WHAT? Ranveer Singh wants to star in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 2 with Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

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In what was an entertaining Koffee With Karan episode last night, Ranveer Singh appeared on the couch with Akshay Kumar. The Simmba actor, who has usually shied away from talking about his relationship with Deepika, was very upfront about the actress and his future wife. From calling her 'baby' to dedicating Sweet Child O' Mine from Guns N' Roses to DP, Ranveer was at his candid best. Throughout the episode, DeepVeer fans could not stop gushing over the soon-to-be groom and his proclamations of love for Deepika. 

During the rapid fire round, when Karan Johar asked who Ranveer wants to work next with - Deepika or Alia Bhatt, the actor had an interesting revelation to make. Ranveer suggested to Karan, the casting of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai's sequel with himself playing Shah Rukh Khan's character Rahul along with Deepika and Alia as the female leads. Adding a further twist to the casting coup of all casting coups, Ranveer cast Ranbir Kapoor as Salman's character Aman. When Karan quipped that Ranbir will have a special appearance, Ranveer reminded KJo of how epic Salman's entry and performance was.



The biggest BLOCKBUSTER ever!!!!!

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Would you be up for a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai part 2 with this epic cast? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, when Deepika and Alia had appeared on Koffee With Karan, last week, Karan had suggested a joint vacation with the two power couples - DeepVeer and RanAlia, and the actresses were completely up for it. 

Ranveer and Deepika will soon be getting hitched at Lake Como, Italy on November 14-15, 2018.




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REPLY 8 8 months ago
Anonymous : Baby dont say no(please karan).You should do it.Because dp,rk,rs,alia movie can be big blockbuster.
REPLY 1 2 years ago
Anonymous : So it went from Karan's dream cast of Ranbir,Alia and Jahnvi to Ranveer's cast of him, Alia, Deepika and Ranbir.
REPLY 2 2 years ago
Anonymous : what is the point of this kind of shows when they have to simply read out KJOs script
REPLY 6 2 years ago
Anonymous : I think Ranveer Singh will be suitable for Salman’s role and Shahrukh Khan role will be suitable for Ranbir .. as Ranbir face is more apt for Rahul .. regarding girls both can play whichever part .. as per me Alia will be suitable in Kajol’s role because she is still flamboyant Nd we can see in first half Kajol was like that .. whereas Deepika can play role of Rani .. one thing I don’t understand everyone thinks highly of themselves there is nothing wrong but Ranveer just wanted SRK role not from any angle he is suitable for that character .. He just wants to take dig at RK . And he forgets Ranbir is far far far better actor than him .. Infact Ranveer is not suitable for Salman’s role either . I suppose that should go to Vicky Kaushal or Varun Dhawan ..
REPLY 21 2 years ago
Anonymous : one call from RK and deepu will go straight back to RK...after RK ,RS is the best person to settle down with...deepu has accepted tat..RS needs to think this over!
REPLY 12 2 years ago
Anonymous : For drugbir's fans who offend deepika and ranveer and stick to the news to make themselves seen, get out of anonymity-flop with this amazing DEEPIKA & RANVEER couple: Katrina and Deepika ran away from Drugbir a long time ago, that's why he always sings CHUNARI, CHUNARI MEREYA all over INDIA, They are both happy, Deepika found the love of her life - Ranveer many years ago and got married, Katrina lives a happy friendship with Vicky. Independent women always know how to find the love of their lives and will never reject it! That's why Drugbir's new name is RANBIR RAJ KAPOOR-CHANNA MEREYA-the stamp on his forehead that will carry him all his life! There is another quote about drugbir "" THE ONE WHO IS THE JOKER OF PREGNANT WOMEN AND WHEN I SEE HIM ABORTES ". Ranveer has understood for many years that Deepika is a trophy and it must be his forever because he loves her so much,Deepika did the same! Ranveer was right when he reported that Deepika offered him a dazzling wedding, with much pomp, as he never dreamed and this aspect (WEDDING) will REMAIN FOREVER IN HIS HEART! That's why this couple is so beloved! When news about them appears, the internet catches fire, comments day and night, continuous views, etc, etc ....., just like the movies they made together and not only. Both Katrina and Deepika thought that due to the name and influence of RK it could be a good match. When they were convinced that Rk, that he is an actor ...?, That he is a boyfriend is ....?, It is clear that they ran away because you drew the line and found = FLOP The rest is history!
REPLY 10 9 months ago
Anonymous : love it, deepika can be srk and the boys take the girl roles. alia is salman..get to it karan!
REPLY 8 2 years ago