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Flashback Friday: When Ajay Devgn DENIED writing LOVE LETTERS to Raveena, calling it 'figment of imagination'

Ajay Devgn and Raveena Tandon's fallout in the 1990s is quite infamous. Raveena had claimed to be in a relationship with Ajay which he had outrightly denied calling it a "figment of her imagination"
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Ajay Devgn and Raveena Tandon's tug of war is well known in the industry. Their alleged love affair and fall out was quite popular in the 90s with Ajay even advising Raveena to visit a shrink and see a psychiatrist. 

Raveena in her interviews had claimed to have received love letters from Ajay which she cited to be a proof of their relationship. However, in an explosive interview in 1994, Ajay denied all her claims calling it a "figment of her imagination."

When prodded to reply on Raveena's claim, Ajay said, "Letters? Ha! What letters? Tell that girl that she should go ahead and publish those letters, even I want to read the figment of her imagination! Our families have known each other for years, she used to come over to our place because she’s a friend of my sister Neelam. When she started behaving badly, we couldn’t throw her out.. could we? I was never close to her. Ask her, if I’ve ever called her up or talked to her on my own. She’s just trying to get publicity by linking her name with mine. Her so-called suicide attempt was also a publicity gimmick."

Following this, when the journalist asked what could she possibly have against Ajay to do all this, Ajay replied, "I don’t know.. Maybe it’s just that I’ve never been interested in her. I did not fall for her."

He even added that he had no problems with most of his heroines except Manisha Koirala and Raveena Tandon whom he called frustrated. 

"Excuse me, except for Raveena and Manisha, no heroine has complained about me. I get along with all my leading ladies including Juhi Chawla. I am doing more than one film with several popular heroines.. but not with these two girls. If Manisha and Raveena were the only heroines left on earth, I wouldn’t work with them. Both are very similar temperately- they are master liars and birth are frustrated. I don’t like artificial people, I vibe well with genuine people," the actor had said. 

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Raveena seems to be a jealous woman. She said Ajay-Karisma wud hv Zebra kids. She also said Akshay married Twinkle only bcoz she looked like her and that their marriage wont last more than 2 years. So immature n childish LMAO

Remember when raveena said they would make zebra babies LMAO

So childish! Hahahaha

If I remember correctly Ajay had a problem with Manisha because Karisma had a problem with her. Manisha back then was very outspoken and called out crap. There was a movie with the 3 of them and Ajay and Karisma banged up against her. After Ajay and Karisma broke up, Manisha and Ajay patched up.

Looks like a fake interview. How come Raveena n Karisma got along so well in Andaz Apna Apna then? And i dont think a strong lady like Raveena will be so desperate for any man to the extent of attempting suicide.

Its well known farah khan said in koffe wth karan both raveena n karisma were fighting during ANdaz apna apna song lol

Looks like a fake interview. How come Raveena n Karisma got along so well in Andaz Apna Apna then?

Karisma and Raveena had the biggest show down during Andaz Apna Apna. Katrina vs Deepika is nothing in comparison lol, they definitely did not get along. They only reconciled a few years back now that their children go to school together.

I am sorry but I can't still wrap my mind around Karishma, Raveena and Manisha vying for Ajay. Really!?!?!

U missed out Kangana hahahaha

Ajay was stalked by Kangana too during Rascals shoot. She left only after he threatened to call the cops.

wow. How come i did not know this. So sad when girls act like this. Kangana is doing the same now.

Seems like similarities between the words used: Raveena=letters, Kangna=Emails.Raveena=figment of imagination, Kangna=vivid imagination :-)

Come on! Raveena - Ajay - Karisma story is similar to KKHH. She n Ajay were childhood n family friends but Ajay ignored her after Karisma walked in. She had fallen for Ajay and thought of breaking Ajay-Karisma relation. She back off after this interview n went back to becoming his friend again. Dont compare with that serial stalker who has hounded so many star kids, sometimes even simultaneously!

Raveena & Ajay were college friends and knew each before they entered movies so they didn't have an affair. It's just that when Karisma came then things turned ugly between her and Raveena. Maybe Raveena had a secret love for the man and got jealous when Karisma came into their life. He was a single man. Raveena too moved on after that. Infact, she n Ajay are still friends. Dont insult her by comparing with others. She never chased married men ever.

Both genders needs to respect boundaries and stop forcing people into relation. If a guy or gal is not showing interest, u shud move on. Instead of crying like a loser.

Now it makes sense why raveena, juhi and shilpa supported kangana privately. Heroines of every generation were treated like doormats by heroes and never acknowledged their relationships. Just look at Ranbir in this era and Alia-Sid. In Alia-sid story, she comes across as desperate since he has made it clear publicly he is not into her.

Deepika doesnot acknowledge Ranveer. Ash didnot acknowledge Salman or Vivek. Madhubala didnot acknowledge Dilip Kumar. Madhuri didnot acknowledge Sanjay. There is bigger list on the other side too. So by same logic,, it shows heroes of every generation were treated like doormats by heroines n never acknowledged their relationships too

Each n very case is different. Raveena was of a childhood crush with Ajay. Both were college buddies. Kangana case is that of a Habitual Stalker n Revenge slanderer. She has stalked more than one person at the same time. Dont compare her with others. Even Raveena refused to take sides bcoz she understood what the facts are. Alia - Sid - Ranbir are nothing but PR planted stories by Kjo just to promote their films. These stories are planted with full knowledge of Alia.

