When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan REVEALED that Salman Khan was the original choice for Josh

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was last seen in Fanney Khan. The actor was all hearts during the interviews and made some startling revelations. Read on.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the most profound and articulate actresses in the town. The actor was last seen in Fanney Khan wherein she played the role of a pop star, Baby Singh. Aishwarya is also one of the most loved and talked about celebrities who have worked opposite all the superstars. Recently, during the promotions of Fanney Khan, when Bollywood Hungama asked her if she was apprehensive about playing a sister to Shah Rukh Khan in Josh, Aishwarya made a startling revelation. 

Speaking to the entertainment portal, Aishwarya revealed that her ex-Salman Khan was one of the contenders to play the lead in the movie. "I think the cast was meant to be Aamir [Khan] and Salman at one point and eventually it became Shah Rukh and I think Aamir (Khan) at some point was to play Chandrachur (Singh)'s role. So the cast kept changing at different points of time but Sherly remained Sherly. So I had said yes to Mansoor (Khan)."

Check out the video:

Aishwarya and Salman have worked together in films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam among others. However, after their split from each other, the two avoid talking about each other. 

Josh is a 2000 Indian action drama film directed and co-written by Mansoor Khan. The movie was the fifth highest grossing film of the year 2000. 

We are appalled at this revelation, what about you?


Aishwaya is the dust underneath Salman's shoes. Salman gave her Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Josh, Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, Dhai Akshar Prem Ke, Mohabbatein, Chalte Chalte and many other movies (back in the day when she used to sleep with him). For 5 years she was in a relationship with Salman to establish herself in Bollywood (earlier no director gave her a second look, she was a flop actress). Instead of thanking Salman, she exploited, abused, and ruined his imagine by accusing him of lies created by her and her family. Aishwaya you're the worst chapter in Salman's life. You're the worst chapter in every man's life... including Vivek Oberoi and Abhishek Bachchan.

Ash dreaming about salwariya

Akshay, Ajay and Khan's are producing their own movies and casting their choice. You have ABCL, go make ur own movies and cast whoever u want

Why would he want her back, she is a much married lady, and he has no shortage of women. It's been longer than Brad-Jen split. Everyone has moved on, hopefully.

Became she was aksked about shahrukh not salman

She also talk about khamoshi movie and its songs in the interview

what's the problem if she mentioned Salman? It's not desperate, she just answered a question.

The point is the question wasnt about Salman. That what dislike about Aish.they asked her about being SRK sister in Josh.Just answer the damn question and say it was fun or no fun instead of a long story and bringing in Amir and Salman.And still didnt give answer to the question.

she badly needs Salman for fame & success, look like being Amitabh DIL is not giving her what she wants.

This was a recent interview for the promo of Fanney Khan...she was asked how it was playing SRK's sibling in Josh, Instead of answering that, she went on about how many people were replaced and mentioned Salman. Totally unnecessary! Just for headlines...so much for her fake dignity!

This interview was made during the release of Josh, before they even dated lol

Hum dil de chuke sanam released before Josh. That means she was dating Salman during the time of Josh s release and shooting

No interview is recently.. There is link of it on social media

No it’s a recent interview on Bollywood hungams. Aishwarya being despo.

Omg she took his name??? Either she wants to stay in news or she is too much fed up with her married life and in-laws.

I love Josh. Thank God SRK was in it and not Salman, he would have ruined the movie

finally! Come on now, have some perspective and work in a movie together already! It will be magical.

Relax guys! This is an old interview

This is a very desperate move for some reason.It wasnt even needed to bring him up. i think she wants the fame back

Why is she talking about these guys and Salman all of a sudden?

Is she trying to send Salman a message? Why does she keep talking about - how he couldn’t be her bajirao and Khilji etc

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this interview is an old one, from years ago. I believe I've read this before.

No its not an old interview... watch bollywood hungama youtube channel...its her latest interview...

She is getting desperate by the day.

She has mentioned he who should not be named! Lol

lol- she was asked a straight question on how was it playing srk’s sister. She didn’t have to give a convoluted answer to talk about original cast. I think she is proud that all the khan were replacing each other but her role Shirley was irreplaceable. She is sooooo damn proud of herself- imagine if she was actually successful. Salman is the biggest superstar in the country even after you gave him a bad name and image - and he still only praises you. Learn humility from him.

Hahaha.. Ash is missing Salman badly

Heard it was originally Aamir and Kajol, but Aamir refused and Kajol said she wanted to play Josh

So true!! I had never even heard her take his name. Love SK and Aishwarya even now.

It would’ve been nice to Aamir and Salman in that film. Chandrachur was never a good performer nor he had the charm.

Please do a movie with him. He is not a bad person by heart, he loved u dearly. I would way more than Abhishek,

Oh she would if Salman would work with her. But he will never do it.

The same Salman who behaved like a fool when Anil mentioned her name on Dus Ka Dum, kept calling her baby, kept acting like an idiot whenever someone mentioned her name? The same Salman who went as far as trying to impersonate SLB when contacting Ash cause she wouldn't accept his calls? Lol

U fool if ur living under rocks, they came to dus
Ka dum with her song only after her approval
He accepted their request and got them
They made him ask. Pls ask us who is baby sing kaun Hain
It is her move to give him hints

so the marriage is finally over !!! just for the sake of society staying under one roof!!

Salmans biggest regret in life is letting this one go

giving how things turned out especially for Abhi I don't think Salman has much to regret...

Lol did Abhi come and tell you personally that hes unhappy? Or did you see it in his eyes? Lol *eye roll*

yes just like Salman came and told u personally that letting this one go is his biggest regret..

Abhi has lot of Twitter work to do now, respond to trolls on new topic Salman Ash

She knows it will be headline and still intentionally used his name

If u love him marry him, this time don't use him like before and spoil him again

Get it u accepted finally that Salman is the king. Love u Salman

Ok another press statement in the pipeline

Why u got Josh to talk about casting that never happened?

Ok we get it, u need his help to come back. Or use his name to be in the news

Too much love in that first picture. I have never seen both of them display so much love in all their other entrie movies put together as the emotions shown in just one single picture. They are actually feeling the emotion with closed eyes.

why always keep talking about the past?

For the first time ever.. I saw her taking Salman's name.. she never takes his name

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