THIS is what Virat Kohli fondly calls girlfriend Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have been in a committed relationship for some years now.
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Virat Kohli and Aamir Khan recently collaborated for a chat show as a special Diwali treat. The duo will for the first time bare details and secrets on their personal lives – all in good fun ahead of the festival of lights. One of the topics of discussion, obviously,  will be Anushka Sharma who is currently in a relationship with the Indian cricket team captain. 

Today we got our hands on a video, where Virat addresses Anushka as Nushkie. He said, ‘’Nushkie is superhonest." Sweet, isn’t it?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have been in a committed relationship for some years now. The couple has been clicked during their vacations abroad. Virat and Anushka have never shied away from appearing in public together. Anushka is often seen accompanying Virat on his cricket tours. She has been spotted cheering for her beau at many cricket games. Virat too has been vocal about his support for Anushka Sharma’s films on his social media account. 

Virat has always openly proclaimed his love for Anushka Sharma. However, Anushka has avoided talking about the same. She had said in an interview to a website earlier, “Everyone has a personal life but I would like to keep a few things very personal and the media too should respect my privacy. We both are busy with our individual work because our focus is on our career. 

Initially, Anushka used to be blamed for Virat’s poor performance on the field when she traveled with him. Virat had taken up for Anushka very strongly. He said, “She had no relevance to the defeat. She only has a positive effect on me. But people found her guilty. Strange! My relationship with Anushka has only become stronger because of that incident. We have gone through this together. We have stuck to each other through this”.





Shes not honest ...its all her NATaK

Why those last line in all virat-anushka articles stating that she has a positive effect on him and blah blah.. If anyone has watched Drishyam..Ajay devgan did the same thing..again and again lied people around him(that they went on 2nd oct where as is reality they went on 3rd oct) and at the end made people believe the lie..Same with Virat-anushka..she def has no positive effect on him..Nushki's bf is lying

I love Virat's sarcasm....

Arjun Kapoor loves u so much Anushka n u too look so besotted with him :) :) your today's twitter interactions proves that u both r ready to mingle n take it to the next level

Dear Anushka Sharma,
Arjun Kapoor loves u so much

Virat please see the reality n distance yourself from this mean arrogant lady :/ After the celebrity classico tmrw pls don't be with her instead go to Gurgaon n relax at home before the odi series vs NZ .

Who cares!

He meant to say she is con-est

OMFG, dude, grow a pair! She is absolute poison. Let her go.

Ofcrs !!

She hasn't stolen designs as per say but picked some chinamade products and labeled them as her own. This is cheating the consumers. The products she has displayed look nothing sort of designers but cheap regular stuff we get to see hanging in the supermarkets. I don't believe this will take her far. It was meant to be quick money making business which even before its launch has seemingly failed.

Cover up! Nushkie is super dishonest!

By saying she's honest what he would've meant is she is not cheating him in the relationship

hahhaha always needs Kohli to be relevant.This lady has no self respect at all

I am thinking what he meant is CHORNI or SCAM ARTIST

Kohli ain't perfect, but being with her makes me really hate him.

Damage control!! We still won't forget about the designs being copied

shes a conwoman!

Seems the negative comments are coming from a single person/PR team.. Ye public hai sab janti hai... No need to put finger in our eyes and show us the truth... Even being a Deepika fan, I can say this girl has got a more stable life be it private/work than most other celebs.. Respect people's work rather than tarnishing images.. and its her design team who copied those designs not her.. It was her blind faith in that team that led to this.. It has nothing to do with her Honesty..!

You are absolutely wrong. Yeh public hain jo uski nikall rahan hain! She did not even have the grace to apologize, public ise bhi yaad rakhengi.

Disgusting how every time she uses him when she has a hidden motive. No matter what he calls her, people will call her a manipulative fraud.

I think Post the NUSH shaming incident Anushka has dented her image, even the PR is unable to do the damage control efficiently. I feel her days in Bollywood are numbered as she had series of flops this year.

Lol yeah about that Kohli....

We don't care what they call you - we call you a fraud bakwaas aurat!

Love them

Wow! She knows how to use this moron doesn't she? She lies, gets caught and next thing you know they release a clip of her famous boyfriend praising her for her so called honesty. GMAFB! Its ridiculous this over hyped chick gets off unscathed yet again. I blame the press for not asking her the tough questions. This arrogant woman should be punished and brought back down to earth.

He missed out 'ethical' (Eye roll)

Virat, You being a scorpio I expected you to see true colors of people. I do not blame you though, you are in love.

So what Anushka got inspired from some stupid designs at least she isn’t using sentimental issues like depression and mental health for cheap publicity for upcoming flop?

Hmm. Well if you stick with her after her lies about how involved she was with the designs, you're very very stupid.

Good to take attention away from her clothing line controversy she uses him well

No sane person could possibly ignore her transgressions. Anu fans are the worst.

Why are we talking about this and not the fact that she's a lying cheat?

Anushka's PR strikes again; use the showmance to cover for her transgressions.

LMAO!!! He called her honest? Joke of the century!!! She is a proven liar. Is he whipped or what? Completely blinded by his love for her to see for her the liar, manipulative, arrogant, obnoxious and pretentious woman. When she is done playing him, he is gonna suffer for a long time.

Well, Kohli's naive idiot. I have a name for her, will you publish that?

*Kohli's a

Jesus effing Christ, I knew this would happen. She's lied time and time again. This time she lies about her involvement in those crappy clothes and is stealing other designs but aww Kohli has a name for her. Kuch bhi.

They do make a hot couple!

Nice try Anushka's PR. Release a new story, where there's actually no new information. It's your audacity to perpetually think we're idiots and can't see how you use Kohli for publicity that make you so violently disliked.

I am reminded of the song - pyaar china ka maal hai

Pinkvilla waited patiently all these months to release it this time

I love Anushka, she a'ight, but the comments are making my stomach hurt from laughing

I haven't read the article but I am guessing.......chorni?

How ironic given of turn of events hehe

honest? is that why she lied about designing her OWN clothes? please dont defend her actions

He should call her my Chorni... mera dil aur China k designs churane wali chorni

Yes, we all know how honest Nushkie is! Love is blind.

Good joke Virat. Your Nushkie's brand turned out be a total sham, FYI. That's how honest she is.

She should marry this guy,not wait for her BW, movies,because cricketer, gets lots of options! Timing is everything!

Virat has changed the meaning of "HONEST" today

Yeah super honest to steal outfits and sell them as her own.

Super honest lol what a lie virat.

see? your precious Kohli, everyone= complicit. Wake UP and stop blaming her for being publicity hungry blah blah blah

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