Why shud they acknowledge something that didnt exist? Just bcoz the proposer is a women? Do women say Yes to every XYZ who hits on them?

Nice try. There hv been many heroes who were rejected too like Salman n Vivek. Will u say the same about Ash too? Fact is there hv been loonies from both genders in every generation. Just bcoz one person likes a person does not mean even the other person shud feel the same. U cannot force anybody to like you.

Aish is such a queen tbh. In Bollywood, all the rumors I saw were basically the heroes demeaning the heroines. The women were always painted as the desperate, love-crazed doormats who either had affairs with married men or got cheated on by their spouses and then putting up with everything. Aish was an outlier. She was the one doing the dumping, and she did it to THE Salman Khan, one of the biggest heroes in the industry.

Maybe they are despos for money. It is the reality. No decent woman enters bollywood

If you are Hot and Attractive like Hrithik or Ash, u tend to invite obsessive stalkers. Dont know how Ajay managed to get stalkers like Raveena n Kangana! LOL


Well said. Why dont these women look for love out of the industry if it is such a bad place? They chase rich stars and if they dont get a response, start crying. If a man did the same, he wud be arrested for harassment

He did work with Manisha in Company

Ajay Devgan did work with Manisha Koirala in Company.

and kache dhaage

Imagine Raveena commiting suicide over Kaaluva lolol


If I'm right Ajay did have a fling with Raveena & dumped her for Karisma .

No, Karisma came much later when he was dating Kajol

Karisma happened before Kajol . Ajay did movies with Karisma , apparently he stopped her from blowing off a cliff edge during the shooting of Jigaar & they tumbled into love together . Babita put a stop to it -naturally.

Wrong. He dated Karishma and when they both ended, dated and married Kajol.

There is a difference between an affair and a fling. Clearly, Raveena was talking about an Affair

I think Raveena may have wanted or expected something more out from Ajay which did not happen. Or it was short lived & he went after Karisma . Remember Karisma 's childish ,sometimes very nasty behavior towards Raveena was probably related to this ? There was a lot of muck raking between the lot of them which does not happen today as stars are very careful .( Excepting only Kangana who co incidentally is also associated with Ajay).

This is a different case altogether. Ajay n Raveena were college n family friends even before they entered films. When Ajay started dating Karisma, she got jealous. I think Raveena didnt realize her crush on Ajay until Karisma walked into their life.

Oh , I never knew that they were acquainted with each other before . Raveena did make that "Zebra" comment about Ajay & Karisma though . She did Dilwale with him much later which became a much needed hit for her. Honestly , there was so much childish bickering until Karisma broke up with Ajay on Babita's advice . Karisma became mature after meeting Abhishek whom also she broke up with ...Babita strikes again !

Many actors also had issues with Manisha. I feel that's the reason her former costars who are now producers don't cast her in their films, even for a cameo appearance

And people say women dont stalk men. Someone shud ask Ajay. He was victim of both Raveena n Kangana at different points of time

And people say women dont stalk men :/

Wow...Raveena was Kangana bashing prequel!! Did not know this one!!

Kangana never mentioned Ajay in public though. Apart from the Stardust magazine, there's no other proof she had an affair with Ajay Devgn. Besides, she would have mentioned his name when she mentioned Aditya Pancholi and Hrithik

She didnot mentioned Ajay, Ranbir n Nicholas bcoz that wud expose her lies against Hrithik further

She gave interviews targeting Ajay back then. Even Masand said that the Stardust story was given by her only. She never mentioned Nicholas too. She keeps changing her own stories n doesnot remember half the endless lies she cooks up.

Dont confuse one sided stalking with Affairs. She had affairs with only Aditya Pancholi, Adhyayan n Nicholas. She stalked Ajay, Ranbir and Hrithik.

She gave interviews on Ajay back then. She keeps changing her versions always. Even she must not be knowing which lies to remember lol

Someone shud teach women also the meaning of consent and no means no. They need to back off if a guy shows no interest in them too.

Looks like he is telling truth here even though I like Raveena more than him

Woah!! Guess Ajay was and is filthy rich hence the woman running behind him

what was so attractive about Ajay?

90s era was more scandalous than this era.

Why cannot these crazy women leave a guy if he doesnot reciprocate to their advances? Why do they behave as if it is some kind of a crime if a man exercises his choice n right of saying NO?

Bcoz some obsessed women cannot handle rejection. They make it a ego issue n misuse women card to play victim.

Hahahaha why all these women go after Ajay? Raveena, Kangana?

He is rich

He wasn't rich in the 90s. Kajol was richer than him when they got married. Success came in the mid 2000s for him.

What are you talking about? Ajay was since his debut movie successful! In fact, he was one of the most successful Actor of the 90's! Most of his movies became Hit - Superhit!

Still way richer than her


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