When Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s filmy showdown at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party almost resulted in blows

Among the most popular stars in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have had their shares of ups and downs in their friendship. One of the infamous incidents dates back to 2008 when at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, Salman and SRK got into an ugly fight.
salman khan,Katrina Kaif,shah rukh khan,Nostalgia,NostalgiaWhen Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s filmy showdown at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party almost resulted in blows
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When it comes to naming superstars in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan come to mind. The two megastars of Bollywood have shared the screen space several times and over a span of 30 years in Bollywood, their relationship has gone through several ups and downs. From being best of buddies to arch enemies, Shah Rukh and Salman’s bond has gone through its share of highs and lows. However, among the most infamous incident between King Khan and Bhaijaan, the one that is still remembered by fans is when SRK and Salman fought at Katrina Kaif’s birthday celebrations. 

As nostalgia, we try to trace back the timeline of Salman and King Khan’s fight back on July 16, 2008, at Katrina’s star-studded bash. Back in 2008, Katrina hosted a big bash where the who’s who of Bollywood were invited. Among them, Shah Rukh and Gauri, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and others came to wish the gorgeous star on her special day. However, inside the party, things got ugly between Salman and Shah Rukh to such an extent that they almost exchanged blows. 

Back in 2008, Salman was hosting a show, Dus Ka Dum while Shah Rukh was host of Kya Aap Panchi Paas se Tez Hain? While Salman’s show’s TRP was great, SRK’s show didn’t get that much popularity. At Katrina’s happy occasion, reportedly, Salman took a jibe at Shah Rukh about the same and commented on his inability to get good TRPs despite his stardom. However, not just this, as per reports, a fairly inebriated Salman also went on to accuse Shah Rukh of using people as King Khan had turned down a small role in Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna. 

Back then, Salman had obliged and appeared in Om Shanti Om’s song and also on KBC with Katrina. But when Shah Rukh refused the role in Salman’s upcoming flick, bhaijaan got offended and reportedly made comments about it at Katrina’s birthday back in 2008. Shah Rukh too went on to comment and retort on Salman’s show which added fuel to the fire. A final blow came when SRK reportedly made a comment on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan which angered Salman further. The two stars didn’t stop commenting on each other and at one point, reportedly, Salman and Shah Rukh almost had an extreme showdown with each other which would have resulted in two superstars exchanging blows but Gauri Khan intervened and mentioned that she wants to go home. 

After this, SRK and Gauri left the party. Later, reports claimed that Shah Rukh had made insulting comments about Aishwarya Rai and him at the party which miffed Salman at Katrina’s party. Photos of an angry Salman leaving Katrina’s party were all over the news back then. Later, SRK maintained silence on the matter and opened up about the fight only in an interview back in October 2008 where he said, “I think like a father, while Salman thinks like a child! There is not much common between us, we think differently, we speak differently. We have spent a good time together. But with time, that fact has got blurred. We are happy in our worlds. If we come together it is good. If we don’t it’s even better. We are not friends.” However, later Salman claimed in an interview that he had never offered a film to Shah Rukh and had said, “Shah Rukh was like my brother. He used to call me sir, sir during his struggling days. I have seen SRK go from door to door asking for work. He has become a different person now.”

Post the fight, Bollywood was divided in camps- Salman Khan camp and Shah Rukh Khan camp. While Salman got lots of support from colleagues and actors, SRK was backed up by his director buddies. The two remained away from each other post the entire episode and in 2010, Salman said in an interview that only God can make him and SRK friends again. The Bhaijaan of Bollywood had said, “Only God can come and make us friends again, and that is not happening.” Later, on Koffee with Karan, Shah Rukh had mentioned that if Salman was angry with him, it was 100 percent his fault. But, Salman didn’t accept this apology and mentioned that it was only for popularity. But, post this, things changes massively between SRK and Salman. 

How Salman Khan and Shah Rukh have fun on social media now:




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Happy bday khan Saab. . Hamare industry ka king khan @iamsrk

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However, it was reportedly in 2015 that Salman and Shah Rukh patched up and were seen together. Post that, it seems that the two popular Khans decided to let bygones be bygones and start afresh. Now, the two are often spotted together at events and fans love to see their camaraderie too. Back in 2018, Salman and SRK came together in Zero for a special song Ishqbaazi and once again, fought over Katrina aka Babita Kumari, the character in Zero. Later, in 2019, at the Diwali Party at Bachchan’s house when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s manager’s clothes caught fire, it was Shah Rukh who helped her by dousing the flames. Salman Khan even shared a special post back then for SRK. Looks like fans are enjoying Salman and Shah Rukh’s friendship as much as the Khans. 

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