Flashback Friday: Famous Bollywood fights from the bygone era


Stars not seeing eye to eye or cold shouldering each other is not something unusual in Bollywood. Fame, success, ego issues, misunderstandings... has often led to cold wars, clashes, ugly fights and fall-outs in B-town. Years ago, it’s heard that huge stars, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor avoided crossing each others' path, they were often at loggerheads but they never showed it in public and kept their feelings away from the limelight. Sharmila Tagore, apparently, had a physical fight with Mala Sinha on the sets of Humsaya...Let’s flip the pages of the Bollywood diary and find some juicy bits of gossip from the glorious past.

Nutan slaps Sanjeev Kumar: The incident occurred during the time when Sanjeev Kumar was an upcoming actor and he was cast opposite Nutan, an established name those days. Around the time they were shooting for the film, there were numerous reports and rumours in film magazines about the romance brewing between Nutan and Sanjeev, which was ‘disturbing’ the marital life of Nutan. One of the days when they were shooting together in a studio compound, Nutan gave a tight slap to Sanjeev Kumar as she felt that Sanjeev was feeding the media and planting stories of their link-ups to promote his career. Soon after the slapping incident, there was a big Bollywood bash and it is said that many actors kissed Sanjeev’s cheek that was slapped by the veteran actress.


Dharmendra slaps Sanjay Khan: This incident happened in Chennai where these two heroes were shooting for a film together. Everybody decided to chill in the evening and got together for drinks and dinner. Sanjay Khan probably might have had a drink too many and he began passing some uncharitable remarks against the veteran actor Om Prakash, who was present at the party. Dharmendra, who is known to be a very soft and gentle person, asked Sanjay to stop and apologize. When Sanjay did not listen, Dharmendra slapped him hard on his cheek. On his return to Bombay, apparently, when Dharmendra met Sanjay's brother, Feroz Khan at the airport, Dharmendra apologised for his behaviour, but Feroz coldly said, ‘He deserved it.'


Raj Kapoor - Raaj Kumar verbal fight: This verbal altercation between Raj Kapoor and Raaj Kumar happened at Prem Chopra’s wedding party sometime in the 60s. Apparently, Raj Kapoor was miffed with Raaj Kumar as he had not consented to work in his production, Mera Naam Joker. Raj had planned the role of a magician for Raaj, but the latter had declined it saying, ‘Raaj cannot be equalled with Dharmendra and Manoj Kumar. If he has to be in the film, then only Raj Kapoor and Raaj Kumar will be there.’ Raj refused to agree with Raaj and went ahead to make the film with other actors. Raj Kapoor probably might have got high at the party, and he told Raaj, ‘You are a bloody murderer.’ (Raaj was a police inspector before entering the industry and he was allegedly accused in a murder case.) To which Raaj replied, ‘I might be a killer, but I never went to you for a favour. It is you who had come to me.’


Sharmila Tagore-Mala Sinha cat fight: These two beautiful and talented actresses were teamed up with Joy Mukherjee for the classic suspense thriller Humsaya(1968), which was also produced and directed by Joy. Though known to be thorough professionals, Sharmila and her co-star Mala were part of a much-publicised cat fight on the sets during the shooting of the film. There were screaming headlines those days that the two had a physical fight on the sets and rumours also has it that Mala Sinha had actually slapped Sharmila!


Prakash Mehra and Sanjay Khan's filmy feud: It was Sanjay Khan again who found himself in trouble. But this one looks like it's straight out of a Bollywood script. Filmmaker Prakash Mehra, who made several blockbusters like Zanjeer, Laawaris, Namak Haram...once got high at a booze party in his own house. Prakash already had some grudge against Sanjay, and when some people said some nasty things about Sanjay at the party, Prakash got further provoked. He, apparently, marched up to Sanjay's bungalow nearby and challenged him to come out for a duel. It's heard that Prakash was armed with a weapon while he stood outside Sanjay's bungalow. But this time, Sanjay kept his cool. He made a call to Dilip Kumar and other seniors from the industry. They came, pacified Prakash and took him away.


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In the last pic don't you guys think Sanjay Khan look like siddharth marthota? So much resemble

True, I see the resemblance too. But hope Siddharth is a much nicer guy than this Sanjay Khan!

WOW iw ish there were cell phones bak then

‘He deserved it.'.... Feroz is really cool...Sanjay is the typical villain.....

‘He deserved it.'.... Feroz is really cool...Sanjay is the typical villain......

OMg, Mala Sinha and Sharmila Tagore phisically fought each other on sets, LOL, if only something like that happens now, we'd have cell phone coverage. And Raj Kumar was a real life police inspector before he became a movie star, how sexy. Looking at Sanjay Khans face , you would never guess that he such a bad boy.

Nutan seemed like such a gentle lady on-screen but I've read magazine articles saying that she was a huge snob and terribly ill-tempered. Looks like her temper spread through the family (Kajol/ Tanisha)

Sanjay Khan is an a**hole. PERIOD.

I love Dharmendra for slapping Sanjay Khan. Someone should have kicked him where it hurt most post the Zeenat Aman incident too.

Sanjay Khan has a loose hand and tongue. There is no excuse for the way he treats people and look how he was scared in a fire.
Life has a funny way of getting you back for the sins he commit

Wonder how many of these are true.

Well I think everything is true. Bcoz in the past they did not have pr and people were more open with their feelings. Now a days people are fake.

More recently , Esha Deol slapped Amrita Rao when they did some movie together.

Glad these days heroes and heroines don't slap each other like the seniors did.

i want to know about divya bharti.....what happen to her?? why she dead?? she was so beautiful...

it is believed sajid nandiadwala her hsuband had her killed or his connections w/ underworld

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