Throwback: When Rajesh Khanna was accused of lecherous behavior by a 15 year old actress

Yesteryear actor Rajesh Khanna was once accused of improper conduct by a 15-year old actress who had worked with him in the 1986 movie Anokha Rishta. Read on for further details.
Throwback: When Rajesh Khanna was accused of lecherous behavior by a 15 year old actressThrowback: When Rajesh Khanna was accused of lecherous behavior by a 15 year old actress
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There was a time when Bollywood was ruled by the one and only superstar Rajesh Khanna. He had a massive fan following and was one of the most successful actors of the Hindi film industry. On one hand, his acting prowess that was showcased in movies won millions of hearts and on the other hand, his good looks were sufficient to make anyone go weak on their knees. However, it’s not like the superstar did not get into trouble at times.

Rajesh Khanna got mired in multiple controversies and there was a time when gossip columns were filled with news about the actor. But there was one particular piece of news that caught everyone’s attention and is a topic of debate even now. It dates back to the year 1986 when the yesteryear superstar was accused of improper conduct by a 15-year old actress, Sabeeha with whom he had worked in the 1986 movie Anokha Rishta.  

Needless to say, Rajesh Khanna had already lost his stardom by the time this movie was made and was having a hard time struggling to make it up in the industry. In the midst of all this, such an accusation made on the part of a co-star grabbed eyeballs. And the shocking part was that it was the first time the actor was accused of lecherous behavior by someone in the two decades of his filmy career. However, the industry was still divided in their opinions about the entire matter.

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Sabeeha’s mother, Ameeta had made shocking revelations in an interview about the scandalous ways in which the former was being treated on the sets of Anokha Rishta. According to her, Rajesh Khanna behaved in a very abominable manner on the sets. She also accused the movie’s director of having almost raped her daughter in a hotel room. We are talking about a period when there was no #metoo movement or even social media to voice out such cases or issues. So, the revelation made on the part of Sabeeha’s mother was confined to the gossip columns of certain magazines and newspapers only. However, the accusations did create uproar in the entire industry.

It was not like Rajesh Khanna was not mired in any other controversies prior to this incident. The superstar grabbed headlines back in 1973 when he tied the knot with actress Dimple Kapadia who was just 16 years old at the time of her marriage. She also took a long hiatus from films post her marriage with the superstar. However, the couple went their separate ways later on and the reason behind this will surely shock you. If media reports are to be believed, Rajesh Khanna was completely against the decision of Dimple going back to acting in films. This lead to an ugly spat between the two of them and they separated with each other.

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Later on, the actor grabbed headlines again owing to his proximity with another well-known actress of that time, Tina Munim. Rajesh and Tina also did multiple movies together but never married. However, these gossips faded away with the passage of time. But the news about Rajesh Khanna’s improper conduct towards his co-actress Sabeeha from Anokha Rishta spread like wildfire all over the country and continues to be discussed by the gossip mongers even now.

As for Sabeeha, she later appeared in a movie titled Khiladi in which she starred alongside Deepak Tijori as his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the actress could not survive for long in the industry and her career in Bollywood ended pretty soon. She is the daughter of Ameeta who herself was a yesteryear actress. She has appeared in some popular movies that include Mere Mehboob, Tumsa Nahin Dekha, and Goonj Uthi Shehnai.  

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Talking about the movie Anokha Rishta, it features Rajesh Khanna, Sabeeha, Smita Patil, Tanuja, Karan Shah, Satish Shah and Shafi Inamdar in the lead roles. It was produced by Raju Mathew and directed by popular Malayalam director I.V. Sasi. The movie happens to be a remake of the 1984 Malayalam movie titled Kanamarayathu. No doubt the movie was released and was well received by the audience and film critics, the incident involving Rajesh Khanna and Sabeeha still continues to grab headlines at times.

Check out a glimpse from the movie Anokha Rishta below:

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The word Superstar was coined for him and no actor reached the Pinnacle of Kaka craze and charisma

Rajesh Khanna was a true legend with a massive fan following that is still unprecedented To talk lowly of such a person after his demise is downright mean.Few people come up all on their own to carve a niche for themselves as he did Spare him from this scandalous talks please

Undoubtedly Rajesh Khanna was one of the greatest actors of Bollywood. Every human being has some good & some bad qualities. To err is human. So nothing wrong if something went a bit out of the way. However, if the mistake is repeated more than once then it's bad. Rumours are bread and butter of Bollywood. To believe on the rumours & blame somebody outrightly is unacceptable. People who come to live in the Tinseltown always should have a massive heart which can store these scandals and controversies in one corner and accolades in another.

Salute to RK to support her endeavour to woo her crush who was listenining to song awe struck forgetting his role which was manuevered by RK at the spur of momentary need for strenghtening the case

Please do not talk bad of the dead..

Dont you fellows know better than to talk bad of the dead ? Good qualities n bad qualities - we all one is perfect..U also talk about who had affair with whom twenty years ago..dont u realise that u are causing strife in their life ? Please be more responsible.

Rajesh Khanna was a legend,Great and perfect acter material we had...All fake news please respect RK...Love you sir

RK was far cut off from reality. he got fame and name very easily . he himself did not have to struggle much .He used to come for auditions in his own cars then . Many such stories used to come in the press . But I admire Dimple for staying with him till the end .

See the movie you are mentioning. The story was played at that time to make the movie successful. The said movie has the same story in which the younger actress played to get the hero's attention for an affair. This was clarified at that time also by the gossip makers. Bring something different and interesting. Not stale and false.

how do you explain Khanna marrying a teenage Dimple? There has always been rumours of Rajesh Khanna having a thing for teenager girls

Mr.Khanna a phenomenal actor but a despicable human.

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