Will Katrina Kaif play famous athlete PT Usha in her career’s first BIOPIC?

Katrina Kaif is going to portray the character of P.T. Usha in the first ever biopic of her career. Apparently the role had first gone to Priyanka Chopra two years ago.
Will Katrina Kaif play famous athlete PT Usha in her career’s first BIOPIC?Will Katrina Kaif play famous athlete PT Usha in her career’s first BIOPIC?
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Katrina Kaif is having one of the best years of her career where movies are concerned. She is being offered some of the best roles with top ones – the most recent being Rohit Shetty’s cop flick Sooryavanshi opposite Akshay Kumar. Now we hear something that will excite her fans a lot - the actress has been offered her first biopic, a movie on ace athlete PT Usha directed by ad filmmaker and director Revathy S Varma who has directed hit films in Tamil and Malayalam and the Bollywood movie Aap Ke Liye Hum.  PT Usha has won 101 international medals. She is working as an officer in the Southern Railways and  coaches young athletes at her training academy in Kerala.  
According to some sources, Katrina will be portraying the role of P.T. Usha in the upcoming film directed by ad filmmaker and director Revathy S Varma. For the unversed, field athlete PT Usha has won the Padma Shri and Arjuna Awards. Another Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was being offered the same rolw a few years back even before she was being approached for doing Mary Kom. However, Priyanka Chopra could not take up the project owing to her commitments in Hollywood. According to various sources, this upcoming film is going to be made into a multilingual one in which each and every phase of the life of P.T Usha will be covered in complete details. 



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It has also been revealed by a particular source that Katrina is currently in talks with the director of the movie.In fact, the director Revathy flew down from Bengaluru to meet Katrina a couple of weeks back in Mumbai for another narration. Katrina has liked the script and is probably going to give a nod to the film which is going o be her first biopic in her entire film career. However, as Katrina is currently busy shooting for Sooryavanshi, she is taking some more time to say yes and is waiting up for one more final narration. 

Buzz is that the film will be made in English, Hindi, Chinese and Russian besides other Indian languages with A.R Rehman scoring the music.

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Biopic needs great acting not skin shows and item songs.

Copy kat. Since other actresses are doing biopic so she wants to do it.

As much as I want Kat to do an athletic movie, maybe this isn't for her. I just Google her n couldn't find any interesting storyline on her life. Mary kom is made n don't need too many movies like Mary kom. Maybe she should leave this one out. I want her to do a movie on cricket. Or she should do a copy version of movie salt by Angelina Jolie. Want her to do action movie.

The comments here are too good.Cant stop laughing.

Actually Taapsee will fit, she is not as tall but she can play the role with right makeup and training!

Katrina PR.

Such a huge insult to PT usha .

PT Usha got shokced after katreena show items dance in it. Don't make biopics to a masala movie. Bollywood is really crazy now everyone is behind rat race of making biopics. Do some creativity

PT usha had a large bodytype. Katrina is all about fitness. She needs to gain weight for her role and I doubt she will. Also she shouldn't try gaining weight otherwise it will be the final mail in the coffin of her career. Because she gets films because of her looks and definitely not acting. She does good in modern day young woman characters and she should stick to it. She can try playing a periodic queen famous for her glamorous looks like Rani roopmati because she has kind of got an aura of a women who rules men hearts because of her looks. But definitely va big no to playing an athlete like PT usha. She won't get her south Indian accent right. Deepika would be a better choice but even she won't gain weight to look like her. Kareena after tai ur's delivery would have been a good choice. May be kat should work with Anand l Rai again.

She was definitely not playing herself in zero. I don't like Katrina. She seems to pretend to like alia, ranbir, Kjo etc but deep inside she must be hating them. But she does so for her professional benefits. Kat is quite boring and in her interviews she gives big and boring lectures but her character in zero was one hell of an interesting role. She did all the drama infront of media. She reminded me of kangana. If only Katrina was a real person like her character then Bollywood have been an interesting place like it used to be at the time of kareena, priyanka, bipasha, Aish etc. These new age actress like alia, Deepika, Sara, katrina etc are way too pretentious and boring. Only kangana is worth noticing.

