers and kat leaned on him and he pulled away, so this pda is him trying to rub it in dp's face like she has been rubbing rs in his for the past three years..i bet if he was still with kat he would have been acting all touchy feely too. Too bad for kat, dp was still hiding rs like a dirty secret when rk was seeing her, lol

This isn't about DP. This is about Kat moving on with Vicky Kaushal. RK is rattled and this unusual PDA is all about that.

vicky is way younger and she's with him only in her dreams and pr stories, just like she was getting married to ranbir only in those before he dumped her without even telling her..but then again whatever makes you feel better

Hope Alia dumped him!

cant belive people even belived they were a couple and dating lol...wasnt it ovbious it was all for brahmastra?

Ranbir doesn't like Katrina and wants to crush her ego. He wanted her to be his mistress and a Kapoor doormat. Alas Katrina respected the gift God has given her, her stardom despite of lack of acting talent. Her story will go in history of Bollywood as a wonder. First ranbir took away Ayan and Kjo from her then he took away alia and her gang. He is also working with adi chopara with whom he never used to work.

Basically you’re calling ranbir a spiteful b&**h and you’re right.

Nobody even cared about her 'i love you' to RK during that awards show...so now she has quickly moved to a friendship. They all realized the public is not buying their fake story.

Alia is thick as a brick. She cannot read

troubled past? lol.....deepika was willing to give it all up to be Mrs kapoor and she still is in love with him...katrina wasted 7 years for him thinking she will marry him....girls have NEVER troubled him...its his nature to get bored of girls...his exes were there for him compeltely and he was a non commital .....he created troubled for them...deepika is still not over him and she even went through medication for depression....its still tehr en her eyes she loves RK..and katrina had it no less easy....

And I think he is more in love with deepika than alia. With Alia he just goes through the motions. There is absolutely no chemistry. But they will marry for convenience/ she wants his name money and social standing/ her parents are more visible since she started associating with him so it also works for them/ she also wants to prove that she is the hottest chick on the block and can make him commit / she will turn a blind eye to his indiscretions / he is getting old and needs to produce heirs and grandkids for his parents/ he will succumb to the pressure of kj his parents her parents and societal pressure.

The most accurate comment!

Hey PV why are you suppressing the thumbs up votes ?

going by his track record with deepika one can surely say RK will become a yogi/guru instead of loving or lusting after deepika lol....if only one can see deepikas face when RK sat next to alia lol

Katrina kicked him out. She doesn't give a damn to him. Its DP who is on Meds and still have wandering eyes for Ranbir.

kicked him out of his own place, dude/tte he asked her to leave and when she didn't he picked up his stuff and ran away when she was out of town, her mouth piece's subhash k jha words not mine, but then again whatever makes you feel better

its RK's lose, Kat is in happy place, leave her alone she will find a good man, RK is struck with Alia and KJO while DP settled for RS even though she still wants RK

How do you know all that about their personal life and personal details, which btw they only know since it was between two people unless you're Ms. Dipeeka herself?

Don’t put the entire blame on the guy pulling out women card, deepika herself dumped nihaar pandya as soon as she became a big name in bollywood. Just bcz that guy never cried foul in media who knows what he went through. Problem with deepika is she used Ranbir’s name to create these depression stories and still hangs around him

Nihar is a decent guy who got saved from deepika. Hes lucky now to be married to neeti!

Hi Nihar

i belive same. she dumped nihar , yuvi, mallya , and is still has a thing for RK even after marriage....

"Friendzone" would imply that he showed interest in her. Bless them, they finally realized this couples tactic was getting nothing but negative reception.

They will marry. Ranbir is making his movie bachna ae haseeno in real life. First one married another person who loves her alot (Deepika). Second ke sath living together n when she wanted to marry left her without informing (katrina) n third will reject him then later marry.
Alia should know she is a Bhatt who are also very well known in industry. She shouldn't bow down to Kapoor politics. Personally I think Ranbir should just get back with Kat n marry her. All the bad image will be dusted. N his problems will be solved.

yes. He will never let go of his lifetime employment with KJO and Bhatt's.

Ofcourse u watch all Koffee episodes of Alia she is all over ranbir in answers and kjo planned way ahead for her

have more respect for her now. high time they stop thinking public is silly . brahmastra is doign good as it is...no need to lie to the public and do drama with PDA

troubled past? wat trouble? he created trouble for all his exes by breaking up ....

ali dandekar ne dande se mara hoga!

lol...finally wat we all knew all along! kjo must be really mad

obviously you are friends otherwise neetu would give you the cold shoulder :P

He goes after any woman who number 1 or has the potential. Hope Alia is smart and keeps her cool..Not get too involved with this douche bag

Rk has been private abt his relations throughout..the fact this was publicised too much itself hinted that this was fabricated by production house to create buzz..old Bollywood tactics

Alia is clingier than any of his exes and he reciprocates the least. He seems embarrassed to be seen in public with her and she’s playing up the lovey dovey angle

who is this short below average man with ranbir ??


Wow.. Truly new age.. Main thodi na kam noon.. They are in it because its convenient and it is one item checked of Alia's bucket list.

Rk forever

headline doesn't really match the story. I think this relationship will work because they are both busy. She isn't tied to him like Deepika and Katrina did. She gives him space

I really think there is no relationship except for friends with benefits. There is a reason Katrina is so chummy with Alia still!

Lol okies

Pinkvilla stop with Alia

my brilliant friend is a book about a toxic, volatile friendship between two women.. what???

Did you actually expect Alia to read a book? She’s not known for her brain or intelligence is she. Lol

LOL! maybe she just read the cover and has no idea what is inside haha !!

That makes her perfect for kapoor! Kareena and Alia..

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