Friday Flashback! The Romantic tale Of Sanjay Dutt - Richa Sharma Which Ended Tragically

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Director Rajkumar Hirani is making a biopic based on the life of Sanjay Dutt. The maverick director feels that there are several chapters from Sanjay’s life which act as perfect screenplay for a film. We don’t know which chapters Hirani will highlight, but there is one important chapter in Sanjay’s life which is, let’s say, forgotten. That’s the chapter from his marriage to actress Richa Sharma. Before Richa, Sanjay Dutt was linked with many actresses from Rekha, to Tina Munim, Kimi Katkar and Anita Raj. He had his share of serious relationships and breakups until he met Richa Sharma.

The Budding Romance

Richa Sharma was born in Delhi but within few years shifted to New York with her parents. When Richa was in her ninth grade, she met Dev Anand and expressed her desire to work with him. Finally, after few years Dev Anand signed her for his film ‘Hum Naujawan’ (1985) and Richa was a star. She signed films opposite young actors like Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Shekhar Suman and Sanjay Dutt. Richa Sharma and Sanjay Dutt were introduced to each other at the mahurat of a film they were doing together. Being a busy day, both were preoccupied and hardly paid attention to each other. But Sanjay always had a massive crush on Richa ever since he saw her photographs in a local magazine.

Sanjay always wanted to meet her but inspite of being in the same profession, they never got a chance to meet until the mahurat of this film. After the muhurat, Sanjay just couldn’t get her out of his mind. He somehow managed to get her telephone number and set about calling her. Sanjay asked her for a date which after turning down a couple of times, Richa finally agreed to and that’s how the romance bloomed.

It was pure love from Sanjay’s side and every one could see him being love struck at the shoot. He used to find reasons to meet Richa and even go and visit her during the lunch breaks. It is said that Sanjay used to write romantic notes to her, and his make-up man Muhammed used to keep a constant check over Richa’s schedule. So much was happening but everything was kept in a discreet manner as Sanjay feared that if Richa’s family found out about this affair they would whisk her off to her hometown New York.

Sanjay finally proposed to Richa when she was shooting ‘Aag Hi Aag’ (1987) in Ooty. Richa was confused and told him that she’d think it over. In Ooty, he plagued her with calls till she said yes to him. But Richa knew that her parents wouldn’t agree. One day Sanjay called her up and told her that he is going to New York and if she wants to send something to her family, he will do it for her. Richa was not keen to send anything but Sanjay kept insisting and finally she gave him some things to deliver. Sanjay took full advantage of this and met Richa’s parents and expressed his desire to marry her. Richa’s father instantly called her and asked for her opinion about the marriage. Richa left the decision to her father and told him that she will only get married if he agrees to it.

After completing her shoot, she stopped signing new films and shifted back to New York. It was then that she realized she could not live without Sanjay. This gave her strength and finally she convinced her parents who later called Sanjay to New York for a meet. The meet was successful and finally Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma got married to each other in the year 1987.

After the marriage Sanjay’s life was a bliss and he used to give interviews saying Richa was the best thing in his life. His happiness doubled up as within a short span Richa was pregnant. They were blessed with a girl Trishala. But the joy did not last long as Richa was diagnosed with a terminal illness of brain tumor. This shattered Sanjay as he could see history repeating itself as his mother Nargis Dutt was also a victim of a terminal illness of cancer.

Richa With Her Family:

The Tragic Ending

Sanjay and his father Sunil Dutt decided to seek the best medial help and took Richa to America for the treatment. Initially, Sanjay used to be there with her but later due to his film commitments he had to come back to India. Richa’s treatment was a tedious process and there was nothing Sanjay could do except for making to and fro trips to America and being with her for some time. Whereas in India, his work load increased and he was busy with loads of films due to which the visits narrowed down. Sanjay was back with his friends and old lifestyle. The media took full advantage of this situation and started linking him up again with his co-actresses. While getting treated, Richa expressed her desire to come to Mumbai and live with Sanjay, but her health was not good and thus Sanjay rejected her request.

