Flashback Friday: When Sonam Kapoor referred to aunt Sridevi as her god

In our nostalgia section of Flashback Friday, a young debutante Sonam Kapoor speaks fondly about her aunt and late actress Sridevi. Sonam shared how Sridevi is like a second mom to her.
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Sridevi was a diva like no other. The legendary actress has starred in 300 films and managed to steal millions of hearts with her impeccable acting performances and charm. 

However, this year, we sadly saw the demise of Sridevi as she passed away due to accidental drowning inside of the bathtub. The Kapoor family mourned the loss and became one as they paid tribute to the veteran actress. 

Sonam Kapoor, who is Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's niece shared a close equation with her as they both shared the same career. 

While she was making her debut in 2007 with Saawariya, Sonam was asked in an interview with Idlebrain.com about her aunt Sridevi and the actress could not stop gushing over her.

Sonam said to Idlebrain.com, "She is a legend. She is like my second mom. She did films like Sadma and Chalbaaz at the same time. That shows the kind of variety she offers. She balanced her career with commercial and critically acclaimed films. She is my god!"

After Sridevi's demise, the Kapoor family had issued a statement which was shared by Sonam on Instagram. 

The statement reads as, "The past few days have been trying times for us as a family. Today, particularly, has been one of the hardest. We laid to rest a beautiful soul who has gone too soon. She leaves behind a legacy that is unique. Her talent was undeniable, her beauty unmatched and her ability to connect with the audience was legendary. Sri had the same connect with her family as well. The one thing that helped us all get through these last few days, was the amazing amount of love and support from everyone — be it her many colleagues, to her innumerable fans, her caring friends and loving family, from across the country and the world. This outpouring of love is the memory that we would like Khushi and Janhvi to have of their mother... a woman who was loved unquestionably by everyone. Let us all who loved Sri, envelope her two little ones, her life, as she often called them, with as much or more love than we gave Sri so that they can live their lives ahead with a little less ache in their hearts. Let us help them remember their mother fondly, with that beloved twinkle in her eyes, and help them build a life and be what Sri had dreamt for them. To the members of the media, we ask that you respect the privacy of the family and allow us the space to grieve. Sri lived her life with dignity and we implore, that you give her the same respect."

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Watch sridevi movies instead of taking sleeping pills, her lazy acting will make you sleeply instantly.

Let her soul rest in peace man... Why do I get a feeling that they are milking her stardom way too much.
Haven't seen her being that close to Sri before. Even KJO is milking it for dhadak

I'm sorry but Madhuri is a billion times better actress than her. Ever role suits her and her power packed performances should be studied. Sridevi copied her all her life but couldn't reach that level of acting. Bucket list will be a Oscar for india. If sridevi was a god or even a good human being she would be alive right now.


Sridevi is more talented but Madhuri gave her stiff competition at one point. from 1989 onwards sridevi had no hits till gumraah in 1993. she retired with a hit in judaii in 1997.

Are you serious? Sridevi started her career as a kid and the kind of genres she did, probably no other Indian actress ever did. You must be a hard core fan of Madhuri who did not watch any movie of her till date. Her work is way beyond what Madhuri has ever done. Madhuri sure was a star in her own right, though

I think you replaced sridevi with madhuri in your comment, every reviewer said madhuri’s character is a rip-off of shashi, and we know who copies whom.

What a legend this women is. I live in Zurich and there are many fans of hers after chandni

'She is like my second mom' but guess what ? I cannot delay my wedding which I celebrated with full festivities within two months of 'my second mom's' tragic passing away

That wedding was in the plans for 2 years according to multiple stories. If Boney Kappor doesn't have a problem why do you have a problem?

They're paying tribute to Sridevi in London this weekend and will attend. Hope pinkvilla covers the event

When and where is it please?

