When Kareena Kapoor was given best actor award for Omkara by Saif in Shahid Kapoor's presence

We stumbled upon an old video of Kareena Kapoor Khan being bestowed with the Best Actor-- Female award for her performance in Omkara by future husband Saif Ali Khan at the time.
WATCH: When Kareena Kapoor was given best actor award for Omkara by Saif in Shahid Kapoor's presence.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan is undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses the film industry has. From Jab We Met to Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kareena has left an indelible impression on the minds of many aspiring actors. One of the many applauded roles Kareena has played includes Vishal Bhardwaj's Omkara. Released in 2006, Kareena's performance as Dolly Mishra in Omkara is reminisced to this day. And today, we stumbled upon an old video of Kareena being bestowed with the Best Actor-- Female award for her performance in Omkara. 

For the unversed, Kareena was dating Shahid Kapoor at the time and the lovebirds were Bollywood's IT couple. Kareena had worked alongside Saif in Omkara and was presented the award by none other than Rekha and Saif at the time. Yes, you heard that right. 

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In the video, you can see lovebirds Kareena and Shahid adorably sitting next to each other and twinning in black. When her name is announced, an ecstatic Kareena can be seen hugging and kissing Shahid and sister Karisma Kapoor. She then goes on stage and accepts the award from Saif Ali Khan. In her thankyou speech, Kareena dedicated the award to Vishal Bhardwaj. She also goes on to thank Shahid specifically as well as her family. "I'd like to thank my mother, my sister, Shahid, all my friends for giving me this love and support that they always have," said Kareena.  Wondering what was Shahid's reaction to Bebo's speech? Well, from the looks of it, he quietly admired her.

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Check out Kareena Kapoor's video below:

Anonymous 11 months ago

Bebo made a good decision by marrying someone like saif. Shahid is still cheating on poor mira.

Anonymous 11 months ago

Kareena Kapoor ma'am cheated on Shahid Kapoor sir for Saif Ali Khan sir she only wanted lots of money and the royal status of Saif Ali Khan sir always jo saacha pyaar karta hain woh uss Insaan ke paise nahi dekthe hain woh toh sirf uss Insaan ke Dil aur Charitra Ko dekhte karte hain paisa Insaan Ko laalch nahi banaya hai Balki Insaan khud paison ke liye laalchi ban jata hai

Anonymous 11 months ago

Shahid always looks so insecure. I'm sure he was like kabir singh in Bebo's life n thus she ran away from him. Eventually he had to marry an outsider as every actress he dated was way better than him.

Anonymous 11 months ago

So good to dump that loser Shahid for the suave Saif! Shahid looked so insecure when she won this award!!!

Anonymous 11 months ago

karishma was so beautiful back then

Anonymous 11 months ago

Asaaaw......sweet. Little did they know what fate had planned for them. They’re both supremely talented, she got a standing ovation. I wish she had not rejected all those great roles, some written for her, that were career making for others