Finally, in early 90’s Richa came back to India and claimed to be totally fit and fine. Her treatment had stopped and she was on pills for few years. But the truth was that the rumors of Sanjay planning to divorce her and get married to Madhuri Dixit were all over and its flames had reached New York. This instigated Richa to come back to Mumbai with her daughter Trishala and stay with Sanjay, forever. During this time, Richa got another attack. Her tumour relapsed and this time it was much worse than the last time. Richa flew back to New York with her sister Abha and her husband Dr. Arvind Wadhwa. Abha took over the entire case of Richa and kept helping her with all sort of treatments. On the other hand, Sanjay got stuck with possession of illegal arms and was sent to jail. Both Sanjay and Richa were fighting their own battles and time kept flying by.

Sanjay was released on bail and at that time he came to know that Richa’s condition had worsened. Sanjay wanted to go to New York and be with his family, but his request was rejected by the court. Later, after a long span he got permission to visit Richa in New York. When Sanjay reached New York, everything had changed. The doctors had stopped her treatment and had given up every possible hope. The tumor had reached to its final stage. Richa was totally unrecognizable. She herself was not able to recognize anyone nor had spoken to anyone for weeks. Only Sanju brought a mild smile on her face.

But Sanjay was in shock and barely spoke a word to her. One could see the silent suffering on his face but, it was too late for him to mend things back. Sanjay tried to talk to the doctors but one of the doctor told Richa was a fighter. She had gone through three major surgeries, dozens of chemotherapy and radiation sessions as she wanted to go back to Mumbai and stay with her family. But her will power had started to fade out and she was not able to take the suffering. Sanjay could not take this anymore and after an hour left the hospital.

Finally on 10th December 1996, Richa Sharma took her last breath and died at her parent’s home in New York.  As for Sanjay, he was sent to jail for his crime. 

A few weeks prior to Richa’s death a leading magazine published an interview of Trishala. Excerpts:

Q – If God grants you one wish, what will it be?

A – I would wish for a quick recovery for my mom.

Q – Would you like your papa to stay back with you?

A – No. Even if I want him to, I know he won’t stay back.

Q - Did you miss your papa while your mummy was admitted in hospital?

A – No. He would have said that he cannot come as he is busy with his work.  I only get to talk with him on Mother’s day, Father’s day and Christmas.

Q – On your last birthday what did you wish from God?

A – If you share wishes, they never get fulfilled.

Fun Facts -

Richa was learning Architecture in New York and was planning to complete it before she was signed by Dev Anand.

‘Hum Naujawan’ (1985) also debuted Tabu as a child actor.

Richa Sharma also worked in a Sex-comedy ‘Anubhav’ (1986).

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I watched Sanju and grew to respect Sunil Dutt.

Its my Friday morning ritual to check this fantastic section since last few month. Never heard, read, seen stories of Bollywood. Keep the good work Pinkvilla & Divya Solgama

Madhuri may be a good actress but she is very manupulative and can do anything to maintain her clean image in the media.

No wonder, after her unnoticeable Abodh she manage to get Tezab, Ram Lakhan any many...

I hate people who use and throw other people to climb the ladder of success like Madhuri, Sridevi, Aamir (yes u heard it right he doesnt care abt the people he started with and is a maha credit chor) and PC

Nothing new for the people who grew up in 80's & early 90's.

Its easy to corner Dutt now but it wasn't as simple as it appears.

Anyway, he has had an interesting life and it would be great to see the biopic on his life.

Do you personally know this guy?. The reason people are making this is because they know him and most ppl who know him know he's an extremely sensitive person. Everyone who came to his Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai said that he would cry and be upset if he saw a stranger in pain and he's been like that since he was a child. He saw his mother die whom he was extremely close to, which caused him to take drugs so is it possible that when the same happened to his wife his life just shattered because he had to go through the same pain again?. He was probably making money to pay for treatments, you've never seen her family come up and talk crap about him now have you?. I'm not siding him but you don't know the guy and you did not live his life.

