Zayed Khan thanks 'mentor' Hrithik Roshan for pushing him to become the fittest version of himself

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Zayed Khan thanks 'mentor' Hrithik Roshan for pushing him to become the fittest version of himself.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan are not a couple anymore, but the former lovers continue to keep their mutual family relationships close. One such relationship is between Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne's brother Zayed Khan. In a recent Instagram post, Zayed referred to Hrithik as a 'mentor' as he wrote a detailed note and thanked him for pushing him to his absolute limits. 

Sharing a photo of himself after a good workout, Zayed wrote, "Good morning People. The Sun will shine again . So don’t give in , don’t sell out , perceiver . For Pain will only cleanse . Sometimes it’s unbearable I know , I feel that too. And sometimes it’s just not worth going through. But remember god tests those more, who can handle Pain , and come out on the other side Stronger , Braver more resilient." 

He further added, "Truth is that we will never have all the answers and the irony is we never really had to. It’s time we forgive each other and ourselves. It’s time we become Warriors not Parasites !!! I know this couple of years has been tough on all of us but our country needs us more then ever. We must pick ourselves up , dust ourselves off and move forward together. Hand in hand , shoulder to shoulder and believe that GOOD EXISTS! Trust me my friends it does we just have to give it and honest chance , and I’m sure we will, you will, and everyone will." 



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Further, giving a shout out to Hrithik, he said, "Big shout out to brother I take great pride in saying is my mentor @hrithikroshan thank you !!JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD! #india #healthiswealth #warriors #hope #love." Looks like Hrithik has been helping Zayed transform and become the fittest version of himself. We won't be surprised if Zayed soon announces his comeback to films or OTT. 

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Anonymous : This is UNHEALTHY. First sort out your boundaries with your sisters ex. No wonder HR isn’t remarrying. Which woman would want to deal with this?
REPLY 7 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : I keep saying this always, they are taking advantage of him and his kindness, it's just unbelievable unbearable and completely unfair to Hrithik, I agree with you, that's why he won't marry again and it's good for him
REPLY 8 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Hrithik won't marry again bcoz he can't afford 400 crs alimony
REPLY 3 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : He has 370 m$ , This 400 cr thing is not true
REPLY 3 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Finest version of what? Do tell.
REPLY 11 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : after ncb raids, entire khan family started exercising
REPLY 10 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : haha yeah
REPLY 3 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Entire flop family is leeching on Hritik
REPLY 11 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : look at aamir n kiran . if you pay crores as alimony, you can get anybody to say anything abt u
REPLY 12 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Muscles bana diya ab acting ayega.
REPLY 11 3 weeks ago
REPLY 5 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : his ex is mental
REPLY 4 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : This cheap Khan family still buttering Hrithik. I can’t believe that He still let this happen after 8 years of divorce. Hrithik still couldnt achieve to keep a healthy distance with his ex wife & her family
REPLY 12 3 weeks ago