Flashback Friday: Sridevi - It's a trend to indulge in sex before marriage, I would never be able to do that

In an interview a few years back, Sridevi spoke at length about love and her beautiful story with Boney Kapoor.
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For today's Flashback Friday column, we got our hands on an old interview of Sridevi. During an interaction, she spoke at length about love.

She said, "I wouldn't know how important the emotion love is to the kids of today. Love for me is not just saying 'I love you' neither is it a physical attraction. Love does exist."

Sridevi added, "And there are some people who do believe that virginity is the most prized possession a woman takes with her to her husband's house after she is married. What's wrong with that?"

The talented actor concluded by saying, "But yes, it seems to have become a trend to have a lot of affairs and indulge in sex before marriage. I would never be able to do it. I don't know how they manage."

A few years ago, Sridevi spoke about her love story with husband Boney Kapoor. In an interview to a magazine, she revealed how Boney fell in love with her while filming for Mr India. She stated, "Boney came to me in 1984 to sign me to play Seema, the lead female role for Mr India. He confessed later, that he fell in love with me outright! He, however, did take a few years to sort out his life before formally proposing to me in 1993."

The talented actor also spoke about the time she fell for him. Sridevi said, "I fell in love with him when I got to know the real him. It was difficult, traumatic even and it took me many years to finally accept the fact that I was destined to be with Boney."

She added, "In hindsight, I only wish that I had realised and accepted his love for me sooner. I always believe in following my heart and I am glad that I did. My parents had passed away by then and my sister was shocked with my decision. But now, she shares a great relationship with my husband and is convinced that he is the best thing that ever happened to me!"

Speaking about her relationship with her in-laws, the English Vinglish actor had said, "I  share a fantastic relationship with them. My mother in law adores me and I always try to pamper her because she loves to be spoilt by me. I can also never forget the support and strength I got from my sister in law Sunita (actor Anil Kapoor's wife) all through and the love I got from Boney's sister, Reena. The affectionate bond I share with Boney's youngest brother, Sanjay and his wife Maheep is also a lifeline!"


She is the most strongest women I have ever known. A lot of women cannot survive this

Dont waste your time here. Go watch Mom trailer before the movie. Its intriguing! Best trailer so far

They've been happily married and scandal free for 20 years, I appreciate that.

AWWWWW and PC is following in her footsteps. how sweet.

Why all this random Madhuri hate? Just because somebody said something doesn't mean they're hardcore Madhuri fans and Sridevi haters. This is like dumb Kat and Deepika fans who HAVE to bring up each other in every post.

Yeah sure, and she got pregnant before marriage from the air not from a married man.

She just drank some peacock tears yo!

Publicity for MOM - trailer out. Sri's face has been injected all over....watch her lips and mouth...trailer launch.

Boney was her rakhi brother!!!!!!!!!!!


Very beautiful girl

This story coming up now will do more good than harm to her next movie. A lot of haters will go and watch for curiosity

Yes, online....hahahahaha

All these became news because Sridevi is successful. I hope Arjun is not another Boney in the making

I have a feeling her upcoming movie will be very successful. Everything about gather attention. Some posts on PV have been on front page for over a week yet no or very few comments.
After the success of Baahubali the most talked about topic is Sridevi's rejection of the movie, her name was also used to promote the recently released Half girlfriend


Read Shoba d's column!

On one hand we have women like Sridevi and Konkona who had the courage to accept their relationships and stand by their men. On the other hand there is Madhuri who jumped into the married Sanjay Dutt's bed to advance her career and then ditched him. Shame on her.

Sridevi should be honoured with Bravery Award for showing so much courage. What an inspirational lady!!

Please dont malign Konkona's name just to defend your idol.

Shame on Madhuri for not involving in a serious relationship with the married man Sanjay Dutt. Shame on her for not getting pregnant with him and for not having the "courage" to force him to "sort his life" for her. Why dint Madhuri learn anything from Sridevi? Shame on her

We are living in times where these are common things. Marriages are breaking up and affairs are rampant. Funny to see some people reacting here as if this is the crime of the century. Get a life!

