When Katrina Kaif had a near DEATH experience on the sets of Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai

Katrina Kaif escaped injury while shooting for Tiger Zinda Hai in Morocco.
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It is well known that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif will be seen performing some high octane action scenes in Tiger Zinda Hai. The movie is slated to release on December 22, 2017
Well, Katrina Kaif had a near death experience while shooting for an action scene for the movie in Morocco. 
What happened is that Salman did a racy action scene on horseback, Katrina had to get behind the wheel of a fast car. While doing so, Katrina apparently was too close to getting injured. Speaking about it, Katrina said, “This particular shot involved driving a super-fast car in the narrow bylanes that Medina is famous for. These tiny lanes make it nearly impossible to navigate. I did train for a fair bit, but during the crucial scene I ended up crashing the car into a wall.”
She further added, “I could have been injured, but the crew was more worried about the super expensive camera mounted on my vehicle! But the good news is, I didn’t get hurt and got the shot right in the next take.” 
At a summit recently, Salman praised his co-star Katrina and said, "This is her best work."
Talking about director Ali Abbas Zaffar, he said, "He has done an incredible job. The film would be a surprise for Indian viewers. I think this is the first time that Hindi cinema audiences will see a film like this."
“No matter how I [might] try to describe and explain [the film], you won’t get it until the time you watch it yourself," he added.
Tiger Zinda Hai is a sequel to Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger. 


chal juthi

Don't believe it. Kat is a well known liar.

Wow really? That's not made up at all

Oh hello common not all of the stunts are performed by her even in Kamli some of the stunts were done by body double. It’s so obvious, she was asked multiple times to perform those dance steps live but always said no not once she performed it

some of the haters argued that the action was done body double. kat posted a video doing action herself. one of the hater challenged kat for posting action scene if she dare enough i hpe hell see that

lol how are u sure its kat? video is shot in dark , slow motion and far. Her face is not visible. Actions are done by body double.

how r u sure its not kat pls stay away hater

Marjaati... bollywood would be so peaceful.

Tu ku ni marjaati deepika. Tera to career bhi Over ho chuka hai. Padmavati to release hone wali ni hai aur sapna did disaster hogi. Tym nikal, retirement le aur jaa k Marr jaa aur katrina ka picha chor de.

She didnt shot in Morocco. All she did was surfing and taking pics. Liar

Hahahaha....the Oscar winning actress says she got the shot right in the very next take. Woman, if you get it right in one take or 100 takes....your expression and bloated face will remain the same!

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