Flashback Friday: When Zeenat Aman was assaulted by Sanjay Khan at a party in front of wife Zarine Khan

For the sensational Zeenat Aman, the path of love wasn’t filled with rose petals but was planted with thorns. As flashback Friday, we take a look at the scandalous incident where Zeenat was allegedly assaulted by Sanjay Khan at a hotel and his wife Zarine Khan reportedly encouraged it.
Flashback Friday: When Zeenat Aman was assaulted by Sanjay Khan at a party in front of wife Zarine KhanFlashback Friday: When Zeenat Aman was assaulted by Sanjay Khan at a party in front of wife Zarine Khan
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The world of Bollywood may be filled with glitz and glamour but is also filled with controversies and lack of privacy. Known to be one of the gorgeous and sultry actresses of golden days of Bollywood, Zeenat Aman paved the way for a glorious career with her films like Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Insaaf Ka Tarazue and many more. While she shone on the screen and mesmerized everyone with her sensuous side, Zeenat's personal life remained tumultuous when it came to her alleged relationship with Sanjay Khan.  

Sanjay Khan, also known as Abbas, was one of the handsome men in Bollywood in those times and Zeenat was at the top of her game when the rumours of the two being together surfaced. Reports stated that Aman and Khan met for the first time on the sets of their film Abdullah and love blossomed when they were shooting in Jaisalmer. Obviously it was known fact that Sanjay was married to Zarine Khan and had kids but it was also reported in those days that Zeenat had a thing for him. 

Reportedly, Sanjay's marriage didn't stop the gorgeous Zeenat from coming close to him and allegedly they got married on December 30, 1978, and later divorced on November 24, 1979. Both Aman and Khan had reportedly confessed that they married each other. Later Zeenat said in an interview that she was naive and vulnerable at that time and it was just a few weeks of madness which led up to this. She claimed to have been a dutiful wife to Sanjay the time they were married. However, what Zeenat didn't know and couldn't have been prepared for, was a nightmare that would leave her scarred for life, all thanks to an alleged affair with Sanjay. 

The night of the assault at a 5-star hotel in Mumbai on Zeenat by Sanjay Khan

As per reports of Cineblitz back in the day, Zeenat was extremely busy shooting for her film with B R Chopra in Lonavala when she received a distress call from Sanjay about reshooting a 2-minute scene in Jaisalmer for Abdullah. Khan insisted that Zeenat give him dates for the same. However, the star tried to reason with Sanjay that she has already assigned dates to her film with BR Chopra and Tony-Tito. The shoot had to take place for both. Khan was stubborn on the phone and wanted 4 days from Zeenat. When Zeenat tried to reason, Khan accused her of being in a relationship with BR Chopra and others. However, she denied and pleaded with him that she is in love with him only and has been clean. The angry trunk call of 30 minutes was heard by the unit of Chopra's film and when Zeenat came to BR to seek permission to leave for Mumbai, it confirmed that something was amiss. Zeenat left Lonavala with her hairdresser that day and headed to meet Khan at his house.  

When Zeenat reached his house, she was told that he was at a party at a prestigious 5 Star hotel in Mumbai. Without further adieu, Aman headed to confront Khan about the date issue. When she asked the receptionist about Sanjay partying at the hotel, she was sent to a suite above where a butler greeted her at the door. Zeenat wanted to meet Sanjay and asked the butler to call him. But the host ended up meeting Zeenat and wanted her to join the party. Aman resisted but went inside. Once she came in, Sanjay was in shock. His closest friends and family were present at the party. Even his wife Zarine Khan was present as per the report of Cineblitz. Zeenat approached a furious Sanjay who was boiling on seeing her there. She insisted to speak to him about Abdullah date issue in the adjoining room so that the party could continue and she could report back to Lonavala in the morning. Khan complied and took Zeenat to the other room. However, once inside, he unleashed his wrath upon the actress and reportedly bashed her up badly for showing up at the party. Khan allegedly abused her, accused her of having affairs with other men and Zeenat took all of it. 


Reportedly, Sanjay hit her head again and again on the floor. Hearing the commotion, Khan's wife Zarine also rushed to the room but didn't stop her husband. Instead she instigated him further to hit Zeenat. Rather, as per the Cineblitz report, Zarine threw her handbag at Zeenat to hurt her. Friends and family of Sanjay witnessed the entire drama and didn't stop Khan from assaulting Zeenat. The steward helped Zeenat escape her ordeal and helped her reach her car. Reportedly, beaten, abused and with blood on her face, Aman went home and was bedridden for eight days with a doctor and nurse at her side all the while. Reportedly, her right eye was severely injured after the assault and had to be operated upon. But it wasn't the physical scars that left Zeenat hurt, the emotional turmoil and the abuse marred her feelings for life.  

Here's the original snippet of the Cineblitz report: 

Post the incident one would have hoped that the successful actress would lodge a complaint against Sanjay for the assault. However, Zeenat, being in love with Khan, denied any such assault and didn't file a police complaint. However, the report of the incident reached the people in the industry and they talked lowly of Sanjay. Reportedly, producers, directors and co-actors had informed Zeenat of Sanjay's menacing presence in her life and had warned her that he is using her only till their film Abdullah was complete. However, blinded by love, Zeenat did give into Sanjay's demands of extra dates for the film which ultimately led to the ultimate ugly incident that scarred the A-list actress for life. Later, after the release of Abdullah, Zeenat was dropped like a hot potato from Sanjay's life and the thing about which her friends had warned her came true. 

Due to the pressure of being a father and husband to Zarine Khan, Sanjay began distancing himself from Zeenat after which the sultry star also backed away from Khan. Slowly the negativity got to Aman and she kept away from Sanjay post it. 

While the assault of Zeenat by Sanjay Khan is one of Bollywood's infamous incidents, the actress did go on to live her life post that and got hitched to Mazhar Khan in 1985 who passed away in 1998, leaving her with two sons. However, her married life with Mazhar too didn't go smooth which she confirmed in an interview with TOI in 2014.

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He got scarred for life in the fire on his set. He got his. He's a pos.

Dark side of glitz and glamour

That's why Sanjay's daughter got the same thing back from Hirthik.

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