Just because it is "common" doesn't make a wrong a right.

Actually it was an accident, Bonney sneezed in bed 'aachooo' and illiterate seidevi heard it as action and started performing in his bed.

Just like the so called literate Madhuri performed in the buddha Subhash Ghai's bed to get a break.

Really?? She got pregnant before marriage !! And she should have reached out to Arjun and Anshula after Mona passed away.. In any case look at Arjun and Anshula they are both very independent people and they have a good head on their shoulders.. Anshula Colombia grad who got an A on her thesis while nursing her mother and works at Google now I think.. and Arjun manages his house independently no wonder he could do 'Ki and Ka' movie.. and look at Jhanvi and Khushi.. partying away..

And she got pregnant before her marriage if you call that marriage because Boney was not even divorced when they did that temple wedding.

Madhuri fans as usual forgetting that she too had an affair with a married Sanjay Dutt while his wife Richa was battling cancer in USA. Now with Dutt biopic coming out, Madhuri is getting cold feet and getting her ex-manager to cook up lame stories. Such hypocrisy!!!

I love both Sridevi and Madhuri the two last great queens of btown but please don't blame Madhuri for sridevi's stupidity and hypocrisy. Sridevi was always trying to have one image for the public and was a different person in real life.

The comment above is hardly blaming Madhuri. It's merely reminding Madhuri's fans who are trolling this page that Madhuri is also stupid and hypocritical.

I am not a Madhuri fan and not every reader or commentator is. Stop assuming only Madhuri and sridevi fans open this article bcz this insecurity with Madhuri and her fans really seem childish for newer generation actress fans.

Wow, a trend lol? It's the evolution of relationships in a very tricky modern world, where blinders don't exist anymore. She couldn't have sex before marriage and doesn't know how us young people of today manage it, but she managed aiding in breaking up a marriage and having an emotional affair with a married man before her actual marriage. *sigh*

Sridevi == Home breaker

Rani==Flop Actress

i cant belive hw a woman can go after a married man

Ask Rani and gat truth from Payal

Hema Dharamendra, Rekha Amitabh, Sridevi Boney,Sridevi Mithun,Rani Govinda,Rani Adi,Priyanka Akshay, Prianka SRK, Kangana Ajay, Kangana Hrithik, Shradha Farhan, Shabana Javed! Bollywood seems like a shitty place!

.....also rekha with Vinod Mehra & Navin Nischol. sairabanu Dilip Kumar, sarika kamal hassan, sangitha azaruddin, Yogitha bali Kishore, Kiran AamirKhan, nargis Rajkapoor, karina Saif, karishma Sanjay & now bhd. another married man, zeenath aman sanjay khan, dimple sunny deol, reena roy shathru, waheeda gurudutt, sandya shanthram, asha parekh nasir hussain, parveen babhi mahesh batt & kabir bedi, tina munim rajesh khanna, reha pilla sanjay dutt, lara bhupati, shilpa kundra guy, kalki anurag basu, meena kumari kamal amrohi, suchitra shekar kapur, preity zinta shekar kapur, priya rajvansh chethan anand, pooja bedi adithya pancholi, to name few ;)

Hahahaha.....with Madhuri sitting jobless, her fans have nothing else to do but troll Sridevi pages

Oh the irony!

I love Sridevi as an actress (one of the best of all time) but she is so dumb and hypocritical.

Something about married men it seems.... Hema fell for Dharam, Sridevi for Boney, Madhuri for Sanjay, Aditi for Farhan

Yes, her relationship with Sunita is so great that Sonam treats her daughters like her own sisters...NOT!

didnt she Become preggers before marrying boney???this statement by her sounds lame AF ! LoL

Sorry but why do south indian women break north indian man's house. it has happen time and again, Hema Dharam ji, Rekha Amitabh, Sridevi Boney,

coz southIndian women are breathtakingly beautiful and knows how to keep a man happy:)

Sorry but that's nonsense. Cheaters are cheaters, period. What about Priyanka-Akshay; Priyanka-Shahrukh; Kangana-that Pancholi pyscho; Rosa Catalano-Saif; Zeenat Aman-Sanjay Khan and so many more?!