I miss her alot :(

It is all in the family. Anil Kapoor used to worship Sridevi, Boney loved her. Sridevi had always maintained a professional relationship with them. With all the rumors about her affair with Boney she was so upset that she tied him a rakhi. But destiny had other plans, her mother was turned into a living dead body by the hospital in NY, Sridevi was left alone, her sister files a case against her. And then enters Boney Kapoor who helps and supports her in every way he can till her mother's death and with all the formalities to sue the NY hospital. Boney asked Mona Kapoor for a divorce but she did not agree and it was Boney's decision to have a baby to take their relationship ahead. Sridevi was almost half dead after her mother passed away and she had no choice but to accept everything Boney said and did. He was after all the only human being who helped and stood by her during the most tragic times of her life.

Sridevi got pregnant boney HAD TO move in with her. He told Mona to look after his parents which she did for the next 10 yrs when she lived with them. To put sridevi on a pedastal, dont make up things. When Mona died, the invite to the prayer meet had her name as Mrs Mona Boney Kapoor.

If he had to move in with sridevi only because she is pregnant then why did he stalked her for ten years?? why to do rounds around her house to get a glimpse of her. Why did he proposed her??

If he was so in love with Sridevi, how did he have two kids with his wife?? Why did he even consummate his marriage? he was already in love with devi right? So stop being naive and understand nothing is black and white. Mona is from a wealthy family,she does nt need her inlaws to give her shelter out of sympathy.

Many married men do that...but breaking a marriage and being away from kids is not so easy.. See how Shah rukh moved bk with gauri. Is he in love with her?

Many married men do that...but breaking a marriage and being away from kids is not so easy.. See how Shah rukh moved bk with gauri. Is he in love with her?

Then why did mona said boney is in love with someone else and he wants her in his life.

He didn’t told to look after his parents and all.. all the kapoor family was against his decision to marry sridevi and they didn’t want to hurt mona, so boney moved out of the house, after yrs mona started her own production and sridevi eventually became close to the family, so she moved out of the house.

When Sridevi got pregnant that time Mona gave an interview with these details. That boney asked her to look after his parents as he was moving out. But yes after 10 yrs Mona moved out, by then she was doing well herself. Mona is from a rich family. she didnt need her inlaws shelter but she said the thread of pain bound her inlaws and her. she was their bahu for 13 yrs...boney was the only son who lived with his parents, and the family home is named "Arjun House"..after boney's house.

Mona initiated divorce but boney didnt agree. When sri got pregnant boney asked for divorce this time mona didnt agree. Those who ve read mona’s savvy cover interview will know this. Plz dont make up things.

Don’t create your own stories, boney said he said to mona that he is in love with sridevi and even moma said in interview that it came as shock as she realised boney is in love wih somebody and he needed somebody else.

Actually who is not in aww of sridevi... from south to north most of the actors dream was to work with her and actresses idolise her, even amitab bachan tried to woo her by sending truck full of flowers. This generation actresses can never get the kind of stardom and love sridevi got.

Sridevi was a revolution in Indian cinema

Agree, when she entered hindi cinema it was like a tsunami that wiped out the heros. She easily replaced Amitabh Bhachan. And then the 90s actors like Anil kapoor, sunny deol, jackie shroff, Rishi kapoor had no choice but to accept smaller/guest roles opp Sridevi. Such was a stardom that even SRK did a tiny role in Army just to work with her. Sridevi was the hero in Army. Not to forget she could barely speak hindi and yet was a game changer!

Lol what a fake hype, she only gave a tsunami of flops

I'm a new Sridevi fan after watching English vinglish. Her legacy is legendary

Makes sense. She is a Devi after all. Definitely god like to alot of people.

Well sonam never misses a chance to praise her aunt, even during veere di wedding promotions she said, anil and she would discuss that sridevi was the only actress who opens box office collections as big as heros.

She gave only flops after 1992, Gumraah was a moderate hit in 1993. Then judaaii came in 1997.


did amitab bachann or rajesh khanna got hits after 90s like he got in 70s and 80s, but still they were best box office openers, every actor has a high point and low point.

Yes she gave flops but her stardom didn’t decreased and she didn’t do any side roles, she was not accepting many movies and atleast 7 sridevi movies would be released in one year before her fathers death but later she decreased it to 1 or 2 movies and those 1 or 2 movies she done are due to gratitude towards the producers or directors like she was offered all threes versions of laadla but she refused it and it was offered to divya bharti, later on due to boney’s interruption and script changes she accepted to do that role.

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