Blast From The Past: Shah Rukh Khan REVEALS the dumbest thing he has done in the name of love for Gauri Khan

In a 1997 interview with Simi Garewal, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan were brutally honest about the trials and tribulations they have had to face as a couple and how they came out stronger. Read below to know more.
Before their wedding, Shah Rukh Khan once searched several beaches in Mumbai to find Gauri Khan.Before their wedding, Shah Rukh Khan once searched several beaches in Mumbai to find Gauri Khan.
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Simi Garewal is one of those rare gems who was able to extract the raw personality of who an actor is behind their masks! In a 1997 interview with Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, Simi did not hold back in asking about the intricate details that made the beloved Bollywood couple work. It's hard to believe that SRK and Gauri have belonged to one another for 36 years and counting, but their marriage has had its fair share of trials and tribulations as well.

One of the segments on the show saw Garewal asking the couple about Shah Rukh's protective shield around his wife. While Gauri admits his behaviour was more possessive at first, it slowly changed into protectiveness. SRK complied with the fact that he was possessive like a dog; downright vulgar and sick! Shah Rukh confessed that he had become very cheap, though he liked the cheapness after Gauri revealed that she was banned from wearing a white shirt because it was transparent. Moreover, when asked how things changed, Gauri disclosed, "I kicked him and left him for very long. He had to learn because I said, okay bye, you’ll never see me."

Simi proceeded to quiz Shah Rukh on the dumbest thing he has ever done in the name of love to which SRK recalled the time Gauri had come to Mumbai with her friends for a holiday and he had searched for her day and night not knowing where she was. The only thing he knew was that Gauri loved swimming and hence he started searching in all Mumbai beaches. When he got to Juhu beach, SRK actually found her, in true romantic Bollywood movie style. Gauri quipped that she wanted to drown and kill her then boyfriend as the last thing she wanted was to see his face. Instead, Gauri wanted to enjoy her holiday with her friends and especially, on her own.

Obviously, things worked out for the famous couple, who went on to get married in 1991 and have three wonderful children - Aryan, Suhana and Abram. When Shah Rukh was asked why Gauri is the one for him, the actor revealed that she's his calm and very real queen. "I’m an actor because I don’t like being Shah Rukh, she is Gauri because she loves to be Gauri," SRK gushed. On the other hand, Gauri spoke honestly about how she's used to him and can't imagine her life without her husband. Moreover, the secret of their successful marriage is working on it collectively and coming out stronger.

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It also helps that Shah Rukh plays second fiddle to Gauri, every chance he gets because he loves keeping his ladylove on a pedestal. The actor loves it when she paints and dances and is able to fulfill her dreams, with SRK as her biggest cheerleader. While Gauri chided that she makes fun of her husband for constantly boasting about her, secretly she craves the importance, especially when it's not given.

Moreover, given the fact that their first child Aryan was born in 1997, actually just two weeks before their interview was shot, Simi asked the couple about their future plans for the toddler. While Gauri stressed that they can't push their children to do anything as the reaction is always the opposite, she hoped for her son to be good boy. Shah Rukh quipped that if his son is a good boy then he will be kicked out of the house.

When Gauri argued that she doesn't want Aryan to be a spoilt brat, SRK joked, "He's going to completely be a spoilt brat. I’ve told all my heroines to complain about my kid to me. I’ve told them if you’ll have daughters, my son will be running behind them... I want him to wear a Harley Davidson jacket, wear studs, he should be really cool and have long hair. He should be a playboy. He should be really spoilt."

Watch Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's interview with Simi Garewal below:

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