Sorry but why are North Indian men willing to leave their wives of many years and marry south Indian girls? Bali Vyjayanthimala, and other examples

what about her torrid affair with Mithun da

Everybody's only blaming Sridevi because this article about her and the hypocritical thing she said. We would be yelling at Boney just as much if the article was about something stupid HE said.

Why is everyone blaming the woman and not the man? He chased her while being married. He cheated on his wife and then ignored his kids. This ones on him. Sri seems to be the kind of person who would have still stuck with him even if he shared a good relationship with his elder children. She accepted his advanced after a long, long time. He relentlessly pursued her. Even if they're both guilty, he takes the lion's share.

Of course the man is to be blamed. But that's not true - Sridevi would throw a fit if Boney spent time with Arjun and Amshula. You can read all about it in the papers where his neighbors had to call the police when Sridevi went crazy after he went to see his children. That is why Arjun has zero equation with Sridevi and the 2 girls. And Sridevi's affair and "secret marriage" with Mithun Chakraborty is well documented, leading to Mithun's wife trying to commit suicide. Mithun went back to his wife after that.

LOL....Handful of haters here can keep screaming as much as they want. It's not gonna make even the slightest difference. Sri and Boney are still together. Still very much in love. And their new film is all set to be a blockbuster.

Why is everyone blaming the woman and not the man? He chased her while being married. He cheated on his wife and then ignored his kids. This ones on him. Sri seems to be the kind of person who would have still stuck with him even if he shared a good relationship with his elder children. She accepted his advanced after a long, long time. He relentlessly pursued her. Even if they're both guilty, he takes the lion's share.

wait...wasn't Boney her rakhi brother? and she got pregnant before marriage?? Pv post please!

Sau chuha khake billi haz ko chali, I knew her personally, she is a big liar, she knows what has she done in Madras film industry, shame on her. Abhi sati sabitri ban rahi hain, ha ha ha.

"Sort his life out" ? Seriously???? That's how you describe him abandoning young Arjun, his sister, and honey's wife? Sick. She's so selfish and disgusting.

Wot do HATERS here expect Boney to do ? Stay in an UNHAPPY marraige with Mona all his life ? He chose to chase SRidevi and get married to Sridevi.... And y are everyone blaming Sridevi when it was Boney Kapoor who chased her....Both are so happy now which means it was the right decision...
As for Arjun Kapoor, Y then is he having an Affair with Malaika Arora Khan if he against that ideology ?

Funny that while Boney, Sridevi and the Kapoor family have moved on long back, the media and so many others commenting here are still hung up on this 20 year old story. Besides every star in Bollywood has gone through messy personal relationships where it's never easy to decide who's the culprit. What counts in the end is how one comes out of it and Boney and Sridevi have come out with their love and dignity still intact. Nothing else matters.

Yeah, but their "love and dignity" shattered the lives of his wife and children--the same woman who invited Sridevi into their home. I feel terrible for Arjun Kapoor and his sister. And BTW, there are no legal marriages in India under either the Hindu or Special Marriage Acts while your spouse is alive--so Boney and Sridevi never had a valid marriage. This whole "temple marriage" thing was such an undignified and illegal farce.

I dont care about her personal life. I only like her as an actress, and an excellent one for that matter

Celebrities are also human, no one is perfect!

She is my favorite actress in bollywood. I am looking forward to her next movie

lesson to us all. before you start preaching morality examine yourself for hypocrisy. and the question about whats wrong with virginity being the most prized possession a new bride takes to her husbands home. there are a few things wrong with that. when virginity is the most special thing about the new wife. what happens to her value as a human being after she is no longer a virgin? its dehumanizing when the status of your sexuality is the most worth given to you as a female human being..and its given to a man as a 'prize'

Well if women don't want to marry men shorter than them,does that mean they only value men for height?

This is not how it works.

