An ode to snow: BTS V’s Christmas special song Snow Flower meaning EXPLAINED

Snow Flower by BTS V featuring his best friend Peakboy has a special meaning. Keep reading to find out!

Published on Dec 25, 2020 03:14 PM IST  |  5.2M
BTS V and Peakboy's Snow Flower has a special meaning.
An ode to snow: BTS V’s Christmas special song Snow Flower meaning EXPLAINED
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ARMYs and music lovers worldwide are holding their breath for BTS V also known as, Kim Taehyung’s mixtape and in anticipation of the same, V has released a Christmas special song called ‘Snow Flower’ following Jimin’s Christmas song ‘Christmas Love’. The lyrics are beautifully meaningful and V has effectively painted a picture with his words.

Here’s what BTS V’s Snow Flower actually means:

Snow Flower was written in order to further the holiday cheer for ARMYs all around the world who might not be feeling their best on such a special day. The lyrics are highly inspired by the warmth of snow rather than its palpable coldness. It’s no news that this year has been quite a difficult one for the world and although the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of winter is coldness, sharp gusts of wind and unpleasant weather, for V, winter brings with it an inherent warmth and cosiness that one can find in the things and people one loves. The prospect of a white Christmas and the happiness and joy surrounding it lies entirely with the snow outside and the warmth inside. V says that he doesn’t need to prepare for the snow to come; he has always been ready to welcome it. Just like a snowflake melting away, the negativity, sadness, longing – the “blues and greys” (a clever callback to to BTS’ Blue & Grey) have all melted away with the coming of the first snow. The first snow is also a special day for Koreans as it is associated with love and everything magical.

The snow is falling on a grey canvas – the world. Reeling from one of the worst times, the world has lost a lot of its colour and turned into a grey canvas, waiting for a splash of happiness. With the snow, this grey canvas is finally able to come back to life. This is also a metaphor for his own self and ARMYs. V admitted on BTS In The Soop that he suffers from anxiety regarding whether or not ARMYs still love him just as much as before and he can only feel true happiness when he’s with ARMY. He’s comparing himself to a grey canvas and the coming of the snow to ARMYs, expressing how just beautifully ARMY’s warmth can completely dismiss the “grey” in him.

The pre-chorus is much like a love song and it is hard to tell whether this is meant for someone special in V’s life or is just a metaphor. However, the overall sentiment is the feeling of being “us against the world”. V then compares the snowflakes to beautiful little white flowers, evoking the imagery of a white wedding and states that “you” make him want to be a better man. Knowing and recognising how much of his heart belongs to ARMYs, this is most likely referring to how he constantly wants to be the best version of himself for ARMYs.  Just as ARMYs’ love brings happiness to BTS, V too, would like to give ARMYs the world in order to make them smile.

Peakboy comes on the track, carrying on a similar sentiment, comparing the snow flowers to ARMYs, implying that each one is one in a million and unique. No two snowflakes are alike but they’re always equally beautiful. Similarly, the tens of millions of ARMYs are all beautiful in their own way and significantly special too. This is V’s small but certain happiness that he wishes to hold on to forever, till the end of time.

You can listen to 'Snow Flower' by BTS V featuring Peakboy below:

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