Flashback Friday - Karisma on Ajay: Don’t know if he feels THAT way about me as he’s not told me anything

In today's Flashback Friday section, we dug up a 1993 interview of Karisma Kapoor from Stardust magazine where she addressed the reports of her rumoured love story with Ajay Devgn.
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Whenever we dig out old interviews of Bollywood celebrities it leaves us surprised with the way they spoke about their personal life with no filters. Several actors spoke at length about their equation with their contemporaries and co-stars.

Recently, we came across a 1993 interview of Karisma Kapoor in Stardust magazine, where she spoke about the linkup rumours with Ajay Devgn and her alleged tiff with actors namely Pooja Bhatt, Manisha Koirala and Raveena Tandon.

Karisma stated, "You tell me, what was my fault? It was Pooja Bhatt who said something derogatory about my mother and I obviously reacted strongly to that since she had no business talking about her. Manisha (Koirala) called me a mixed-up kid without any reason, so I gave it back to her as well. As for Raveena (Tandon), well she’s herself said that as long as we live, we’ll always have a problem. I really don’t know why she said that since I’ve always tried to sort things out between us. But in the final analysis, what happened? I was accused of being brash and conceited."

When asked about her rumoured love story with Ajay, Lolo said, "Believe me, we’re just friends yaar. I don’t know if he feels that way about me because he’s not told me anything. But I don’t think that’s possible. People are only coming to this conclusion because it’s the most obvious one. Firstly, he saved my life and secondly, we’ve signed so many films together. Some stupid fools have even gone ahead and written that we’re getting married. C’mon, I’m a kid myself; how do you expect me to get married at this age? It’s so funny really. You know Jeh (Wadia) called me up from London and screamed, ‘What’s all this I’m reading about you? Did you get into the film industry for all this?’ he asked me angrily. Now he’s coming down in a couple of weeks’ time. Wonder how I’m going to face him. See, all this tension I’ve to face due to no fault of mine."

She concluded by saying, "Let people take digs at me; let them taunt me. It’s only going to make me work harder now. I’m going to fight them all tooth and nail. I’ve silenced them before and I can do it again if the time comes. I only need the blessings of all my well-wishers."

What do you have to say about these statements by Karisma Kapoor? Let us know in the comments below.

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Rani the homewrecker is responsible for ruining her own life not anyyone else

And how do u know kareena has a problem with aish. She's never mentioned her forget expressing her dislike for her.

i loved loved LOVED old stardusts! So many REAL gossips, REAL blinds, name calling, rumors! Now its all abt fake patheticness of Ranbir Alia n KJO literally dictating EVERY story to these magazines! SIGH

Always found Karisma over dramatic. The way she talks, acts, dances is so exaggerated.

The is something about Ajay that makes women go crazy. Remember how Raveena was obsessed with him and fell in love with him, when Ajay thought of her as a family friend, then the was Karisha, then Kajol, the number 1 actress who didnt care for him then later married and had kids with him. He is not the most handsome man out there, but he could be charming for women to lose their heads over him.

I think Babita was never happy with Lolo being close to Ajay. And we all know Lolo is an obedient daughter.

Ajay left Karisma for Kajol. Abhishek left Karishma because he didn’t want a pre nap as she requested and he never wanted to move out of his parents house. Sanjay Kapoor left Karishma for Priya.

Pre nap? What is that?

Legal form that "in case we get divorced in a certain amount of years, you have to do this and this, give this and this..."

That is prenup, the poster said pre-nap? Just joking. You have a good one.

jeh wadia??? seriously karisma.

Rich boys always excited Kapoor sisters. Thats why Bachchan boy lost the chance, but see God had something even Grand (Miss World) for him.

Stardust magazine lol! It was just too good. Guilty pleasure. I remember they one printed how twinkle called srk a perv during badshah shoot and everything about madhuri and sanjay

Her and raveena had a problem with one another because of ajay. Kajol then took ajay away from karisma and that's why they don't get on. It's funny how Kareena doesn't have a problem with kajol but she has a problem with aishwarya even though aishwarya didn't take abhishek from karisma. Well to conclude I'd say ajay is to blame as he is the problem between many women

Ksrusma always had her sigts on rich guys. Jeh Wadia too??? Why did she break up with him? Ppl know the sisters n mother are gold diggers. Kajol n Ash are happily married for over 10 years. Karishma cld stay for even half.

Don't let that crazy Rani fan drag you into some crazy fan wars. She just hates Kajol and Ash and is ready to gang against them

People usually trolling her boyfriend calling him ugly and calling her gold digger...but I think she have a certain type in men...she likes the and dark men who not necessarily handsome,like:ajay,abhishake,her ex an her current...I am sure she can date a fair guy(even a white man from Europe or USA)which consider good-looking in India but she prefers dark men which consider ugly here...

how i love the 90s. esp.. that dirrty stardust magazine lol. the best one was always manisha's. she was wild one back then with a care a damn attitude. what we have kangana right now.

You can't compare manisha with kangana...manisha was a STAR who didn't use a married men and had a real affairs, she was real and not after any man to creat an image or help her career...while kangana is a frustrated woman actress who was after starkids and tried hard to impose herself on them and when she failed she resorted to lies...she is talented and the real fashionista but she couldn't handle the success...she is desperate to prove she was hrithik mistress and one of ranbir hareem...

Didn't Manisha have an affair with a married Nana Patekar for some years?

She didn't use him...she was the bigger star in the relationship...

Ajay and her clearly had a scene

Kajol & Aish ruined Karisma's life...Kajol snatched Ajay from Karisma while Aish snatched Abhi from her!!

You are crazy. Karisma has never said anything bad about Kajol and Aish, and vice versa

Kajol is such a homewrecker...she ruined Karisma's life...Ajay & Karisma truly loved each other but Kajol came in between them

Your Rani is the homewrecer. Stop hating people unnecessarily

and rani met aditya chopra when she was in college i guess

On behalf of real Karisma Kapoor fans, please stop your nonsense. It's common knowledge you're just a Kajol hater.

Actually, it's your idol Rani who is the homewrecker. She had an affair with both the married Govinda and Aditya Chopra, and eventually married Aditya Chopra after he divorced his wife. Most likely because of his money and power.

Kajol on the hand dated and married a single man she loved. Go and make your research. In spite of frequent work with SRK, you'll not find a single rumour of anything other than friendship between them.

You are insane. It's more likely Babita didn't think Ajay was going to become the successful man he is and ended their relationship than that Kajol came in between them

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