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When a jury member thought that Priyanka Chopra was ‘too dark’ to be crowned 'Miss India'

Priyanka Chopra participated in the Miss India competition at the age of 17. A mentor from the competition revealed how a jury member was against crowning Priyanka 'Miss India'
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Priyanka Chopra participated in the Miss India competition at the age of 17. She went on to become Miss World and is an inspiration for many today. She is a successful actor, singer and producer.

In the book by Aseem Chhabra, Priyanka Chopra: The Incredible Story of a Global Bollywood Star, Pradeep Guha who was one of the mentors of the contestants in the year 2000 recalled how one jury member was uncertain about Priyanka due to her skin color.

He said, “Not everybody in the jury was initially in favour of her. One person mentioned she's too dark,” further adding, “I said, 'Yaar come on -- look at South American girls. They keep winning and some of them are pretty dark as are all the girls from Africa. So I said what are you talking about? 'I was always very certain about her and as I said this woman never made a mistake twice.”

The judges that year included actors Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Waheeda Rehman, Mohammed Azharuddin, film producer Pritish Nandy, painter Anjolie Ela Menon, Subhash Chandra, fashion designer Carolina Herrera and Marcus Swarovski.

“She kind of always improved on herself day on day, day on day. I knew that she would give in 200 per cent if she gets in,” Guha added in the book by Aseem Chhabra.

“I think she needed a little more confidence. I think she wasn't quite sure initially whether this was the thing she wanted to do. She came in a bit tentatively. By the time the contest started she seemed a lot more collected and definitely more confident of herself,” Guha added.

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Arre Wohi ghisa pita ‘dark skinnned’ record player.

Can we get the name of this human? We just wanna 'talk' thats all

Dark skin??? Can you please reveal the member name for some good bashing?

Can Indians ever get out of skin discrimination? I don’t bother how other countries are it’s my country’s people I care about.

Haters be sitting with skin full of acne, blemishes...applying 1000 filters and lighting on their own FB profile pics..commenting here on skin colour and pigmentation hahahaahha

oh my god stop it already. aish was dark skinned when she won. sushmita was dark too. lara, dia, everyone! india is all about dark skinned people, why should indian jury vote agains you becouse of that? i've understand if you
said this about miss world, but noooo, because that was america's contest, and usa is your boss now, right? so you decided to go further, humiliating your home country and playing race card

It's a fact India is all about skin color no matter how much they pretend to be above it all -at that point of time they would not have even bothered to pretend ! Whoever said this , it was just not a nice thing to say ! Look at supermodels like Iman (who married David Bowie) , Naomi Campbell , Tyra Banks . Why don't they say who this person is ? I don't think it's SRK - Gauri is not what u'd describe as 'fair' ( like Kareena ) .

SRK was part of the jury. Years later, allegedly had an affair with her. Life is twisted

name and shame the jury memeber

Thats why deepika kajol did skin lightening bc indians dont like dark skin

The movie industry doesn’t, don’t make it about entire community

That nose has changed since then but she still denies all the plastic surgery

when you’re a young girl in the public eye and people keep passing negative comments their is a lot of pressure. I would never blame them for getting caught up.

All I can see is that big nose.. maybe that’s what the judge was talking about..

When she herself thought she is too dark to take real selfies..... filters and adobe paints jumped in.

Playing the race card again to fool foolish white people.

What rubbish. Daina Hayden was a year before her and darker than her. Lara Dutta who beat PC to the crown is darker than PC. She needs to shut this crap to stay in news.

PC is not pretty conventionally nor has she claimed.. she is a smart woman in her business Sense,hard work and good acting..

How many times will she play/ rehash the “dark girl” card... sick of her acting as if she is the first dark skinned girl to make it in Hollywood(not that she did) or Bollywood for that matter

Where are those fans who call her natural beauty?

At least SRK is still fascinated by her...hehe

Haha the SRK PR on work again. Click, click, click.....thx for confirmation ;)

SRK is too witty for PC.

PC is too intelligent and famous for SRK

She can only dream

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