Flashback Friday - Sridevi: I don’t want Janhvi Kapoor to become an actress; I would get her married soon

Janhvi Kapoor's Dhadak has hit the screens today. In an old interview, Sridevi had said that she didn't approve of Janhvi's acting career and would want to settle her down soon.
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Janhvi Kapoor is all set to step into the industry of glamour and today, her film first Bollywood film has finally hit the theatres. Viewers wanted to see Sridevi's daughter on the screen. Post Sridevi's demise, many well-wishers said that Janhvi is splitting image of her mother Sridevi. It was Janhvi who wanted to make her acting as a career as she has mentioned in many of her interviews that it was filmmaking that she was exposed to all her life. 
But, mom Sridevi never approved of daughter's acting career and didn't want her to struggle as the industry can be a harsh place to be in. In a 2012 interview with Times Of India, Sridevi was asked whether she wants her daughter Janhvi to become an actor. Well, the answer a simple and straight NO. 
She told the leading daily, "Not at all. I think people presume that because she is my daughter she has to become an actress. I feel sad when people think I’m an aggressive mother pushing her daughter to join films or lose weight. Janhvi is health conscious, like me. I’m extremely careful about my diet and workout, and she follows me. In fact, I play tennis with both my daughters twice a week. Recently, one of the ladies at the health club told her, ‘How sad to see you here working out so hard! Your mother must make you come here and do all these things, no?’ Jahnavi was so angry. She came home and told me, 'Mum, it’s my wish that I am coming here. I am doing it to be healthy and not because you are pushing me to become slim'."
Sridevi said she wants Janhvi to instead focus on her studies. "I don’t want her to do anything at this point besides focusing on her studies. Janhvi is just 15 and doing very well in school. I am happy with that. She’s too young to do films or anything else. I want both my daughters to get a good education. I missed out on it as I was working from a very early age. I was very good at studies but because I became busy with films, I couldn’t complete my education," added the MOM acror. 
Sridevi also added that she has no aspiration of Janhvi becoming an actor and wished that she could get her married her soon and settle her down. 
"I don’t want her to become an actress. People have started presuming and even naming some hero’s son as her co-star and we had a big laugh about it. Mera bas chale toh I would get her married soon and settle her down," said Sridevi.
Today is big test for Janhvi as Dhadak has hit the screens. Post Sridevi's untimely demise, Janhvi has always mentioned that mom Sridevi didn't want her daughters to struggle as she had thrived hard to get them a platform where they could enjoy their lives. The star kid had also revealed that Sridevi had seen 20 minutes of Dhadak and appreciated Janhvi for the act she has put in. 
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i understand sridevi's perspective completely

ok.. lets not harp on the past... lets focus on the present that how good dhadak is!!

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