Flashback Friday: When Kareena Kapoor Khan said “Bipasha Basu’s only claim to fame is that she fought with me"

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bipasha Basu got into a nasty fight on the sets of their film Ajnabee. Kareena's costume designer had helped Bipasha without her consent.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bipasha Basu may share a cordial equation now. But, it wasn’t the same when they worked together in Ajnabee in 2001. The actors got into a nasty fight over their costumes. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s costume designer for the film, Vikram Phadnis helped Bipasha Basu without Kareena’s consent. This angered Bebo and a screaming match and a lot of name calling ensued. Sources present on the sets had in a fit of rage, Kareena had even slapped Bipasha.

In an interview after the fight, Bipasha Basu said that she would never like to work with Kareena again. “I think this is a case of making a mountain out of a molehill. There were never any problems with me. She had some problems with the designer. I don’t know why I was pulled in. It was quite childish,” Bipasha told Filmfare. Kareena Kapoor also shared her side of the story in an interview with Filmfare after the film’s release in 2002.


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She said, “She just doesn't seem to have any confidence in her own talent. In a four-page interview, she spoke about me for three pages. Why not talk about your work? I think her only claim to fame is that she fought with me during Ajnabee over dress designer Vikram Phadnis. She's given statements that I called her uncharitable names. Now, that's a figment of her imagination.”



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Their tiff went on to Koffee with Karan too, where Kareena Kapoor called Bipasha Basu’s then boyfriend John Abraham ‘expressionless’ and Bipasha in turn deemed Kareena as ‘too many expressions.’

In 2008, after Bipasha Basu and Saif Ali Khan worked together in Race, Kareena extended the olive branch to Bipasha and invited her to Saif’s birthday bash.

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Bipasha the best

Kareena can never match Bipasha's acting caliber. Although Bipasha isn't having success at the box office these days, but that would soon end. It's just a low phase in her life. On the other hand, Kareena only gets movies due to her familial popularity. She can never become as talented as Bipasha. Wish the general public notices real gems like Bipasha and make them successful.

Bipasha Basu was/is very beautiful in that movie - Kareena was jealous.

Well, Bipasha had an inferiority complex and Kareena a superiority complex. Kareena didn’t know how to handle conflicts and lashed out without thinking and Bipasha was always dealing with and talking about her skin color issues and looking for sympathy’s attention and certainly Kareena was not gonna let it be at her expense. Bipasha herself admitted that she heard that Kareena called her a kali Billi from a third source, not directly. Even Priety admitted to Saif on her talk that she judged Kareena wrongly and when she got to know her, that Kareena was really nice and funny and sweet and she did not know that. All of these actresses had issues but the media took full advantage over any conflicts and always loved to portray Kareena in a worse light because she’s was a sprity Kapoor beti. Her sister Lolo was quite aware of the media bias against them and handled the media more intelligently.

Well if she called Bipasha Kali bill I in my opinion it is a racist comment and writing a long paragraph defending Kareena ain’t changing that fact.

Brought back the Kalibill era. Shut up Bebo.

Bipasha is a 10, and Kareena was and is a 6. Overacting, pouting, and facial-movements doesn’t count, Bebo darling.

So I've read the article that Bipasha talks about her equation with Kareena. And Bipasha only briefly mentions her and that too in a dignified way (certainly not three pages). It seemed like the interviewer was pushing for more scoop. On the other hand, Kareena sounds overtly defensive. It's okay to be outspoken like Preity Zinta but in a non offensive manner. Kareena has improved a lot now but back in the day, she could come off as rude.

This was around the same time when Kareena use to overact in every movie and was overall unwatchable. She has come a long way since then...

Well Kareena always fought with everyone...she fought with Preity Zinta, Aishwarya, Bipasha, Priyanka, Deepika, Katrina, Ameesha Patel, Esha Deol and the list never ends

The times when Kareena used to be a really nasty cow with the " Kalli Billi" comment ! Bipasha was not the only one she had issues with too . To do her justice she has come a long way from those days & Saif has definitely helped too !

She is jealous that Bips is super hot!

Yep Bips looked super hot and was the main attraction of the movie Ajnabee..

kareena is rude love lolo more

The things a star kid can get away with

Bigdi hui kapoor girl. That time it was Kareena was at fault, because a newcomer like Bipasha won't do these things. A newcomer might be insecure, but would never slap the co star. Kareena was already written on paper 'a high headed girl' that time. Now they got matured and happily married.

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