Haha, she got married in a rush as she found out she is pregnant. What lies is this, lol

uhm no one in the kapoor family likes her....she's just straight out lying

Chal Jhuti!!

Karma is a great equalizer. What goes around will come around. At the end of the day, these are just words. Her actions speak very differently.

Sridevi is a darling, but she has no idea what she's doing in this field. Everyone knows it was an affair before marriage. Also, she never made much effort to reach out to her step-kids, and now her own daughters seem a little spoiled.

Her friend who did the same got her daughters married to common man to cover up for the mistake she did.

Media making this worse that it seems. This will only hurt Arjun and his sister more no matter the hates comments against Sridevi.

The real culprit here is Boney Kaoor, even late Mona knew that he was following/chasing Sridevi for over a decade until he finally took advantage of her situation. I pity both Mona and Sridevi

Is nobody's fault but Boney's that he is not so close to Arjun and Anshula

if boney didnt want to stay with Mona..its not Sridevi's fault..Sridevi is a legend and the best actress of india..any man would fall for her

hi Sridevi!!

hi Sridevi!

She says " I don't know they manage" in reference to women who have affairs before marriage. Well, its certainly better to have affairs than to break up a marriage and keep the man away from his children. Slow applause for madam!!!!!!!!!!

I've never seen her with her in laws so I find it hard to believe that she gets along with them. Also seems like sanjay n maheep are kind to everyone.

Though I dont know them personally, there are several pictures on the Internet of Sridevi with her inlaws. Anil & his wife attended their temple wedding. Sridevi attended and even danced during Sanjay-Maheep's wedding. Boney Kapoor's parents live with them - his father lived until his death. Sridevi was in the center in all pictures during Mirzya audio launch, their Diwali get togethers, etc, etc.

you are very good actress no doubt. This article does not show your credibility. You were living with Boney Kapoor and Mona in their house when you got pregnant with a married man Boney Kapoor before your marriage to him.

Sridevi is a simple lady, why. So much hatered ?

never would i want such "simple" women around my family

Hi Madhuri, and you are back!

All that matters is that even after 20 years, Sridevi and Boney are still together and still have love and respect for each other. God bless them.

It's breaks my heart thinking of how Mona kapoor eventually died.. She was gone too soon.. It would have been roses if she could make it through the bad days and hung around for a bit to see the success of her children.. I'm sure she would have left the world on a happier note..

I feel pretty bad for the kids. You can tell Arjun still holds resentment towards his father and has flat-out stated he has no relationship with his sisters.

I feel bad thinking how Mona Kapoor was treated like a dirt by both her husband and sridevi.

I feel bad thinking how Mona Kapoor was treated by God. First her husband leaves her, then she suffers cancer and dies. Boney and Sri seem to be living happily ever after.

She seems to have raised two successful, intelligent kids. Her daughter (from what I've read) is a Columbia grad, works at Google; clearly she's grown up to be a very smart, independent woman of substance. And Arjun seems to be working his way up too.

Mona might've gotten the short end of the stick, but I hope she has the satisfaction of knowing that she raised good kids who're doing well for themselves. It's no small feat.

Most likely a false story made up.

She got pregnant before announcing her marriage. She was secretly married by then.

U know itß not first example of being a homewrecker.We have several examples in form Helen,Hemamlini,Shabana Azmi and Soni Razdan but the stark difference is they didn't separate children from their father which Sridevi did and till date we have never seen Boney Kapoor with Arjun and anshula the way he is with Jhanvi and khushi that is ethically wrong.A dad or father isn't someone who just helps monetarily but emotionally as well..They are already deprived of their mother.So Sridevi can't be forgiven for this.

Sridevi hardly separated the kids. It was Boney who moved out of their house while the kids continued to stay with Mona. Post her death, both Arjun and Anshula have gone their separate ways.

All lies .. lies and lies

Hahha funny when she says to indulge in sex before marriage and how she could never do it !!!! She was with a baby with a already married man ... who is she kidding

LOL. And she got pregnant before marriage

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