When Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput’s first photos with newborn baby Zain & daughter Misha took over the internet

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput’s perfect family became even cuter with the entry of baby Zain two years ago. We take you back to the first photos of the family of 4 including Shahid, Mira, Misha and Zain when he was a newborn baby.
When Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput’s first photos with newborn baby Zain & daughter Misha took over the internet
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If there is one couple in Bollywood that always manages to leave everyone in awe, it is Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput. Every time the duo steps out with their munchkins Zain and Misha, they make heads turn. Shahid and Mira often take to social media to share photos of their kids Misha and Zain and their adorable shenanigans. However, initially, when Misha and Zain were born, Shahid and Mira ensured that the first time anyone is introduced to their babies, it is when they share photos. 

Hence, 2 years back on September 5, 2018, when Zain was born Mira and Shahid were elated to welcome another bundle of joy in their world. Fans of the Kabir Singh star were eager to catch a glimpse of Zain back then and many paparazzi had lined up outside the hospital where Mira and Shahid were at. Hence, when the adorable couple stepped out of the hospital to head home on September 7, 2018, the paps got a chance to catch a glimpse of the adorable family together with Misha. 

Today, we take you back to those adorable photos when Shahid and Mira stepped out of the hospital and the world got a glimpse of their family of 4 with newborn baby Zain. In the throwback photos, Mira and Shahid could be seen happily posing from a distance for the paparazzi. Shahid is seen flaunting his cool look in casuals while Mira is seen holding her newborn in her arms. Misha was seen in her dad Shahid’s arms. As they headed home for the first time with baby Zain, all fans were waiting for was to see baby Zain’s glimpse. 

Here are the throwback photos of Shahid and Mira with Zain and Misha:

The adorable photos of Misha, Zain with Mira and Shahid back then had almost broken the internet. Even now, whenever Shahid and Mira drop adorable photos of Misha and Zain on their social media handles, the world just cannot get enough of the munchkins. While Zain will be turning 2 this year in September, the cutie boy’s photos always leave the internet going ‘aww.’ Amid the lockdown, Shahid and Mira have been ensuring that they spend time with Misha and Zain. Often, Mira also has shared the artwork that Misha makes with her mom’s help on social media and it surely is a treat for all their fans.