Zayn Malik loves THIS gift given by Gigi Hadid, says it's his favourite

Zayn Malik is in love with this thing gifted to him by Gigi Hadid, former tweets about it and says that it's his favourite; Read below to know what it is
Zayn Malik loves THIS gift given by Gigi Hadid, says it's his favouriteZayn Malik loves THIS gift given by Gigi Hadid, says it's his favourite
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Former One Direction member and the sensational singer Zayn Malik has been living a roller coaster relationship with Gigi Hadid from the past one year. Their love story is so tangled and unpredictable that their fans are left to do nothing but keep wondering. As both of them seemed madly in love till the starting of this year, they now have supposedly called off their relationship. However, Zayn Malik stirred the confusion again few weeks back by tweeting that he loves Gigi. He wrote, “Gigi Love you”.

Even though their fans wondered if they are back together and excitingly waited for Gigi's reply to the tweet, she never did!

And now once again Zayn seems to be gushing over a gift that was given to him by Gigi and he says that it's his favourite. The Dusk till Dawn singer has a thing for bracelets as he is never spotted without the strands tied across his wrist anywhere. And when a fan asked him about a particular bracelet he was spotted wearing, he replied that Gigi Hadid had brought that one for him and it's his favourite.

Zayn and Gigi started dating each other in November 2015, and the news of their split up surfaced after Zayn chose to skip attending Victoria Secret Fashion show to cheer up for Gigi. He had also unfollowed her from his Instagram handle. But now, the 26-years old singer has been mentioning his former girlfriend a way too often in his tweets which is again leaving his fans very confused about their relationship status.



If u don't like zayn and gigi keep ur thoughts to ur self

Lol I wish Zarry would come back tho, I love Zigi but not more than Zarry

Don't know why she is wasting her Time with this guy.

Listenn she is not wasting time.. true love.. whuch they both have for each other ..people like u will never know this..

But they love eachother

I think they never broke up. Zayn truly loves Gigi with all his heart. Hope we will see them together soon.

I think they never really broke up tbh

I believe zayn truly misses Gigi, as she most likely moved on and zayn is trying so hard to prove that he loves her.

They didn't even break up what are you talking about

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