What? Selena Gomez sent wishes to Justin Bieber when he got hitched to Hailey Baldwin?

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What? Selena Gomez sent wishes to Justin Bieber when he got hitched to Hailey Baldwin?

With so much history in their past, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have now moved on. Justin surprised everyone by marrying his lady-love Hailey Baldwin a while back. On the other hand, Selena Gomez worked on herself and took care of her health issues. However, Selena and Justin’s fans at one time were completely convinced that the two will be together for eternity. The duo had been in an on and off relationship since quite a while. 

However, in 2018, Justin married Hailey and left all his fans shocked. Now, according to reports, Selena didn't completely write off Justin from her life and also did message him on his wedding. Yes, as per a report by InTouch Weekly via Stylecaster, Selena had reportedly sent Justin ‘very loving support messages’ when he got hitched to Hailey Baldwin. As per an insider told InTouch Weekly, Selena wanted Justin to have the best in life with Hailey. 

Now, if that is true, it would mean all is well between Justin and Selena despite their break up and his marriage with Hailey Baldwin. The Anxiety singer has been trying to get back into the game after coping with her health issues and her fans are convinced that her new album “Magic” might be coming out soon as well.



Hunny buns punkin

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The fans tracked Selena’s recent posts where she posted white robes with names on them Selena, Blanco, Baldwin, and Tainy. Since then, fans have been pretty excited for Selena’s new album and are guessing the posts have something to do with it. On the other hand, Justin and Hailey got hitched in September 2018 in a court and are reportedly planning to throw a party for their friends and family in March. 



Here’s my new record in the making lol (while I was sick)

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