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How Rekha persevered 'national vamp' tag after her husband Mukesh Aggarwal committed suicide & came out strong

After her husband, Mukesh Aggarwal committed suicide, Rekha was ostracised from the Bollywood community with Anupam Kher even giving her the 'national vamp' tag. However, Rekha was able to stand her ground and rise from the ashes, stronger than she's ever been.
Rekha met, fell in love and got married to Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990.Rekha met, fell in love and got married to Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990.
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It was in 1990 when Rekha was told by her close friend about a Delhi businessman named Mukesh Aggarwal and how he was interested in her while being a big fan of the actress. After taking Mukesh's number, the pair connected and fell in love. Within a month of getting to know each other, Mukesh travelled to Mumbai and proposed the actress. After their wedding, the couple headed to London for their honeymoon. However, Rekha soon found out about Mukesh suffering from chronic depression and his erratic behaviour became too difficult for Rekha to endure.

It was suggested that Mukesh was undergoing tough times due to his failing business while also being insecure about Rekha's Bollywood career. Within a few months of their marriage, it was being reported that they were heading for a divorce. After several failed attempts, Mukesh committed suicide on October 2, 1990. While Mukesh's suicide note mentioned that he didn't blame anyone, the business used Rekha's dupatta to hang himself. Without knowing the true story or trying to get Rekha's reasoning, Bollywood shunned the actress blaming her for Mukesh committing suicide. Posters for Rekha and Jeetendra's movie Sheshnaag saw the actress's face marred with black ink.

According to India Today, Mukesh's brother Anil had reportedly said, "My brother loved Rekha truly. For him, love was a do or die attempt. He could not tolerate what Rekha was doing to him. Now what does she want, does she want our money?"

"She's become the national vamp. Professionally and personally, I think it's curtains for her. I mean I don't know how will I react to her if I come face to face with her," Anupam Kher had said. However, the vilest of words came from Subhash Ghai in Yasser Usman's revealing book Rekha: The Untold Story. Calling Rekha a blot on the face of the film industry which was difficult to wash away easily, Subhash believed that any respectable family will now think twice before accepting any actress as their "bahu." Moreover, Ghai stated that it would be tough professionally for Rekha as no conscientious director will work with her ever again. "How will the audience accept her as Bharat ki nari or insaf ki devi?," the filmmaker asked.

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"Woh daayan mere bete ko kha gayi. Bhagwan use kabhi maaf nahi karega," were Mukesh's mother's words. With the entire world against her, you would assume that it would lead to Rekha's downfall. However, the actress did not speak out publicly about the allegations put forward and instead focused on her work and rose from the ashes with Phool Bane Angaray, as a fierce lady cop. Eventually, her roles became lesser but the actress gained the reputation of being a strong-willed independent woman, who is extremely accepted and respected with affection and grace by the Bollywood industry.

This just goes to show what a woman Rekha was, is and always will be!

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Rekha mere jaan

Why tell anything negative about the lady?
If you cannot equal her malign her.
So cheap.

REKHA is not to be blame he wanted to kill himself so he did.REKHA JI HAVE NOTING TO WITH THAT.MONEY MAKE HE DIED.

She is really unfortunate in love. Everyone has used her talent and left in between.every time why she should be blamed. In real sense she is living life of Umrao Jaan. Her pains and agonies of life are behind her face.

No doubt Rekha is a good actress. She good looking and good dancer. I did not know that once she was married. After reading her history it is quite clear that she is not at all responsible for her husbands suicide. After all she is a good actor and a good human being. I wish her best for the rest of her life.

Why blame Rekha for suicide of a depressed ,wimp, husband?Her name was not there in suicide note!He had already attempted suicide previously when Rekha wasn't with him!So how can Anupam Kher n Subhash Ghai accuse her?

I am fascinated by the beautiness of Rekha. Though I am younger than her I used to remember her when I am alone. 9866601924 Murthy

She is a beautiful actress and a beautiful person. I wish her all the best. Would love to see her

Rekha is a good actress . But she not get her good behaviour life.

She is really brave and stood on her foot to be where she is now. No one would ever know the pain and agony she has gone through, yet she is such a loving and beautiful humen being. God bless her.

After Madhubala, Rekha is the most versatile, the most talented and the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. At sixty four, she has maintained her figure and looks. The moment she enters the scene all eyes are on her. This was her strength in movies, she had great screen presence. She is a self-motivated actress and star, who does her own makeup, her dress sense, particularly the conjeevaram sarees she drapes around her.

No doubt, she is still adored by all age groups.

May she stays blessed.

Ofcourse Rekha is a strong and independent woman who by mistake married a wimp! He obviously gained a name getting married to the wonderful amazing Rekha! Or else who the frig would want to know or hear of a Agarwal? Now the relatives would naturally want to blame someone for their son's weakness. As for Anupam Kher and That useless director are the worst of all pigs. Rekha is the BEST! LOVE HER!

Great comment. On point

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