Flashback Friday:The Hushed Wedding of Mahesh Bhatt & Soni Razdan

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Celebrity marriages have always been a keen point of interest for all the movie lovers. They love to relish the spicy gossips related to their favourite celebrities. While few of these celebrities tied their knot in a very grandiose manner, most of them ended up doing it in a totally secretive manner. The marriage of today’s superstar Alia Bhatt’s parents – Mahesh Bhatt & Soni Razdan, was also among the secret weddings, which generated lots of sensation in the film world.

Producer-Director Nanabhai Bhatt’s elder son Mahesh Bhatt started his career by making product advertisements. He later assisted popular film director Raj Khosla in the early 70’s by working in some popular films like ‘Mera Gaon Mera Desh’ (1971) & ‘Do Chor’ (1972). He finally got his independent break with the film ‘Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain’ (1974), after which we there was no looking back for this great director. Much before his entry into the glamorous world, Mahesh met Lorraine Bright and fell in love with her. Mahesh was just twenty years old when he married Lorraine Bright (who changed her name to Kiran) and the very next year Pooja Bhatt was born. 

After this phase of Mahesh’s life, he entered the world of Hindi cinema. Things were looking promising until one by one, every film of Mahesh flopped at the box office. His relationship with Kiran was on doldrums and at that time he got involved with popular actress Parveen Babi. The time Mahesh spent with Parveen had its romantic moments but had more thorns than petals. But this inspired Mahesh to make his next film ‘Arth’ (1982), which ended up being the real beginning of Mahesh Bhatt the director. The success also marked the return of Mahesh in Kiran’s life and at that time Rahul was born. The sweetness lasted for a short while and the bitter part of marriage started to traumatize both of them. Still they were there together for the children's sake. It was at that time that Mahesh met Soni Razdan.

Soni Razdan was a British born Indian, who made her mark as an actress in ’36 Chowringhee Lane’ (1981) followed by Mandi (1983). Her association with these meaningful cinema introduced her to Mahesh and together they were working on his next film ‘Saaransh’ (1984). Mahesh started liking the intellectual company of Soni and after a while both were in love with each other. The news of this extra-marital affair of Mahesh started spreading across. Thus, the couple kept meeting in secret places like the unused house of Pritish Nandy, who was the editor of ‘The Illustrated Weekly of India’.

Mahesh had lost his trust in the institution of marriage and Soni supported his views. The couple were not able to hide their love and at that moment Soni’s parents intervened the whole situation. They were worried about their daughter as they knew that Mahesh was married and had children. Mahesh assured them that he will not leave Soni and would marry her. Mahesh tried his level best but, was not able to divorce Kiran as he loved his children Pooja and Rahul. It was at that time his friends suggested him to change his religion and convert into Islam. Mahesh’s mother was a Muslim and thus, it was not hard for him to do that.

In mid of 1986, Mahesh Bhatt converted himself into Asraf Bhatt and married Sakina (Soni Razdan’s Muslim name). After the secret Nikaah the couple celebrated their marriage by booking an Emerald-Jade room at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, where Soni’s family members, her high society friends (which incuded Kiran Kher, Nandini Sen, etc), few of Mahesh’s friends (including Salim Khan, Suraj Sanim, Kuljeet Pal, etc) and Mahesh’s younger brother Mukesh were only present. The Nikkah was so secretive that Mukesh’s own family was not present and Mahesh’s first wife Kiran was not even aware of it. As per Mahesh, Soni was reluctant about sharing the marriage news to Kiran and thus the couple decided to let her know after a few days. The very next day Mahesh left for work as he was editing ‘Naam’ (1986) and had a shoot coming up in Ooty for his next film ‘Kaash’ (1987). Thus, the couple missed out on the immediate honeymoon, which eventually ended up in the form of a working honeymoon. Later, the official news of Mahesh Bhatt’s marriage with Soni Razdan was featured in a film magazine which was among the top sensational news of that time. Luckily for Mahesh this marriage worked for him and together the couple formed their love nest in Versova area of Mumbai. (The couple are blessed with two daughters Shaheen and Alia).

Fun Facts –

The romance part in the movie ‘Aashiqui’ (1990) was inspired from Mahesh Bhatt’s real life romance with Lorraine Bright (Kiran Bhatt). 

Mahesh also used some references of his relationship with Parveen Babi in films like ‘Arth’ (1982), ‘Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee’ & ‘Woh Lamhe’.

Mahesh and Soni worked in several films like ‘Saaransh’ (1984), ‘Aashiana’ (1986), ‘Kaash’ (1987), ‘Daddy’ (1989), Saathi (1991), ‘Sadak’ (1991), ‘Swayam’ (1991), ‘Sir’ (1993), ‘Gumrah’ (1993), ‘Gunaah’ (1993),’ Naaraz’ (1994), ‘Papa Kahte Hain’ (1996) and few more.

