What? Have Lady Gaga and Christian Carino broken up?

One of the most surprising rumours doing the rounds is related to break up of International sensation Lady Gaga and her beau, Christian Carino. Read to know more.
What? Have Lady Gaga and Christian Carino broken up? What? Have Lady Gaga and Christian Carino broken up?
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When two people are in love, they appreciate each other and always support one other. However, one can see red flags in a relationship when one’s partner isn’t present on the biggest day of their life. Speaking of this, one extremely heartbreaking rumour is doing the rounds for the fans of the Born This Way sensation Lady Gaga. As per reports, Lady Gaga might have split up with beau Christian Carino. The reason behind this rumour was Christian’s absence from Grammy Awards 2019.

On the award night, Lady Gaga was spotted sans Christian. But what caught everyone’s attention was the missing diamond rock from her finger as well. She was seen without her ring at the event which gave rise to the rumours of a break-up between the singer and her beau. At the Grammy’s, Lady Gaga swept through 3 awards and her fans were beyond happy for their favourite singer. 

However, what happened next wasn’t expected by anyone. When Lady Gaga gave her award acceptance speech, she didn’t mention her fiance at all. In each of her speech, she didn’t thank her beau at all which surely added fuel to the fire. She stuck to people related to her movie related to mental health issues and didn’t take his name. Her fans on Instagram surely reacted on this and also noticed that the two haven’t been following each other on the social media site. Now, this surely has given rise to speculations about Lady Gaga and her beau Christian Carino. 



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