World Health Day 2021: Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone, 5 celebs who would inspire you to remain fit & healthy

On the occasion of World Health Day, here’s a look at all the stars from Bollywood who continue to focus their energies on health and fitness and shell out goals for fans.
World Health Day 2021: Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone, 5 celebs who would inspire you to remain fit & healthy
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7th April is celebrated as World Health Day globally in order to increase awareness regarding physical and mental health by the World Health Organization. The day perhaps has never been more important before in the history of mankind because of the large looming health scare in the world COVID 19. Nearly a year ago it began to seep inside the closed doors of our homes around the world but the worst is not over yet though it will be. Coronavirus started to hit the people at their immunity system, and the one with the strongest immunity (healthy from inside) will take the least amount of damage from COVID. 

Celebrities around the world and Bollywood have played a major role in increasing the awareness and seriousness of the situation but not everyone could remain safe. Many Bollywood stars have contracted COVID in the last two weeks because of what has been called the second wave. Precautionary measures and guidelines are a must but odds of contracting COVID are becoming unavoidable in the face of the misery hence keeping your body healthy enough to sustain the effect of the virus is the most important factor. 

Bollywood guides the fitness culture in India and actors have gone on to replace supermodels instead of the other way around due to their extreme fitness. Here are a few Bollywood celebs who follow a rigorous yet performable diet and exercise routine that one might gain something out of.

Siddhant Chaturvedi

Though new to the glitz and glam of Bollywood, Siddhant has truly emerged as a ‘sher’ in Hindi films after his near dreamy launch in Ranveer Singh starrer Gully Boy. Siddhant believes in preparing his body for the role hence he went ‘Eat. Sleep. Lift. Repeat’ for MC Sher and looked like a lion in the film. Siddhant’s Instagram suggests that the actor believes more in outdoor working out sessions like swimming, sports and anything that can be done on a piece of grass in the form of stretching. Working out in the open keeps the body athletic and increases stamina more than performing the same task inside a gymnasium.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika has defined what great physicality for a woman means to the whole generation who grew up parallel to the rise of her career. Deepika’s physical fitness is not mere body type but a healthy heart and energetic muscular strength which makes her juggle many projects especially heavy action at one point in time. Deepika is one of the happily dieting people in Bollywood and that gives her a personality, grace and a near-perfect jawline. Deepika is known for her tremendous badminton skills and being a sports person has kept her fit throughout her life. Imagine never having an ‘unhealthy body’! It is achievable with a perfect blend of diet and sports.

Ranveer Singh

A superstar disguised as the finest actor of his generation, Ranveer Singh’s life force is driven by fitness. Like a chameleon, the actor is constantly shifting from one body type to another. From Alauddin Khilji to Murad, Ranveer’s often seen leaving the premises of his gym in utter sweat after hours of hard work. Ranveer constitutes a disciplined diet, which in fact is 70 percent of the work done and he was taking the advantage of having a gym on the premises of his home by keeping up in shape even during the first COVID lockdown in 2020. Ranveer is the epitome of great physical metamorphosis with relentless hard work.

Aamir Khan

No superstar of his generation has played around with his physicality so much as Aamir in Bollywood. At 50, Aamir decided to gain the maximum weight he ever had during Dangal and shed it off in the same film to achieve a wrestler’s physique. Aamir is known for his mental commitment to anything he puts his mind on. Aamir’s physicality could give any youngster a run for his money considering he is 56 now. He will be playing a character who goes from slightly young to middle age in Laal Singh Chaddha and it’s only achievable because he is disciplined about his fitness regime. Aamir’s decision to gain weight for Dangal could have turn into a drastic irreversible process, but he kept his mind at it and took one day at a time to see the changes in the body. 

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is another fitness freak who has not aged a day in the last 9 years. Alia’s near-perfect physique allows her to transform into a very young girl in Raazi to the mafia queen in Gangubai Kathiawadi. Alia often tries pilates for fitness, which is essentially a stretching-based low-intensity workout system that yields long-form results by creating a permanently adequate body shape. Alia has risen over many of her contemporaries due to her charisma and energy on-screen and it would not be the same without fitness. Alia Bhatt avoids junk or unhealthy food from her eyesight which makes her carry the discipline that she does and be flexible enough to perform diligently.



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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Aamir is feeling safe in this country now? Eh?? I thought he’s running for his life, but there he is in his expensive gym almost naked!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Most of us can't afford such costly gym equipments .

Anonymous 2 weeks ago


Anonymous 2 weeks ago

And 3 of these caught Corona while one is a self-confessed victim of depression. Shows you how unquestionably superficial their "fitness" is. Health, diet, fitness, wellness - they are all used randomly in the west to build this illusion of barbie n Ken like superficiality - sculpted body that looks good for the camera with or without clothes, and nothing else. Out here in the east, health is seen as something more, with high immunity to battle viruses, strong mind that can effortlessly focus, big selfless heart to share what we have with others, and balanced inner core to bear the brunt of life without falling into "depression" or other new age diseases. These superficial celebs are not worthy of hero-worship. Its time to raise our standards n pick better heroes.