Madhuri is just like Sridevi when it comes to having affairs with married men. She also along with Sanjay caused his family to break. Just because Sridevi married the guy she is still talked about. And MD gets way with it.

Sridevi never had an affair with Boney - it was her mother's murder that led her to marry Boney. Sridevi did not have a family, father dead, sister and brother in law fighting over her money and property. She was alone at the top and had no doors open other than the one that Boney had opened for her. Though I am no body to judge their personal lives, I am 100% sure Sridevi never had an affair with Boney.

what if he had to stay in India to make money for treatments in Us? do you even know how expencive cancer therapy is. all you know are details you read on newspaper and gossip. dont judge if dont know the real story

She was with her parents in New York with her daughter. And you personally know that Sanjay was earning and paying for her treatment ? I remember reading this very poignant interview of Richa sometime around 93-94 in a film magazine..where she had said things like how she hopes to get back with Sanjay and how it was not her fault that she lost hair due to chemo etc..

i don't know him personally. but i can't blame someone if i don't know all the aspects of the story. and my claims won't be based on what i have read on newspapers. and what about you? do you know him personally to be so sure about the real facts? no you don't. and because we don't know what exactly happened, blaming a guy for a such delicate matter is not right. you don't know in what state of shock he was and what he was feeling.

shame on raju hirani for making a film on this loser!

Sanjay Dutt biopic will meet the same fate of Azhar Biopic. Indians don't like gaddars.

Didn't they meet at a rehab in US?

I remember reading that too!

ShahRukh Khan is worst than any other men in Bollywood.

Can you tell why? Stupid brainless maniac!

Sanjay dutt suffered alot in his life. When richa was sick he do possible best send her to America for treatment.he stay with her in America before come back india to work. richa like to stay with her parent in America and America has the best treatment.Sanjay shares his stay America and India. He travels to America alot at that time and he is there for her. And will come back to India to work.till she come back India both were together in love they love them selves so much.after some time the same sickness start again he send her to America again for treatment he spend a lot of money for her to get a better condition she even went three surgery. He was there with her in America even the America doctor told Sanjay your wife is a brave woman. She is his wife till and remain his wife till she passed name is abdul am not a Indian but I know little about Sunju baba more than some India.this is my phone number to show 002389573349 from cape Verde island Africa.Sanjay is hero.

"aur phone number main dau ko naa" LOL

Thanks for the number, I'll keep a note of it.

Sanjay dutt has a lot of growing up to do, he needs to stop playing the sympathy card . He has had his share of fun while the wife was terminally ill. And a biopic On him is a big joke .

Why are we glorifying losers these days in the Indian film industry? First Azhar and now Sanjay Dutt. One betrayed and admitted to match fixing, the other is a serial womaniser and abandoned his wife and child to go after Madhuri. Shame on them. PV Please Post.

Sanjay's young pics remind me of RK, they got something similar. Sanjay's affairs were true indeed and so was that illegal arms incident, I feel extremely sorry for Trisha/Richa. Of all the star kids, I have found Sanju Baba the most spoilt who does not care much about anyone else, immature and borderline selfish.

Sanjay's young pics remind me of RK, they got something similar. Sanjay's affairs were true indeed and so was that illegal arms incident, I feel extremely sorry for Trisha/Richa. Of all the star kids, I have found Sanju Baba the most spoilt who does not care much about anyone else, immature and borderline selfish.

Not related to the topic, but boy, she was so pretty!

That was the saddest part - wife was diagnosed with cancer , his daughter needed him , but Sanjay was too busy fooling around with other women . Very insensitive behaviour , it would have hurt Richa so much ! Yes , he did date Madhuri from the Thanedaar days , it came to a stop when he got arrested & the lady dropped him like a hot potato. This was confirmed on KWK on the Anil , Sanjay Dutt episode.

