Did you know: Sanjeev Kumar proposed to Hema Malini despite her dating Dharmendra & left the couple furious

Forgetting that Hema Malini and Dharmendra are dating, Sanjeev Kumar proposed the Dream Girl on the sets of Sholay. This left Hema and Dharmendra extremely furious and here's what happened next.

Updated on Apr 21, 2020 07:54 PM IST  |  10.1M
Did you know: Sanjeev Kumar proposed to Hema Malini despite her dating Dharmendra & left the couple furious
Did you know: Sanjeev Kumar proposed to Hema Malini despite her dating Dharmendra & left the couple furious
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One of the classic and hit films of Bollywood Sholay starring Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar and Amjad Khan is about two criminals, Veeru (Dharmendra) and Jai (Amitabh) hired by a retired police officer (Sanjeev Kumar) to capture the ruthless dacoit Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan). Basanti (Hema Malini) and Radha (Jaya Bachchan) were Veeru and Jai's love interest in the film. Directed by Ramesh Sippy and bankrolled by his father G.P Sippy, the movie released on August 15, 1975. When first released, Sholay received negative critical reviews and a tepid commercial response, but favourable word-of-mouth publicity helped it to become a box office success. 

If you have seen the film, you must have noticed that Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini, though the two were in the same film they did not have any scene together. Infact, Thakur Baldev Singh aka Sanjeev Kumar did not even once take Basanti's name in the film. It was Basanti who had guided Jai and Veeru towards Thakur's house but still, she did not share any frame with Thakur in the movie. The reason being so was that, as per reports, Sanjeev Kumar had proposed to the Dream Girl for marriage and the veteran actress had refused the proposal. 

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As per sources, in the early 1970s, Sanjeev Kumar had asked for Hema Malini's hand for marriage from her parents. But the Dream Girl's mother wanted her daughter to marry someone from the same cast and had already finalised a groom for her. At first, Hema Malini was not against marrying Sanjeev Kumar, but because of her mother's decision, the actress was convinced with the decision of not marrying the actor. As per reports, due to this rejection, there was a sour relationship created between Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini's relationship. There were rumours that this rejection tore Sanjeev Kumar completely and he never recovered from this pain. 

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There was another incident as well that happened between the two on the set of Sholay while shooting for the classic film. Dharmendra and Hema Malini were dating during the shooting of Sholay. Even after knowing this, Sanjeev Kumar went up straight and proposed the Dream Girl. This action of Sholay’s Thakur made Dharmendra and Hema Malini furious. Dharmendra was a very big star at that time. The veteran actor was so miffed by this gesture of Sanjeev Kumar that he went and directly told the director Ramesh Sippy to not shoot a single scene of Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini together. Since Dharmendra was a huge star and an important character in the film, the director couldn't say him no and had agreed to his decision.


For the uninitiated, the evergreen couple Dharmendra and Hema Malini had fallen in love with each other. Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur and had two sons, Sunny and Bobby, and two daughters, Vijeta ana Ajeita, but that did not stop him from falling for the Dream Girl of Bollywood. In the beginning, Hema didn't reciprocate his feelings as she didn't want to be involved with a married man. But Dharmendra did everything to try to win over Hema Malini and all his tactics and hardwork paid off and Hema Malini was impressed with him. 

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Talking about Sanjeev Kumar, he acted in genres ranging from romantic dramas to thrillers. Kumar did not mind playing roles that were non-glamorous, such as characters well beyond his age. He is well remembered for his versatility and genuine portrayal of his characters. After Hema Malini's rejection Sanjeev Kumar was so heartbroken that he started drinking, his love for good food led to a weight problem and finally a heart condition. The actor bid farewell to the world on 6 November 1985, at the age of 47. He was a bachelor when he passed away. He remained single all his life. More than ten movies starring Sanjeev Kumar were released after his death, with the last one, Professor Ki Padosan that released in 1993. At the time of his death, only about three-fourths of this movie was complete, and it was eventually decided to alter the storyline in the second half to explain the absence of Kumar's character.

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Meanwhile, Hema Malini got married to Dharmendra in the year 1980. She and Dharmendra have two daughters, Esha Deol, who was born in 1981 and Ahana Deol who was born in 1985. 

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Y the hell u have ro talk about their past when some hve not been in this world if u r wrong the dead person is not going to cum n comment for ur being rit is not possible as what happened between them u do not know n in sholay he did not take the name once also is the director look out now u will write that director was in love with hema plz stop all this pointing their personal life n seek in ur life