This is what happened when WWE Star Sheamus tried John Cena's workout for a day; find out

WWE star Sheamus tried John Cena workout on his channel.
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Whenever we talk about WWE, all of us will unanimously agree that John Cena is the biggest name in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment. Over the years, John Cena has continued to wow the audiences with his performances and hard work. For all the die-hard Cena fans, ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ is his mantra and John Cena follows it to the T. We still remember the time when John Cena made his debut on June 27, 2002, and impressed everyone with his physique and till date, Cena has maintained his physique.  

For all the wrestlers out there, you’d know that it is quite difficult to maintain your body for years, but John Cena has managed to impress everyone with his body since 2002 until today. In one of the recent episodes, Irish wrestler Sheamus’ YouTube Channel Celtic Warriors Workouts, Sheamus tried John Cena’s workout regime for a single day and knowing Cena and his intense workout, the episode had to be divided into two videos. Now, this episode was not only entertaining but we also thoroughly enjoyed John Cena and Sheamus' banter in the episode.

For all those who don’t know, John Cena started working out at the age of 12, but in the episode, he expressed his wish to have started working out even before. At the age of 41, WWE star John Cena feels that “he is really old for the level of outcome he expects out of his body and therefore needs to have a very elongated warm-up and stretching routine before the real workout begins.” But the highlight of the episode was when a seasoned athlete like Sheamus tried out John Cena’s workout regime and unique form of working out on his body.

For all the WWE lovers, Sheamus' channel provides an insight into the workout routines of some of the biggest in-ring performers of the current era. From AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and India's Jinder Mahal, a lot of ring performers made an appearance on his YouTube channel throughout the year and what is noteworthy is that we got to see a variety of exercises and these could be helpful for those who are fitness enthusiasts. 

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no one is there beat john cena in work out

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