Will Aishwarya Rai Bachchan EVER undergo cosmetic surgery? Here’s her answer

In a recent interview, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan talked about films, family and pay parity. She also talked about cosmetic surgery and advised everyone to make an informed decision.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is an epitome of beauty and grace. She has been honoured with the title of being the most beautiful woman in the world several times. Aishwarya is not only hailed for her beauty but also her acting prowess. She has proven her versatility by taking up different roles in her career. Her last release, Fanney Khan saw her playing the role of Baby Singh, a successful musician who is the role model of a young girl. The film received mixed response at the box-office, but Aishwarya’s performance in the film was appreciated.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Aishwarya talked about her Hollywood projects, pay parity, daughter Aaradhya and her films. When asked if she would ever consider undergoing cosmetic surgery, Aishwarya said, “See, at this point, everything is moving so you guys would know. Very honestly, God has been kind so far and it’s each to their own- the choices that you make. When people have not explored it, we tend to say maybe not yet or maybe no. Twenty years ago, if you had asked me would I ever colour my hair. I had brown hair and natural streaks. I would have said NO. Then I joined a brand and started experimenting and it worked.”



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She added, “I think people should make informed choices. That’s extremely important. I have been fortunate where I have never needed to embrace diets. Some people possibly need to. So, We can’t sit on a high horse and give any kind of advice like ‘you don’t need to do this.’ Many people have the best bodies, but they are taking supplements. And then there is a whole debate on supplements – should they or shouldn’t they? Just make informed choices. There are medical practitioners, take their advice. You should know the science before making any choices.”


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Loreal pays for her her surgery

She doesn't even go to gym and she lost weight all of a sudden in 1 year after being fat for 4 years. She takes pills

She is right about making informed choices. Wheteher you get plastic surgery or not. Its entertainment industry and it matters how you look on screen.

she already done lots of surgeries cant you nitice people

She is gorgeous with or without surgery FACT

She was a beauty right from her childhood and has remained the same.She is drop dead gorgeous,Just accept it guys. People here are even ready to call Alia beautiful but not Aishwarya Rai. Why hate someone so much?

Nobody’s saying she not beautiful but most of her features have been tweaked over the years including lip alignment, teeth, eye and skin color and hair. The changes are quite obvious and they’re different from her natural aging changes. Never heard anybody call Alia beautiful although she’s attractive in her own way.

Calm down! Who is saying she is not beautiful? Just that she probably has had cosmetic surgery of some kind. hers is not a disaster like priyanka and katrina but she probably isn't the natural beauty she was over a twenty ago.

Doesn't look like Ash did anything, just that age has made some changes to her face like with all of us, especailly when u gain weight and loose it never goes to the same size but its wrong when people said she did something.

She has already undergone a lot of cosmetic procedures including cheek implants, nose job/rhinoplasty, lip injections, Botox, and breast implants.

The question was ‘would you ever consider under going cosmetic procedures’. Instead of a yes, no or I don’t know, she rambled on and on about nonsense. At 40 plus she’s clearly done something as she has no wrinkles on her face and that is genetically impossible. It’s her choice though and at least she didn’t outright say no unlike Priyanka who lied on US tv about her nose. Personally I liked Manisha’s response to the same question - she was an unequivocal no. She talked about not understanding being ageless and how she’s accepted her older face even though it was challenging at times and how the character she plays matter more than looking beautiful. My view is that Manisha is a beautiful 47 year old woman and her goodness shines through. Manisha was the beauty of her times but she’s never let that define who she is.

Manisha is very beautiful. unrealistically beautiful and talented. and I do not see any changes on her face, although she suffered a serious illness. She's so touching that when she cries at the film, I'm crying along with her

Funniest thing I read today..her cheeks aren't real..

The most natural beauty you'll see is Deepika!

This is the same person who said she has not liplocked anyone in the movie , remember her movie with her then beau Vivek liplocking in a song. Not only her none of the actress will confess the real truth. Just face it.

I don't know about her face but she's gotten some some parts enhanced as well. So, she's not new to this.

Aishwarya was a beauty since childhood. Love you Aish, stay blessed. Jealous haters will keep commenting because they and their favorites do not look as beautiful as you and even with makeup and surgeries they will not come any where close to you

Read between the lines people...shes saying that she had said no to even coloring her hair before and now she does it...so same with the surgeries.

Why would Aishwarya Rai need a plastic surgery? She is one of the most gorgeous faces out there.

Then why does she use tons and tons and tons of makeup if she's natural beauty

Make up usually is the directors/ photographers prerogative. She looks her best when she has less make up on. Just have a look at the pictures of her attending a funeral.

she put on a makeup on her dad's funeral. Look at Kareena and Karisma who come out in public without makeup, would she ever do that? BIG NO!

Nice answer! You rock Aish.

Most beautiful woman in the world thanks to her surgeries and people only call out Priyanka. Not fair

She's beautiful regardless.

Yeh kya answer hai bhai ?? Simple yes ya no bolo

Miss fake

Everybody lies in this industry even though their transformation is right before us. She has changed everything about her face, and yet she talks about changing her hair color only. Thats a joke!!!

So she was asked a simple yes or no question but she went on and on about things that aren't even related to the question and ended up not answering what she was asked...and people recently were rooting for her for changing and becoming more honest and opened and less fake...I knew it was for publicity now that her film didn't do well she's back to her old self after she realised that the changes in her persona did not work...

She didn't confirm or deny anything. At least it wasn't a straight no like others say

So in a way she admitted she's open to making new choices including cosmetic changes be it hair changes or surgery

U know eye color changes right? and eye color becomes lighter with age..please get educated before talking and making fun of yourself.

Ulti ganga ! Eye color gets darker with the age. She had dark hazel eyes and dark skin with very pigmented lips. Look at her childhood pics. Her daughter looks carbon copy of her.

The question should be " would Ashwariya ever stop the plastic surgery". Her contact lenses are getting lighter by the day.

Cheek implants? Check! Nose job? Check! Botox? Check! So yeah. (Hope you will post my comment Aishvilla)

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