When Deepika Padukone caught an ex-boyfriend red-handed; did she hint at Ranbir Kapoor?

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone started dating soon after the release of their debut film. In an interview, Deepika talked about how an ex-boyfriend cheated on her.
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Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone debuted in the film industry in 2007. The actors started dating soon after the release of their debut film and were the IT couple of the industry. The ex-couple never shied away from making public appearances together and proclaimed their love for one another in interviews.

However, their break up left fans shocked as the ex-couple was going to get engaged soon. After their break-up, in an interview to Verve magazine, Deepika Padukone had hinted at the reason of their split. She had said that she has never cheated in a relationship. She had reasoned that she would not be in a relationship if she wanted to fool around. Deepika added that she has been hurt in the past as her partner broke her trust. She had said,  “I was foolish enough to give him a second chance because he begged and pleaded, despite the fact that everyone around me said he was still straying. Then I actually caught him red-handed. It took me a while to get out. But having done that, nothing can make me go back. That ship has sailed.”

She had added that the first time he cheated on her she thought that there was something wrong with her or the relationship. She said that when someone makes a habit of it then the problem lies within them, hinting at Ranbir Kapoor. She said that trust and respect goes away once a partner cheats in a relationship.

Deepika had shared that dealing with the break-up was really difficult for her but it made her a better person and that she would like to thank her ex-boyfriend for it.

The actors are good friends now and have even worked in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Tamasha after their break-up.

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DP should move on now ; also her PR, Its really bad to keep on talking about the old relationship; it seems like she has neither respect for her current partner or even her ex. its high time her PR stops this. Also keep KAT out of it as she is not associated with RK. She has her fair share of dues and she tolerated all this when she was with RK and now its not her baggage. Whether she knowingly cheated or its DP' Jealousy that protrayed her to be the 3 wheel its unknown to us all. if KAT was that clever to begin with then she would not be on the receiving end of all the negativity. this is just my personal opinion and to be rude to any

this is ancient news. done and dealt with. she caught him. he admitted to it. they are both on talking terms now. even katrina has said her side of the story basically supporting the same narrative and much worse. how much more does this need to be hashed over?

DP has dated what 5 guys only? I though it was more the qway people are talking. By 23 most of my friends has already dated "tone" of guys. So 5 is really nothing for a 32 years old woman but India is conservative i guess.

Best what DP happed.

She is right, why get into a relationship if you'd like to fool around....fooling around is perfectly fine in their culture so Ranbir could sleep with as many women he prefers but why have no moral to be in a relationship, then lie then keep on doing the same thing. Right now he seems lot settled but back then anyone could assume that he likes to sleep around....well, the person he claims he is with for the time being, we all know she has been with at least varun, shiddarth and arjun kapoor so i have a feeling this time she will dump him or cheat behind his back. She is much younger than him so he may cry this time and beg her to stay with him because clearly he would love to give his mummy a grandchild but this time around i hope alia cheats on him lol

Headline should be: when deepika caught ran Kat togther red handed.

Good god why rehash this now PV?? Breaking up with ranbir was the best damn thing that happened to DP and she knows it!

It could only be Ranbir coz in all other relationships she was caught red handed....what is the list the first one is nihar, move on yuvraj singh, dhoni, ranbir, sid mallya, ranveer...hmmm

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince!

he he then why talk about all the frogs now, she found prince charm be happy dont distrub frogs, especially one major frog she is still despo abt

so true; she should move on with her life and not keep dragging in; since kat is out of the pic ; she starts with cheating history otherwise the focus would be on kat by now.

Everyone has move on and in a happy space. Be it ranbir deepika ranveer or alia . But Katrina is stick in past . She thinks every one is a despo like her and stuck in the past. It's Kat who is obessed with Salman and ranbir till date. Deepika is happy with ranveer and getting married soon while rk is happy with alia who got his mom approval. Only Kat is sad as Lulia is in no mood to give her a space nor letting Kat to break her relationship with Salman. POST it

LOL, if RK cheated on Deepika, when she was so beautiful as a new comer, how he is not to cheat on Alia, LOL!

He cheated cos his mommy told him to “look around”. Now mommy is desperate for grandkids so it bodes well for Aloo-Sherbet.

Kat PR stop it.

Calm down Kat and PR. Deepika is over ranbir and bringing a 10 year old interview to show deepika as a despo won't work. But it will hurt you as she caught you and ranbir .

Old interview which dp and ranbirs respective PRs are using to keep them in the top news

Kat PR at work.

Kat PR tactic to bring old interview to slander DP after knowing she is going to MT and place with HW stars.

Rk PR article after hearing the news of DP going to tussads.

And why would rk pr show him in bad light? Use ur brains.
This is deepika pr...since she has no movies and ranveer wedding news is getting boring now. Just to keep her in news.

Isn't MT statue in UK and Delhi with Hollywood A listers enough to keep her in the news? It surely does. DP PR isn't a fool to do It. It's rk PR not dp.

My dear dp is in a happy space professionally and personally and has no need to be embroiled in this nonsense so give it a rest.

It's not DP PR. Use your brain. Rk us out of news now. DP may not have any movie atm but she is talk of the town for her tussads statue in UK and getting place next to Angelina and brad Pitt. It's enough to keep her in the news for some time now. Why would her PR divert attention to old relationship? Every thing is not by dp PR.

Dp caught him with Kat who was living with Salman at that time.

Kat fans should think twice before bashing deepika for ranbir. Coz it will come back to Kat who is still after Salman. While dp has move on and don't care about Rk. Media posted this to get attention.

Why media is posting an old interview? First ash now dp.

Lol ! someone wants to create mischief.Please, like the lady said that ship has sailed....... but both remain amicable with the other and that's good. Both Alia and kat knows that ranbir has a soft spot for dp so which one is it ?


anything to keep Deepika in the news. she's truly jobless.

How does it matter.. she has earned a lot.... No job for sometime doesn't matter

She'll never marry Ranveer. People should stop falling for these "good girl" acts put on by like Alia or Deepika. It's clear no one likes them behind the scenes. Deepika doesn't seem to have ANY person who's really in her corner besides Ranveer, and even then it seems like she just ignores him and is searching for a bigger fish.

Can we just let this played out rkdp story die already?

This is so 'Last Janam'!

This is a very old interview when they broke up. Why post it now? Is katrina sending a message to Aloo through this medium.

Deepika has no work. Deepika and Ranbir have the same management and PR team so they periodically release these articles for attention. This is to keep her in the news.

Her obsession continues

She is not obsessed with him. It's media who is obessed with them.

Deepika is always talking about him

Kat is always talking about Salman.

This is an old interview . She don't talk about him anymore

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