The part where the article was saying that he was busy with his career and commitments...All I could hear was that he deserted her.

i don't get it. why is a man who abondened his wife and daughter in a time of need getting his own biopic?

The best story i have read till date on Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma. Brilliant research, pictures and write up. Totally original. Keep the good work Pinkvilla. We love Friday Flashback with Divya Solgama.

He stalked Richa till she agreed to marry him. She got cancer and lost her looks. He abandoned her and had affairs. His PR is now trying to make look like victim of circumstances. He's not. He's just a irresponsible jerk.

One of the best story I have read in recent times. Had tears in my eyes after reading Trishala's interview. I think so much detailed research is nowhere else except for PV. So much information and detail. Kudos

Sanjay never gave father's love to trishala...imagine the hcild growing up without a mother or father...

He allegedly had many affairs... They had a rocky relationship. Like Salman, Sanjay Dutt seems to have turned over a new leaf around age 50 !! His daughter and he have a good relationship today, that interview is sad .

What a sad, sad story. May Richa Sharma's soul rest in peace. May her daughter find a man who loves her and always makes her a priority, clearly she did not get it from her father.

Such a bad guy if the story with madhuri is true ...

It is true.

Sanjay is a heartless pig but Madhuri is not what she portrays herself out to be these days on television and being a family woman . She did have an affair with him knowing that his wife was dying. Sad!

Well I believe (and I am a die-hard fan of the AK-MD pair) that AK and Dutt were her men at some point. Actually I have also heard that she was about to come out with AK in the 90s. Their chemistry was and is unbelievable!!!But AFTER AK, she shared great chemistry with Dutt. However, she would not let anything destroy her image. Yeah she is not a "family" actress but she aces those roles. She is simply a marvelous actress on screen.

That's quite shocking to know. MD is no sati savitri.

You can believe what you want....just read what I have written....your comment is totally away from what I said...

This is so incredibly sad. I didn't know all these details... for the first time I see the parallel between Nargis and Richa's cancer, no wonder Sanjay fell off the rails. Props to him for pulling it together. There is a lot of admiration to be had for people who have been dealt harsh blows but still smile. The Sanjay biopic should be underpinned by this story and the repeated visits to America to visit Richa whilst he had so much going on in India. It would make a good narrative device.

Are you being sarcastic? The sad bit is for the wife and child - not the man who basically abandoned them during their time of need. It was his duty to be with his wife when she suffering/dying from cancer. It was his duty to care for his child who must have scared to death of losing her mother. He didn't have to be making his horrible movies and he certainly didn't have to be messing around with guns. A grown man with a family behaving like a spoiled self-centered brat is nothing to admire. Why is Hirani making a movie about Dutt anyway...there is no way he's going to be impartial...afterall Dutt starred in Hirani's highest grossing films.

If at all he was working back in India, his linkups & affairs were continued...I can remember reading about all this...This is the main reason why richa wanted to come back to India. He wz always into multiple relationships before Manyata, he was married & divorced with Rea Pillai..Feel pity for Trishala....poor girl suffered lot as a child....

No sarcasm. Yes his wife and daughter suffered as did he. He should have been with Richa but perhaps making money was higher on his agenda? You do realize that cancer is agonizing and lingering there are many people who simply can't fight that battle with you. Sanjay couldn't what that says about him isn't for us to judge. He supported Richa's treatment and its quite likely that Richa wanted to be with her family during her illness not with her in-laws in a country she didn't grow up in. Of course he had no business running about playing with arms and having affairs but none of that need mean that he didn't love his wife. His daughter posts pictures of her parents at random intervals and tags her father, it was not lack of love that kept Sanjay from her it was a lack of emotional maturity. Moreover if her daughter has no issue right now and is living the good life with her father's millions then what's it to us? She doesn't question what went wrong with her parents then who are we?

Sanjay Dutta never really cared for his wife or child....he is a looser and dont get why people like him for what he has done

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