Flashback Friday: Sanjay Dutt: I considered this industry as my friend but they just dropped me

Sanjay Dutt, in an interview, spoke about how his industry friends failed him while he was going through the toughest phase in his life.
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Sanjay Dutt has been controversy's favourite ever since the actor was accused of involvement in the 1993 Mumbai Blast which shook the entire nation particularly the economic capital of the country.

The actor was later convicted for his role under the TADA and Arms Act. He was first arrested in April 1993 when the news of his role first broke out. The actor was later left on a parole and it is then when he gave an up personal interview to a leading magazine.

In the interview dated 1993, Sanjay spoke about his experience in jail, industry and much more. In one of the heart-wrenching tale, he reveals how the industry whom he considered his family, dropped him at the time of adversity.

"Initially, I was at Crawford Market lock-up. I was on the third floor. There was not enough light and very little cross ventilation. I couldn't see anything but tree tops and a few buildings. Outside I could hear people's voices and cars honking. My mind kept ticking with tension. Yes, I was in isolation. Sometimes, I was allowed to come out. At those times, I used to look out and see people on the roads walking and envy their freedom. I realized the value of being free.

Yes, I did make friends with some havaldars. They were very nice people. I slept on the ground. The cell wasn't anything special. I read somewhere that I had an air-conditioner installed for my comfort. All bullshit. I was allowed food from home but I didn't feel hungry. My family came to meet me- my sisters, Bunty. Mahesh Bhatt accompanied dad once," he had said, while adding, "My voice was choked most of the time and it was very difficult to see my sisters trying hard to be cheerful and putting up a brave and optimistic front."

Further, talking about his father Sunil Dutt, Sanjay said, "I have started admiring father. I don't think I can ever be the kind of dad he's been. He's been through pains and agonies and yet he comes out winner. Somewhere down the line any person would have broken down. It's remarkable he hasn't. When I was released from jail he just said, 'Pull yourself together. No more. This is the last time."

Opening up about how his industry failed him, Munnabhai said, "I was very hurt. If a colleague of mine had been in a similar situation I would have raised a hue and cry and generated some kind of support to see that some questions are answered. I considered the industry as my family. I thought I was their son but they just dropped me. I was quite shocked and then I realised that finally you are ALONE. I won't fight for anybody besides myself now. I did it once.. the Press has always been nice to me, but when the industry decided to ban certain magazines, I supported them. No more. No more doing films for friends, no more going out of the way to help anybody."

However, he mentioned that there are perhaps a few industry friends he still respects and for whom he can go to any miles. "On second thoughts except for a few of them. Number one Shatrughan Sinha. He has done so much for me when I was in jail. I don't know how I will ever repay him. He is BJP, but he didn't care. He went against the party and supported my dad and me. That's what I call a man. He took the initiative and then the other people in the industry woke up. For me he is God. What I liked about him is that he'll fight for the truth. He believed I was innocent so he spoke his mind. Shatru, Dilip Kumar..they will always stand by my father. Yash Johar, Mahesh Bhatt, Afazal, Robin Bhatt, Subhash Ghai..."

Sanjay was released from Pune's Yerwada jail last year in February. He is currently gearing up for the release of his comeback film Bhoomi wherein he will be seen playing dad to Aditi Rao Hydari.


You were convicted under tada you made mistakes did you ask other people before doing what you did why will people drag themselves in your shit

Madhuri thought if she marries him she can be in the industry bossing like rani did. Unfortunately she jumped out fo the wagon once she saw the trouble. Rani got lucky

Let's get one thing straight this guy is a no less than Dawood, why would Bollywood and PR services favour him!

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