Soni Razdan directed a film ‘Nazar’ (2005), starring Ashmit Patel and Pakistani actress Meera. She was going to direct ‘Difficult Daughters’, which was based on the popular novel by Manju Kapur.

Sanjeev Kumar was the original choice for the role of Anupam Kher in ‘Saaransh’ (1984).

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what about the stories they made and present on big screen with the ideal message----to make it hit among people??The films get hit. because 0f our emotional weaknesses----and they get benefit of it-----make name,fame and money. doing all those wrong things themselves---remember?? ARTH story of Parveen Babi portrait by Great SHabana Azmi?? in film she is innocent poor wife---- later she too married writer Jawed Akhtar despite his first wife Honny Irani and two of their children----- The film was a hit ---- actors, writers being rewarded, awarded --- still are honored at various occasions----- how Hippocrates our society is?????shouldn't be they get exile or avoided at least from a respectable events

Polygamy was allowed in Hinduism and Christianity too at one point. But once you understand its negative implications especially for women, you pass laws against it. Why is this still okay in Islam? If it is that okay, would they grant women 4 husbands at a time too?

oh u don't know that man is the only powerful one and he can marry 4 wives to protect them (protect from whom..these men)..hypocrisy and i see these women defending these men so no-one can do anything.

No wonder Pooja and her brother are such eccentrics!

i just hate how people use islam to keep 2 wives..

Thank the 'Securalist' Nehru who came up with this idea to split people based on their religion.

Ruining other's life is family buinsees for bhatts then..1st mahesh and now alia and her blind attacks on others..

so playing with rules and life and happiness of others is a bhatt staple..1st father did it with abuse of religious freedom n daughter does it by attacking colleagues with blinds of fake affairs withh help of 2nd dad kjo..grt..

pooja was so beautiful back then (2nd pic).

Its high time we have UNIFORM LAW for all religion ...India is a SECULAR country then y are there still religious laws ?

His wife Kiran had no idea that he was off getting married to someone else!!! He wanted to continue keeping it a secret in order to protect HER feelings !!!!!!!!!! Dbag of the decade award goes to !

I am not against religious conversion unless they are forceful or done out of personal benefit than spiritual calling. This whole business of "Oh just convert to Islam and marry another one" seems really derogatory to both the religions. Its not just Mahesh Bhatt, Dharmendra did the same thing as did many of our politicians

Love how all four of his kids are so close nit.

Mahesh Bhatt is always an asshole. But its Ironic India is secular and has religious laws. Its high time they scarp this misogynist law. Just imagine a guy could simply walk away from his wife and get married to another one.

Is he still married to Pooja Bhatt's mom?

Eh... If Mahesh Bhatt's mother is already Muslim, he's not exactly changing his religion now, is he? Yes, that's an odd story and all but certainly not worse than Dharmendra converting to Islam to have a nikaah with Hema Malini .... That was absurd!

Mahesh mother was following Hinduism. Go and see Zakham.

such a big hypocrisy...you cant just change religion and marry again. really who made up those rules. so if someone wants to marry a third person will change again...and why he didnt get a divorse...?? as if his kids didnt know about the second wife

He converted... Got married again n THEN tells his first wife he got married??! Wowwwwwww. Douche to epic levels

This is such an abuse of religious liberty and insult to the religion itself! You just don't change religion for convenience and for the sake of a second wife. The government should outlaw such fraud conversions. It makes a mockery of the religion, propagates the wrong message, and perpetuates male dominance over women.

Did not expect such rubbish from Mahesh Bhatt. For a man who claims to be a feminist, he sure isn't playing equal or fair.

What the government should do is to make an uniform law for all religions and make polygamy illegal for Indian muslims .

Ahem! Shouldn't the Govt outlaw polygamy instead of conversions? No civilized nation/society should allow it.

Everyone has right to do what they feel best in those situation. I respect Mahesh for taking care of his children and his love. He did not cheat Soni. He married her, whatever the way it was.

Forget about religion, think about what Kiran must have gone through.

Never knew these names of Mahesh and Soni.

Another never heard story. Thanks for sharing and enhancing our knowledge. Love you guys.

i don't understand how people can change their religion just to get married to two people. Mahesh Bhatt, Boney Kapoor, etc. I mean if you convert just on paper to keep two wives, don't your know in your heart that if you are hindu, it is wrong to be married to two women? I am muslim myself but it appalls me that people use religion to get what they want.

Mahesh Bhatt looks scary in the last pic :o

Wow, look at her and look at him. Love is blind!!

Self centered Mahesh Bhatt cared only about himself.

Mahesh was 3rd time lucky with Soni
So there is still hope for KSG and Bips working out

they have to make it work the third time. right? imagine otherwise being divorced 3 times , no one is going to ever take them seriously after that.

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