When Sunny Deol was furious with Darr co star Shah Rukh Khan & did not speak to him for 16 years

For the unversed, Sunny Deol played the protagonist, whereas SRK played the antagonist part in Darr. But did you know that Sunny Deol was rather miffed with SRK after the film's release?
shah rukh khan,sunny deol,NostalgiaWhen Sunny Deol was furious with Darr co star Shah Rukh Khan & did not speak to him for 16 years
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Bollywood has seen some serious controversies over the years. Not just tiffs between leading actresses, but leading actors have also been involved in fist fights. One such controversy was between Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan who had a fall out after the release of Darr in 1993. The two actors were involved in what could easily be called controversy of the year back then. For the unversed, Sunny Deol played the protagonist, whereas SRK played the antagonist part. But did you know that Sunny Deol was rather miffed with SRK after the film's release?

Yes, Deol was so miffed with director Yash Chopra and King Khan that he did not speak to them for the longest time. Reports state that Deol also did not speak to Shah Rukh for almost 16 years. So what went wrong? As per reports, Sunny Deol, who was one of the top stars at the time, was given a choice to pick which part he wanted to play. The actor chose to play the protagonist but got the shock of his life after the film's release and realised that Shah Rukh Khan villain character gained maximum attention. 

While Darr was a monumental film for SRK, Sunny Deol was clearly unhappy with the kind of feedback the actor received. In an interview, Sunny even spoke about the same and said, "At the end of the day, people loved me in the film. They loved Shah Rukh Khan as well. My only issue with the film was that I did not know they would glorify the villain. I always work in films with an open heart and believe the person. I believe in working with trust. Unfortunately, we have many actors and stars who don’t function in this manner. Maybe that’s the way they want to get their stardom."

The 'Gadar' star was also disappointed with the late Yash Chopra. In an interview with Indian TV, Sunny had candidly accepted the same. "Since Yash ji was old, I respected him and couldn't say anything. I put my hands inside my pocket as I was very angry. Soon, out of anger, I didn't even realise that I had ripped my pants with my hands," Deol had said while speaking about a scene in which SRK stabs him. Darr also starred Juhi Chawla and SRK as an obsessive lover. 

What are your thoughts on SRK and Sunny Deol's rivalry? Let us know in the comments below.  

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First of all let me add something that SRK's character was named Rahul because Yash Chopra wanted Rahul Roy to play that role. But after his rejection the role was rejected by many actors including Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt and even Aamir Khan after singing the movie left it. Then finally the role was grabbed by SRK. Very few of us are aware of the fact that Yash Ji had some other plannings. But it was actually SRK's kkkkkkkiran which impressed Yash Chopra and the entire casting unit of Darr for which they decided to give SHah Rukh's character much more importance rather then Sunny Deol's character. It's also very true that whatever was narrated to Sunny Deol at the end of the movie it was not the same thing. If we see the climax of the movie we can how much action is involved in it. The way Sunny Deol beats SRK hardly we get to see such kind of fightings in Bollywood movies. There is no doubt that SRK did much more justice with his role then Sunny paji and at last but not at the least it was SRK' s kkkkkkkiran and his extra ordinary acting which stole the entire show

People Who say SRK is a good actor I really doubt their knowledge about good acting nor SRK nor Salman both are pathetic actors whereas Darren is concerned the entire yashraj clan including yashraj himself always favoured SRk and hence he has been receiving awards all thanks to yashraj eg of the same is rangeela and ddlj.

Who according to you is a better actor then

Who according to you is a better actor then

hahahh tera baap big actor hai... calling biggest movie stars ever bad actors... ur dad and granddad together cant do half of their work

Yashji direction Aadmi Aur Insaan & Darr Feroz Khan out class Dharam & Sharukh Khan over shadowed Sunny Pa & he is action while srk is a class of itself both the KHANS R GREAT

Srk is street smart,no moral values,whereas Sunny Deol is a good man

I think the script was changed in favour of SRK as the movie progressed. Maybe thats the reason why Aamir Khan did'nt do the movie as he may have known that ultimately the script will be changed to enhance SRK's role.

My frawat hero shahrukh Khan

How can film-makers and co-stars pre decide how the audience will relate to a character? Of course this wasn't planned. How people take to a particular character cannot be predicted. And how is SRK responsible for this? He wasn't a big star back then that he could call the shots at Yashraj Films. Sunny's allegations are laughable. He clearly made the wrong choice and instead of accepting it is shifting his failure on to someone else.

I am sure Sunny would have never ventured for villianish role...Till date haven't done any remarkable off beat challenging role...This quality he must imbibe in his sons too...Look for challenging scripts...Outlandish stories leave indelible mark...not outlandish Outdoor shooting Locations...Remember Risikesh Mukherjee style...

Why would an actor trying to make a mark in Bollywood not grab an opportunity to shine? Why wouldn’t Yash Chopra make the movie more interesting by giving more depth to the negative character. Sunny’s complaints are not in the right spirit

SRK nailed it completely in that movie, he essayed antagonist but did justice to his character, he portrayed his possessiveness and infatuation that people also justified and felt natural and connected with the character, that's what garnered praises for SRK, the entire nation knows him that he is the king of Bollywood, as far sunny deol is concerned, he ruled then and back in 90's, an action hero with fierceness!!

Its known fact that SRK got his role extended in Darr and the script was modified to suit SRK more. SRK had build good rapport with Yash Chopra.

The Chopras are biased towards Shah Rukh and wanted to milk him while he was riding the wave of stardom. Same thing they did to Akshay Kumar in Dil to Pagal Hai. They cut short his role and he was very upset.

What a wounded and a child at heart grown up man. Hope he has done some progress.

Sunny Deol , surely behaved like a kid. We need to accept failure and success as part of our lives. This makes us better human beings.

You, sunny, were the moron for not reading the script before signing.

SRK had given his best for the opportunity he got. Having hatred for 16 years is too much of jealousy for the seniority and stardom Sunny Deol has by that time. SRK went on to become Badshah of Bollywood. And Sunny remained as a joke in award functions for his trademark dance step of killing ants on the floor later on.

You had a choice and you made the wrong one. Why blame yash ji and srk? You could have easily chosen to be the villian.

Yeah he could have chosen either but Srk was phenomenal and was also appreciated because he was new comer to the industry, so people didn't know of his role in the movie but sunny deol was a star by that time so people must have gone to watch presuming him to be the protagonist!!

I dont think it was intentionally done. But rather a coincidence. Both Sunny and SRK played their role very well.

I think SRK is just an opportunity grabber.

They didn't glorify the villain. Rahul is complete crazy-sauce. Yashji had a vision with this movie to make it like Cape Fear. And similarly to Cape Fear, SRK is the best actor like De Niro. Your acting makes it about you. How many movies has AB Sr done where he's all we remember and he's just a guest star? Sunny is bitter.

Comparing srk with Dinero is insult to Dinero srk is OK actor with over acting skills over confident show off

Truth is Srk is nowhere near sunny deol..The Gadar actor has dignity written all over him

Are you dumb I respect Sunny Deol but SRK has way more stardom , is a better actor, and is a thousand times more popular than Sunny Deol

Very true


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