When an astrologer predicted 13 YEARS AGO that wedding bells will ring for Priyanka Chopra in her 36th year

Nick Jonas reportedly proposed to Priyanka Chopra on her birthday in London last month. An astrologer had predicted in 2005 that Priyanka Chopra will get married in her 36th year.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas confirmed their engagement after their roka ceremony took place at her Mumbai bungalow in the presence of their families. Nick Jonas’ parents had also come to India for the puja and roka ceremony. The couple met through a common friend who was cast member on Priyanka Chopra’s popular TV show, Quantico. Priyanka and Nick appeared together for the first time on the red carpet of the MET Gala in 2017. They have reportedly been dating for over three months and may tie the knot soon.

A renowned astrologer had predicted in the year 2005 that Priyanka Chopra will get hitched in her 36th year. Priyanka Chopra turned 36 last month and Nick Jonas reportedly proposed on her birthday in London. Filmfare had published in 2005, “Priyanka Chopra is likely to get married in her 36th year.” The astrologer’s prediction further reads, “She could do well in production department too.” Priyanka Chopra is a successful producer and her production company, Purple Pebble Pictures has produced many regional films.


Taken.. With all my heart and soul..

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will tie the knot in Hawaii, as per a report in Bollywood Life. Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra revealed in an interview with Hindustan Times today that the couple has not decided on a wedding date yet as they are both busy with their work commitments. She also said that Nick Jonas is very respectful towards elders and is calm and mature. She added that Priyanka is not impulsive and that she trusts her decision.


It's an arranged marriage all apart of the illuminati. Satanic high priestess with her prince. Nothing about love. The question is who will be sacrificed for this wedding to come together

Publicity stunt of astrologer
Nothing else

Astrology is not real. She is not 36.

Comparing pictures of Priyanka from the early 2000's and those from now, she has clearly reconstructed her nose and lips. I am not saying this in a negative light, but her features then and now are very different.

Hope this marriage is for keeps . Nothing else matters .

Good for PC. I do believe in astrology as it does its job of giving us information only - nothing else.


Nick is a very nice and charming guy. Prince Charming swiped her off her feet!

They went public two months ago. They could have been dating for ages prior to that. Doubt v much they'd go out in public for their very first date

They weren't do a google search on him

LOL< astrologer also predicted on Simmi Garawali show that she was going to marry a "king." LOL< well, that doesnt seem to be happening!!

did the astrologer predict her divorce as well..??separates from nick&comes back to india with a child&joins bjp.

why so much negativity? They are just about to start their life together right?

Glad the prediction come true. All the best PC. Marriage will do wonders for you.

wow..i remember there used to be predictions every year in those days. Even a father's day special. someone predicted Srk's son Aryan to be successful in whatever he chooses. For Aamir's kid it said although they may draw apart, but the love and longing for each other will always be there. Aamir did separate from his mother but says he's still very close to him.
I remember one astrologer lady telling my mom im very low in confidence..no one took it seriously then..but it was true..i had hell lot of self doubts back then.
Ofcourse, ultimately its God ONLY, but we should respect astrology & numerology as a science and accept it can be a profession.

Happy for them

It doesn’t say 2018. It says when she’s 36 years old so it could be anytime before July 2019 as well.


This is a fake marriage. Who gets engaged within 2 months of dating?

Well i did :-) And i am not PC :-D. Infact i dated for a month, got engaged, married for 11 years now, two kids, have studied and worked abroad and now am a top professional in a leading company in india, i also help run my fathers business and also run my own social initiative. :-) Yes, its possible :-). Anyways done with my 10mins on PV. Back to work for me.

Honestly, i feel they would have started dating since Met Gala 2017 going by the pics. But who knows it could be way earlier than that.

I have a doubt its more than 2 months. They probably kept it a secret and may be the reason she stayed back in the US.

Lolll! I think many couples in India got married WITHOUT dating and engaged within a week. It’s called arranged marriage.

Plenty of people. I’ve known people that have married after one meeting. You can’t keep searching for perfection.

we knew from 2 months but they met a year back. Its not like in india that guy follows the girl everywhere, take months or years to express. in countries like US if the guy is interested he asks the girl straightaway and if she too is interested they start dating, going on holidays and most importantly they don't hide from parents and if the girl is not interested the guy doesn't trouble her

Yea if the girl is not interested the guy will just go for some other girl.. lol..

Guess that happens to you

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