I don't agree to you. I think the fact she acts to like Alia n nepo gang is interesting itself. I'm always intrigued at how she is so quiet n smiling over it. As a fan I keep thinking what is going on in her mind. N I'm glad she is mature enough to not show it in public n doesn't use it for creating a news. Kat I feel is a very positive person who makes news out of playing cricket or selfie with friends or promotions or gyming or food. She doesn't do it negatively. Infact I was shocked at Alia for saying I love you on stage to Ranbir while Kat was sitting. Exes don't usually meet n yet Kat was sitting n smiling n dealing this non sense. It's not easy n Alia n Ranbir were making it more hard for her. I'm glad she has Salman otherwise we would have heard her suicide story or drugs or drinking.
Kangana can say all this cause she has talent n masses to support her. So even if nepo gang is against her she survives. While the others need support from industry.

wow!! i hope this is true, Kat is a very hard working person am sure she will hire an accent trainer for the south indian accent. Infact i think this after all these years is the movie that will turn it around for KK. if she can pull this through, she would establish herself as an 'Actress'. I loved Kat in Zero she was the only think worth watching in that movie. I think she is taking risks and instead of pulling ppl down, give them a chance to prove themselves. All the best KK, hope you hit a home run on this one!

Utale re baba

audience will become pt usha after watching first scene itself !

How is this woman STILL getting films despite terrible acting and hindi speaking skills? I just don’t get it. I was hoping Thugs, Zero and Bharat would be her final good bye to bollywood. Please cast other actresses.

Biggest Comedy movie of the year!!! OMG. LOL

Why not get a malayalee actress to play the role? Like Rima Kallingal

i dont think people have issue with her non indian ness about playing pt usha. Ben kingsley looked like gandhi in the movie. How do you explain changing kat to look like her?


How this botox buddhi is getting roles ?? To how many people is she giving favors

But how can a botox expressionless foreigner can play the role of Indian ??

ohh godd no .This botox buddhi cannot act to save her life

Kat PR on fire

Should cast Sunny Leone instead

After two days her PR will deny this movie..she has habit of associating her name with every bollywood movie.

Her wooden one expression botched face is annoying.

Katrina can play her only when she can pronounce PT Usha's full name clearly, which is Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha.

Was there no dusky tall indian available ? Katrina doesn't even look remotely like PT Usha,not to mention she's non talented.She can't even play a north indian convincingly after working for so long in hindi film industry,how will she play a south indian ? Bollywood is such a joke.Hope they don't put dark makeup of her to make her look like PT Usha,that would be tragic

kat as p.t usha?? from which angale? kuch bhi !!!

Playing herself in a movie means she’s a good actor now? not at all!

you guys are so judgmental. our very own indian hero mahatma gandhi's movie was played by a great british actor, which btw had a very good performance. So just because katrina is not of indian origin is not a statement to pull her off the movie. it is true she needs extra effort to pull the character, which if she is committed can very surely do a decent/good job.

Sir Ben Kingsley is half Indian on his fathers side. Katrina is full white playing an Indian character. Not the same thing.

Comparing Kat to Ben Kingsley is a bit if a stretch.. don't ya think? She's not able to play basic Indian characters and now PT Usha..phew. She will get the abs perfect though..lol

No that would be such a miscast!!!

Didn't know PT Usha was a pretend Indian but okay?

I literally can't see two Indian girls who look more different. Yeah, Katrina might have an athletic body type, but the whole point is that your body type is something you can change, gain or lose weight, muscle, even use doubles to do the sports if the actors are totally inept. At the end of the day, all they really need to do is A) Be able to act, which Katrina can't, and B) Look like the person they are portraying. Katrina would have been able to be Mary Kom better actually, and PC should've done Usha.

Look doesnot matter, pc was also not looking like mongolian in mary kom biopic

It’s not April....stop the joke

Omg! When did PT Usha get Botox....plz don’t! Lol will be joke casting ha ha ha

What kind of a joke is this? Her hindi is not bearable even for a 3 minutes trailer. And she will play an out and out Indian? What is she gonna do? Will start dancing in the middle of the stadium?

Kill me


Aww such a good news now our white PT usha’ll talk heavily British accented hindi

Her body is quite athletic and suitable for playing an athlete. But she needs to work on her expressions, acting and dialogues so much. But will totally support her and wish her the best if she finally signs a women centric film. Tired of seeing her play a 15 mins role in superstar films after tiger zinda Hai. I don't think Rohit will give her much to chew except being a glam doll like bebo and her daughter Sara.

She should have tried for such roles when she was young, may be 6-7 years down the line and today she would have been a different place.

Looks like zero worked big time for her and revived her career. People are willing to cast her or maybe after zero she is willing to take risks.

Wow that's something great if it happens. If Katrina agrees to do this film,acts well like she did in zero and the film is a hit then Katrina will finally prove her worth as a superstar.



It’s ok to try new things and push your limits, but at the same time it is important to be honest with yourself (at least). No way she can pull it off.

Her and Deepika are the two fittest girls who can play an athletic character. So either of them will be good. Kat will however need to get tanned.

Yes, all you need is being athletic for a movie. God, what a moron...

No, she will not cuz this just a pr stunt

she’s not indian? like why even cast a white person for this?

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